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So does all the code for the driver/user and backend code come with it? or can you tell me exactly what does in terms of code

Please check your email for more details .

not working i need a refund

Please contact us on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email with errors that you facing and we can look into that . Avoid making generalized statments .

Hi, We are looking for Android app. But right now Android taxi booking app no longer available. What is the problem? Is it possible to get it?


WE are upgrading to php 7.0 and fixing few bugs we will send to codecaynon for review by today max :) . It should be up by 2~3 days.

Forgive me for my fight with you earlier…. after explanation from my friend, i think i finally understand you now and your concept..

You simply didnt put the full script here at the full price BECAUSE ALL TAXI APPS REQUIRE VPS server and not the basic cloud server many people know. IF YOU DONT GET THE VPS,, you will not be able to see driver in the customer app or driver app right? that should have been your explanation.. to all the customers accusing you of scam….. i am a resonable human being just like many of the other people who comment here and give you low ratings.. they do this because they dont understand the good thing you are doing….

its like you are reducing the power of your taxi script just to simply ensure that customers buy something that works on basic cloud servers. <<<<<<< if my explantion is wrong still, please educate me more..

you really have to work on your communication skils… i dont see you making this clear in item description… if you make this clear, all customers will hail you for selling this incomplete script because you it to work for them…..

i hope we have solved our differences… if im stilll wrong with my explanation, explain to me well ..... thank you

from all your description it is looking to customers like you want them to come to your personal shop so that you overprice them with addons since codecanyon wont make you set the right price… they are getting the wrong impression because you are not communicating well.. thats what i think