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Just wanted to clarify… I’m presuming the plugin holds the tax rates for each country; therefore if a VAT rate changes I’m presuming that is included in an update? Sorry this is probably a very basic question!

Hi Andy, The Tax Display plugin doesn’t contain tax rates. It will be up to you to configure the tax rates by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Tax.

If you are dealing with multiple tax rates from across the EU (which would be the case, if you are dealing with VAT MOSS), then you can use the free EU VAT Assistant plugin to reduce the work needed to populate them. Amongst its other features, that plugin fetches the rates from the EU site and updates them in one go.

Ah OK, thanks.

You’re welcome. For reference, the reason why the Tax Display plugin doesn’t alter WooCommerce settings is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” way to set the tax rates. They depend on what a merchant sells, to whom, on merchant’s and customers’ location, and more. The EU VAT Assistant allows to populate all EU VAT rates in one go, but it’s still up to the merchant to review and confirm them, as he/she will be ultimately responsible for charging the correct taxes.


i realized that im using a outdated plugin version – the foundation class sends update notification but not this plugin. i updated the plugin manually. Question:

Are the automatic uodates now available?


Hi Chooseone,
The AFC plugin is a free plugin and, since it’s not involved in licence checking, providing auto-updates for it is simple. Commercial plugins require a different approach, which is the reason why auto-updates don’t work yet for the Tax Display plugin. We tried using the solutions available for WooCommerce, which is what we use to distribute most of our products, but they turned out to be unreliable and, to make things more complicated, they don’t take into account Envato license checks.

Now we decided to write our own solution, so that this gap can be covered as soon as possible. In the meantime, please make sure that the update notifications reach you (we normally notify buyers when updates are available).

Thanks for your feedback and for your custom.

Hi, I want to buy this plugin but i need to understand if can help me. So please help me with a advice. We have a shop based in UK but we ship worldwide. We want to have all the price fix included the TAX/VAT. It is possible? we can find instruction to setup this? Thank you.

Hi CodRosu, As indicated in the product description, the Tax Display plugin allows to keep product prices fixed, inclusive of the tax applicable to customer’s country. To enable the feature you will simply have to tick a checkbox (see and enter product prices inclusive of tax.

Please note that the “fixed prices” feature is only applicable to products. WooCommerce always considers shipping costs as “exclusive of tax”, regardless of how you configure it, and shipping will always have taxes added on top of it.

Hi. I bought your plugin after receiving advice from you on a forum that it would do what i needed, but i am not having much luck and hope you can help.

I have an Australian Shop. I have purchased the Multi Currency Suite plugin last week so i could offer foreign currencies and have setup manual prices for USD, GBP & EUR.

I have had to turn off the tax class in my product, so that the tax does not get shown at the checkout for the overseas customers. But his affects my Australian customers and my book keeping.

So after buying and installing your plugin, i have included Australia as country to include tax at the cart and shop. I have excluded Europe, USA and Great Britain, but it does not work at the checkout. It still clearly says including US $XX GST.

How do i remove the tax for oversears customers please.

Thanks a lot

Hi SpixnSpex, As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section. If you haven’t done it already, please open a support request on our dedicated portal, we will reply you there. Thanks.

Ok. Sorry. I did not read that bit. Will do now.