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Hi. In Spain the gold tax is 0%, but other products is 21% I need you to show the amount and the result of the detailed tax.

Example: 1gr gold 1000 € 1gr silver € 100

Subtotal = € 1100 VAT 0% (€ 1000) = € 0 VAT 21% (€ 100) = € 21

Total = € 1121

I need the detailed tax VAT 0% (€ 1000) = € 0 or VAT 0% = € 0

Is this possible?

Can it be printed on the invoice with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips or with another invoice plugin?

Thank you

Thanks for the clarification. The Tax Display by Country plugin doesn’t alter the checkout page or the invoice, and it won’t make WooCommerce display the zero rate, if it’s normally hidden. Perhaps you can implement a solution like the one described here, for that purpose:

Ole Ole


Hi There, really love the plugin.

Is it possible to have the price in the shop including tax and then when the item is in the basket and checkout the tax is removed automatically and then the customers pays the price with no tax?

The Tax Display by Country plugin doesn’t alter the tax calculation. That is handled entirely by WooCommerce itself. If you have taxes applicable to the products, then WooCommerce will add them at checkout. If you wish to remove the tax at checkout, then you will need to implement a customisation for that purpose.

Please just note that not charging VAT when it should be applied could result in non-compliance with the local Revenue regulations. I would recommend to contact your accountant to check if that is allowed.

Hi There, thanks for your help! You are absolutely right!

I’ve now switched on the product fixed price so now wherever the visitor is shopping from the price is the same.

However, now when I add more than one item to the basket the tax is taken off the second item in the final amount even though the price and the sub-totals are correct.

This means that the final total is not correct – Please see attached screenshot

That’s a bug introduced by WooCommerce 3.2, and it was fixed a couple of months ago. The latest version of the plugin will keep all prices fixed.

As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section. If you haven’t done it already, please open a support request on our dedicated portal, we will reply you there. Make sure to include your licence number, as currently this platform doesn’t show you as having one, or being covered by support. Thanks.