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Hello, it’s urgent. I had already written about the support and here. I can not use the plugin. Not in the current version of WordPress and also not in the 3.8 version. In WordPress menu plugin is missing – the settings. There is nothing to see. Even if I install the plugin alone without other plugins.

What is the solution? Thanks. greeting

I hope I get an answer today and solution?

Hello, ok. Unfortunately, yes does not support. And because the plugin does not work, I would like to have my money back, of course. I have sent the login data. But it will not do anything. The Support page also works incorrect. Since the plugin unusable and is not functional, as well as support flawed, there is clearly no recommendation.

Hello, unfortunately I can not hear anything more from the plugin manufacturer. Who has the problem that the plugin does not work, can not be set and will not be shown in WordPress backend?


It appears there are some issues with the backend of the plugin on the deploy of several of our clients.

Because of that reason we are going to release an update for this plugin within the next 2 weeks.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards, WPRoots

Hello all,

A fix with the admin menu was uploaded to codecanyon.

Please stand by for the update.

Also be on the look for the new version that will be released soon.

Best regards, WPRoots


After installation, plugin does not display in backend. I can’t use it !

There’s no “fix” on codecanyon.

Please find a solution quickly or I’ll ask for a refund.


Hi, left you a ticket on your support system. Chat soon hopefully.

I was looking at demos here: http://demotms.wp-roots.com/?page_id=136 Is ther a way to have a filed wher eyou actually can type the keyword to search?

The new demo url is at http://demotms.wp-roots.com/version2/ the text field is now available.


Thanks. Is the search form limited to woo products or can it be made to look for custom type posts, like portfolio?

The plugin works with all custom post types and their respective taxonomies and custom fields.

Sorry, forgot to ask – who will it with multilingual sites that use WPML – will it show the content and categories only of the current language?

A test with wpml was not made. Wpml is a third party application. During develpoment the core of wp was considered in terms of compatibility. All custom post types (including product for woocommerce) are part of the wp core.

hi i baught this item but it seems that it doesnt work on my theme it doesnt do what i wanted it to do

you tried to help me via your support and you told me that if i want i can get a refound

i want a refound

how do i do that



Open a refund ticket with codecanyon.

Hi. I have made a support ticket (system not working by the way) and emailed you directly – still no response. I bought your plugin today April 11, 2016 but the installable zip file is showing version 1.0 even though you are advertising 2.0. Also, the plugin does not show up in WP-Admin when I installed so I have no way of using it. I need a response ASAP.

gr8moe ,

Please send me a private messate with the data I requested about your website. We will have this sorted out soon. It is the first I hear of the plugin not being updated in since 2014. Version 2 should be up since oct 2015.

First, I sent you a direct message with the details 2 Days Ago. Second, there is not a single file in the entire plugin archive dated 2015. As I said, never mind now as I am requesting a refund.

That is the best option. You shoud request a refund and i will confirm that you will get the refund.

I will have to investigate however why the plugin is not realy updated.

Let me know if you need anything from me about for the refund.

Best regards

I was about to buy the plugin but the bad reviews discouraged me.

bought your plugin …. thought that I would be able to search by text …. that was not possible

I have a problem. I don’t have anything on my admin dashboard after installation.

Not only this plugin is broken but developer seem not to answer support requests.

Hello Juhastenroos,

Please email me at wproots@gmail.com and we will try to get this sorted out.

Best regards

Ok. I’ll do that.

I have a quick presales question. Does this work with Advanced Custom Fields.. Can I create a form which searches from a couple of categories and then an Advanced Custom Fields field?

No. ACF yet.

Hi there. Presale question. I pretend to use it with a property site (custom theme) I think I can create an advanced search with your plugin that fits my needs. But … Can I get Statistics of the visitor’s search? Like … most searched keyword, or most searched range price … Is this possible to get statistics for my custom advanced search form?

My site is already design with avada theme I would like a filter search can your plugin work on avada theme and do you provide refunds if the plugin does not work and can I send you an email of the way I want my search to look and can the search bar be

can the colour be change on the search bar Can the search bar be added as an short code is search results on the same page or can it be redirected to another page can i the search bar be horizontal and can I change the colors of the search bar

and can your search bar be for post and archive pages only

can I used your search bar as a short code

I wanna buy your plugin but you dont even show what it look liked on display

can I search wordpress user accounts and return results?

I bough your plungin 2 weeks ago, it doesn’t work at all, I asked for a refund and have no news from you. I don’t find this very correct from your company, hope to hear from you soon