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Hi, is there additional price for plugins ?

Installation is free if you buy plugins from us . Please contact rupen@techintegrity.in or skype : rupenm for price.

Socket.io error guessing i need to purchase a plug in ?

Please email or Skype for that .

i did says your away

Good afternoon. I’m interested in the iOS and Android version and would like to know if I can use the same database for both platforms.

I do not understand anything from application programming, database and data hosting.

Can I count on you for this job? Let us negotiate some value for you to help us in this.

Lastly, accept form of payment money from customers and can I add the currency of my country?

Thank you very much.

Yes it used same database. You can add currencies from CMS .

Hello code factory,

I am really interested in this app for both ios and android. I do need your help on some issues before i Purchase. I have already sent you an email . Please help

please check your email . i replied .

What is the cost for the platform and all its plugins to be functional with support to customize some elements of the app?

Please email me on rupen@techintegrity.in or skype : rupenm about quotes .

How much it is to buy all the plugins required for this to work ?

please email : rupen@techintegrity.in for details .

Hi i need to buy this app for both the platforms..but i need to customize this app in designing phase based on client rquirement do you customize as per client requirement and for these we have to pay any extra payment ?

for any customizations and reskin we are available for hire . But you have to pay extra . For customizations please contact us on skype: rupenm(Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

I’ve sent you an email and also talked by skype, please reply to me

There are other people who has less then 5 years of experience able to fix the app standalone, there is no point in discussing this further.

that’s what I got from you each time “there is 5 people are running the app now”

thats the fact.

Send email and skype, really i need this

are you sending it to rupen@techintegrity.in ? Please resend i am not seeing any thing

Help me to install the how much money I need to pay another?

Please contact email: rupen@techintegrity.in or skype : rupenm ( Bangalore)

how much is it to get the apps with the all functionalities?

i read the descriptions on ur store front. most of basic functions for driver app need to be bought separately (auto assign to nearest driver, driver notitification on for new coming order, tracking, etc) . without that functions, the apps is useless


To avoid copyrights and code misuse we sell plugins to selected and genuine customers only . Please consult on above skype or email for further details .

sorry to say that ur reason is not make sense

Ok. This is upto you to believe . Thank you for your time .

This app can tracking driver and oneclick to call driver???