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Hello, I’m interested in buying this plugin however, i have a few questions.

1. can I integrate indian payment gateway like instamojo, payumoney or payubiz ?

2. can I integrate SMS for notifactions?

and if these integrations are not available with the app can you tell me how much it will cost if you do this for me as a freelancer?

This features are additional request . Please get back to me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

Hello sir i am facing issue due to this app..can you help me as when i tried to login its redirect me 404 page every time..its unexpected,I was thinking,I just need to give there database info and it should be work.. :( really need your guideline

so is that not working ? What features committed at 29 USD is not working for you ? I am under an assumption that you asking for pro feature files . Please confirm .

its not 29 for..its a copy which you are selling me in 29 doller and every good app plugin are selling like this price….when developer sending a request for picking and drop with lat and lon then there are no response. i dont know why you are selling this as its major taxi app functioanltiies..

Sir its clearly written that that features is available with pro version , i send you link to buy pro version


Hi Author, I have few questions: Can the user check the available taxi near him before booking either on the map or in list? How the system calculate the price? is it fixed price or negotiable price?

Sure I am looking for Android too.

Can you answer about this feature specifically in iOS:

Can the user check the available taxi near him before booking either on the map or in list?

Did you mean this feature is not there in iOS?

iOS and andriod feature will be same if you upgrade to extended lieasence as this are done on plugin side .

Please check detail document which is given as part of product description and its in google doc . Refer the same and it will be all good .

Also where I can check the CMS demo? current demo link is throwing HTTP 404 error.

I can not log in to the application. Is there a test login and password or do I need to register?

In the driver’s application the following error appears: unable to parse json

I can not register in the client application. I want to come up with a password, but I get the error and I no longer have any idea what password to come up with) “Please enter both letters and numbers” What should be the password?

I am on skype now . We can chat there if you want . Below are answers to your question .

1. Currently there is no restriction for city . This app has been used by customer’s in a.Switzerland b. India c.Singapore d. USA . Also we have seen some Chinese also bought this product .

2. Right now the price is exactly calculated the way you want please . I once again say its . Fix + Price/km + Time

3. Yes we give you full code and very detail document . Also before buying check document which is in product description page , which is very detail and give you exact step on how to set up and configure .

4. Contact me on skype and we wil give you local demo

Hi I’m interested in to buy the application but I need some modification if possible please reply me with your email, thanks

yes we can help rupen@techintegrity.in is my email and my skype is rupenm (Bangalore )

your demo is not working then how we can check the demo .i want to buy for IOS and Android too .please guide me which 1 i will buy thanks

Servers are down at the moment . Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) and we will send you demo which points locally and yo can test it .

I added you to skype. (rupenm) I’m interested to buy the full source code of iOS, android and CMS. hit me back. Skype: osckar.german

I am really interested in buying this product including the android app.

You talk about plug ins. Where do I find the list and how will I pay gor thrm?

I am also looking for flexibility to change the layout , logo etc.

Do you do personalisation? If so, what would be the cost?

So are you saying that I should buy the android version to get all the plug ins?

I’m a bit confused because the feature list you have published here for IOS are exactly as Android!

I am selling plugins with android version . What i am charging is only the plugins but with that i am giving you full code :)

if you scroll down its written . [available with customization] which is plugins .

i will like if you can mail me the installation documentation at francisaremo@hotmail.com before i proceed to make the purchase

It’s in google doc as part of product description page .

Hi, are you support multi taxi company’s ?

I looking to buy taxi app for my city not for taxi company.

So, when someone open app, he can chose taxi company, his location etc..

So, piramide will look like: 1. Admin (me) ( first on piramide ) 2. Taxi Company’s ( second on piramide ) 3. Taxi Drivers ( last on piramide )

Thank You

For this please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

Are you going to answer my many emails? I have asked for help with this many times but you continue to ignore me. I am tired of being ripped off by codecanyon sellers and not delivering what is promised. Now I am going to take it public. Not going to spend 600+ dollars on something I can’t get working in the first place, have asked for assistance a couple of times but get nothing

Your on leave but yet can answer emails about comments left but not support emails? Seems a little contradictory to me. And a “midnight email”, I checked the time, it was almost 12 noon your local time when I posted the comment about no response, you had almost 18 hours to respond. I’m telling you, I have all the time in the world to keep this up and expose you to the public so no-one else wastes their money on something your not going to support if there is a problem

I owe smart phone :) so I think we can reply but code is not in phone. I don’t have to justify you . Talk to codecaynon

Do what ever you want I will only send you code on 25 . Talk to codecaynon if. You need before . And last time I am warming you to change your tone .