Taxi Application Android & iOS Solution + dashboard

Taxi Application Android & iOS Solution + dashboard


This taxi application was made to do what it should do without any hassle or cost more than it’s original price tag. Compared to other solution it offers great quality, exceptional performance and reliability, being easy to install and most important of all being practical and usable. You can try the demo and see for yourself. With it’s vast options set you can customize application in the way you want it to perform both on server and client side.


  • Wizard like UX for pickup and drop off location
  • Select services with tariffs defined in back-end dashboard
  • Select a driver between drivers picked by server intelligently and accepted to do your ride
  • Real-time location of driver during travel
  • Request operator call or direct call
  • Write review on your travel
  • Add credit your account during or before travel.
  • See real-time statistics about your trip
  • pay fee of travel in cash or credit


  • Change availability state
  • List of current request available and are close enough to worth taking a look at and accept which one fits you based on cost/time/distance/pickup point/destination shown to you
  • Ability to cancel travel before starting.
  • Send notification/Request operator call/Direct call. All to rescue driver from rider not showing up. of course optional based on your preference as service provider.
  • Dashboard

  • Fast, efficient real-time experience.
  • Dashboard Showing current online drivers and some statistics about them.
  • Drivers/Riders Showing details of drivers and riders
  • Travels Viewing and searching for travel details.
  • User Settings Defining and micro managing each users access to each part of app.
  • Other section…
  • There are many more features that you can try and look at them yourself. So go ahead and install demo.

    Demo v1.3 (4/19)

    Android Video Demo
    iOS Video Demo
    Rider APK
    Driver APK


    What you will receive?

    The package you will receive after download consists of these files and folders:

    • Instruction: this file guides you through installation process on server and client.
    • ios:workspace folder which should be opened in Xcode 9.4.1 to compile.
    • android:Android studio 3.1.4 project which has two apps for rider and driver plus a common module which holds common codes between two projects.
    • dashboard:front-end dashboard.
    • server:server app is the core that makes all other parts connect and work in synchronization with each other.


    feature - A new template for payment gateway is added. This helps developers to implement almost any payment gateway
    compatibility - added compatibility for xcode 9.4.1 and swift 4.1 and updated dependencies accordingly
    improvement - Automatized and easier installation process
    feature - User permissions
    feature - Option for using miles instead of km in client
    fix - Some general fixes and improvements