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Hi I sent you an email on 15 Feb 2017 to rupen@techintegrity.in with cpanel details as i am getting 500 error with rest of details can you please have a look and reply back. Thanks

The application icon on “Siri suggestions” has not changed. I have the old icon Help me please

That was not scoped in original requirement , Please check description page for more details.

I don’t understand sorry

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Not by law we refunded :( just because we are not scam

We have refunded you :) its not law its on good faith . but you got us scammed by taking services :) for free.

Hello i have change “kGoogleAPIKey” into “Naqilcom-Prefix.pch” but pickup and drop location doesn’t work. help me please

I found a solution

This person is a fraudster and it is not advisable to deal with him

We have refunded you :) its not law its on good faith . but you got us scammed by taking services :) for free.

No recommend dealing with this fraudster

We have refunded you :) its not law its on good faith . but you got us scammed by taking services :) for free.

Let me introduce you to the process of the monument that I got and how I got the money by law from PayPal

Case is decided in our favour FYI . But I have evidence that you have use f languages and went till families which is not professional. First change your attitude and then advice people on forums.

OPEN LETTER TO AUTHOR: I just removed both your apps from my shopping carts because after reading all the comments and your responses I can see clearly that the $29 offer is not for the advertised Uber Clone App. I see from comments that the actual app with full functionality is $500.

This therefore is a clear attempt to deceive the buyers into spending $29 only to find that it does not meet their Uber clone app expectations. This type of deceptive marketing is unnecessary. I would be happy to pay $500 for the app, but I would not do business with a seller who starts off by being deceptive in marketing. It only means that I can expect more of the same in the future.

Most authors here on Envato are doing amazing work and offering amazing support but lately I have been coming across more and more of this type of deceptive marketing and I hope that Envato will look into it to preserve the integrity of the marketplace.

You simply needed to be clear and truthful on the front end of this offer. Those who wanted a basic Taxi app would pay the $29 and those who want the additional plugins would happily pay more for them. The deception is a weak selling position and it will never take long for the truth to come out and for your credibility as a seller to disappear.

I suggest that you revise your strategy and maybe I will grab the full offer for both apps from you. I do like the layout of the app. Oh and the demos don’t work properly on android. You cant defend the quality of the app if you cant even get your demo to work smoothly.

First of all we read both open and close letter :) Jokes apart

There is no concept of deceiving . There is a clear cut description mentioned on codecaynon about the features which are available and at 29 USD what you getting is more then enough for any taxi cab company to run the app where admin can manually assign the jobs and driver can see them and get it going .

How ever when you need high end features like auto-assignment of jobs to driver , Push messages , GPS tracking etc then obviously you need to pay and that features are clearly written as [available with customization] in codecaynon , i don’t see any reason where we cheating people . If you need high end features you have to pay extra and thats basic ,

When you go to a showroom to buy a car you add accessories they charge you extra right ? Are they giving accessories or any other items for free ? so are they cheating us ? The same works here . Basic is what you get for 29 USD is more then enough to run a taxi company and get you going in market with some knowlege of php and many people has done that . And later when you see something coming in, you can always upgrade to pro version without changing much thing on code .

This product took us 7 months and top best 5 engineers working constantly and this product we architect as completely scalable with almost no dependency of 3rd party API’s and lib and you don’t find this currently any where in market .

Further to this i am helpless .

you need to say that Available with customization means not included!!! this is the problem and for trying to be smart you put your self down!!!

It means the same . Also if you have any clarification you were suppose to email or write comments as you see my reply is instant even in midnight i reply instantly :) What else ?

I havent use this at all i will use it and post real impresions i dont think you are a bad developer i think this is a great app but if you dont clarify properly your will et this wall full on negative reviews so let me set this up by my developers team and they will let me know how good this is whit out any plugins

Did I setup something wrong? https://servicelocity.com/

I couldnt find Stylish Splash Video screen . Stylish Login screen. Home Screen. Easy Registeration Screen. Change Password Screen. Forgot Password Screen.

I didn’t know there is Pro version, please send me the URL link. I might consider to upgrade to Pro version instead. Since the one I am using is lack of function with errors

Also I couldn’t find the documents for iOS, i only got Android. I purchased the iOS version

Please check google doc which is in product description page .

VPS server for Taxi Booking App. With my link you will earn $ 10.00 rebuy dollars, and will have a Vps server with all the necessary requirements for Taxi Booking App. Access now https://m.do.co/c/061c16993a01

Who could not install the system. Call me by Skype canalfama-digital@hotmail.com I’ll help you install it.

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Dear @Hijabkhan , You have purchased the code , reviewed and then you want to buy plugins at almost half the price which we didn’t agree to which you have shown your Rolex Watch and stated it 4000$ and also send me your iMac with Windows Keyboard :( ( attaching screen shot of whats app chat ) .

https://snag.gy/1CUYcF.jpg https://snag.gy/UHfERo.jpg If we didn’t agree you showed some 1 Million dollar transaction , which we didn’t agree to ( attaching screen shot of whats app chat ) . https://snag.gy/5F2VmO.jpg https://snag.gy/6yElIc.jpg When we disagree to your terms you have use unprofessional language ( Attaching screen shot ) https://snag.gy/qboLV0.jpg Just a question : Begin 8 years experience programmer when you have seen the code and if that doesn’t make sense to you why are you upgrading to our plugins ?

Small suggestion : About 90% of the client trust our quality and are happy with the work delivered and we don’t accept any fake reviews or ratings against free installation or plugins . If you can see this architure any where in market do let me know . This is about 7 months of hardwork of my team .

VPS server for Taxi Booking App access the link: https://m.do.co/c/061c16993a01

VPS server for Taxi Booking App. With my link you will earn $ 10.00 rebuy dollars, and will have a Vps server with all the necessary requirements for Taxi Booking App. Access now https://m.do.co/c/061c16993a01

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