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Just wanted to clarify… I’m presuming the plugin holds the tax rates for each country; therefore if a VAT rate changes I’m presuming that is included in an update? Sorry this is probably a very basic question!

Hi Andy, The Tax Display plugin doesn’t contain tax rates. It will be up to you to configure the tax rates by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Tax.

If you are dealing with multiple tax rates from across the EU (which would be the case, if you are dealing with VAT MOSS), then you can use the free EU VAT Assistant plugin to reduce the work needed to populate them. Amongst its other features, that plugin fetches the rates from the EU site and updates them in one go.

You’re welcome. For reference, the reason why the Tax Display plugin doesn’t alter WooCommerce settings is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” way to set the tax rates. They depend on what a merchant sells, to whom, on merchant’s and customers’ location, and more. The EU VAT Assistant allows to populate all EU VAT rates in one go, but it’s still up to the merchant to review and confirm them, as he/she will be ultimately responsible for charging the correct taxes.


i realized that im using a outdated plugin version – the foundation class sends update notification but not this plugin. i updated the plugin manually. Question:

Are the automatic uodates now available?


Hi Chooseone,
The AFC plugin is a free plugin and, since it’s not involved in licence checking, providing auto-updates for it is simple. Commercial plugins require a different approach, which is the reason why auto-updates don’t work yet for the Tax Display plugin. We tried using the solutions available for WooCommerce, which is what we use to distribute most of our products, but they turned out to be unreliable and, to make things more complicated, they don’t take into account Envato license checks.

Now we decided to write our own solution, so that this gap can be covered as soon as possible. In the meantime, please make sure that the update notifications reach you (we normally notify buyers when updates are available).

Thanks for your feedback and for your custom.

Hi, I want to buy this plugin but i need to understand if can help me. So please help me with a advice. We have a shop based in UK but we ship worldwide. We want to have all the price fix included the TAX/VAT. It is possible? we can find instruction to setup this? Thank you.

Hi CodRosu, As indicated in the product description, the Tax Display plugin allows to keep product prices fixed, inclusive of the tax applicable to customer’s country. To enable the feature you will simply have to tick a checkbox (see and enter product prices inclusive of tax.

Please note that the “fixed prices” feature is only applicable to products. WooCommerce always considers shipping costs as “exclusive of tax”, regardless of how you configure it, and shipping will always have taxes added on top of it.

Hi. I bought your plugin after receiving advice from you on a forum that it would do what i needed, but i am not having much luck and hope you can help.

I have an Australian Shop. I have purchased the Multi Currency Suite plugin last week so i could offer foreign currencies and have setup manual prices for USD, GBP & EUR.

I have had to turn off the tax class in my product, so that the tax does not get shown at the checkout for the overseas customers. But his affects my Australian customers and my book keeping.

So after buying and installing your plugin, i have included Australia as country to include tax at the cart and shop. I have excluded Europe, USA and Great Britain, but it does not work at the checkout. It still clearly says including US $XX GST.

How do i remove the tax for oversears customers please.

Thanks a lot

Hi SpixnSpex, As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section. If you haven’t done it already, please open a support request on our dedicated portal, we will reply you there. Thanks.

Ok. Sorry. I did not read that bit. Will do now.

Hi there, I am a customer and just recognized that for Italy the pricing will be displayed without tax/vat which is incorrect us. Can you please double check your adjustments and geo data. I am quite sure that there must be an error as all other countries are perfect in our system. Just for the story we are base din Germany and all European countries should be displayed with VAT. Thank you so much.

Hi andreasplassmann, As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section. You can open a support request on our contact page (, where you will also be able to browse our knowledge base for the solution to the most common issues affecting geolocation.

Before you submit your request, I would recommend to double check your settings. Since the issue only affects Italy, it doesn’t depend on our plugin (it treats all countries the same way), the cause might just be a misconfiguration. The geolocation database is provided by a 3rd party, and updated weekly, so that should not be cause either (unless it contains some errors, in which case we can only wait until the database is updated).

I have found this plugin (combined with Currency Switcher and Prices by Country) to be the perfect solution for for my Woocommerce international order needs.

The team at Aelia were super fast to respond to a small issue I had and were able to resolve matters promptly.

Rock solid plugins and amazing support.

Thanks again Aelia for everything.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad that the plugins cover your needs, we have been working hard to provide high quality solutions. :)

For the benefit of other readers, the Currency Switcher mentioned in this comment is the one available from There is a plugin with the same name on CodeCanyon, which is not developed, endorsed or supported by us.

Hello. Pre sale question to understand if this plugin coul be helpfull for me. I have this scenario. I have to sell without vat for all the world, except in Europe where I sell with Italian vat (22%) for private costumers and no vat (like the rest of the World) if they insert their vat id like company (for this I have installed a plugin called WooCommerce EU VAT Number. Can I find a solution with the plugin? Thanks and regards

Hi Alfredo, Thanks for your enquiry. What you describe can be achieved with just WooCommerce (taxes are handled by WooCommerce itself, it’s just a matter of configuring them properly).

If you need to apply the VAT only to customers from the EU, you can add one entry for each of the countries that should pay the 22% VAT, and enter the same VAT rate for each. Here you can see an example, with all the EU countries paying 20% VAT:

The above will work out of the box in WooCommerce. The Tax Display plugin can then help you by automatically detecting visitor’s country, and by showing them the appropriate tax rate automatically (i.e. EU visitors will see prices with 22% VAT, whereas non-EU visitors will see prices without VAT).


I am thinking about buying this plugin. One question….

I live in the EU and as of now, my shop already display tax inclusive to visitors within EU, and tax exclusive to visitors from the rest of the world. This is a built in woocommerce function already, using geolocation.

The only thing that is missing is a price suffix, to tell visitors if the price is shown with or without tax. Do I need to buy this plugin only for this small function or is there a simpler/cheaper way to add the “VAT price suffix” based on country?

Best regards Martin

Yes. WP Rocket includes native support for the Tax Display by Country plugin, as well as our Aelia Currency Switcher and Prices by Country plugins.

Thank you for great support. I just bought the plugin. One last question, how to add all countries in the world, except European Union countries, in a row?

Thanks for your purchase. As indicated on the product page, we can’t provide support in the comment section. You can open a support request using our contact form, and we will reply to you there. Thanks.

Does this support states as well?

Ah, ok. Thank you for re-clarifying. I have nothing setup for Tax settings in woocommerce and I still get 0.00 displayed on my checkout page in the TAX field. This is my problem exactly.

It does not look like there is a solution for it yet either.

If there aren’t any rows set for taxes, then WooCommerce should not display any tax at all. I just double checked and I can confirm that (tax rates table empty, no tax is displayed).

Perhaps there is something else that causes the issue, such as a conflict or a misconfiguration. An investigation would be required to find the root cause, but I’m sure that it can be fixed. :)

Thank you very much!

Hi! Im thinking of buying your plugin but i am unsure if it will solve my problem.

I need to always have the price be displayed inc tax (25%, sweden) by law regardless of the customers country. If the customer goes to the checkout and selects a country outside EU the price is adjusted so the tax is removed in the checkout and that is correct. But the problem is that if the same customer goes back to the products again they will now show the wrong price (they will now have been adjusted to show excl. tax)

Kind regards, Andy

Hi mazakov, Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately, the Tax Display plugin wouldn’t be able to help you. In fact, its purpose is almost the opposite of what you describe: it displays the “checkout price” on all pages as soon as a visitor lands on the site. Based on your settings, the behaviour will be the following:
  • Visitors from the EU will see the price inclusive of 25% VAT everywhere (catalogue, product pages, widgets, cart, checkout, etc).
  • Visitors from outside the EU will see the price exclusive of VAT everywhere.

What you would need would be some custom code that changes WooCommerce’s behaviour in relation to price calculation. As you pointed out, visitors can reach the site and see prices inclusive of 25% VAT, then the country they select “sticks” to their session, and prices are recalculated exclusive of VAT when they go back to the catalogue. You would need a way to make the country “not stick” when they are not on the cart or checkout page.

If you would like to have such customisation implemented, please feel free to contact us. We offer this type of consultancy services as well.

Hi. I need a plugin like yours. I’m interested if you have just a widget or a shortcode too to display the shipping country drop-down? I fortunately could get rid of using widgets because I can quity flexibly add shortcodes to shop and product pages in my theme settings. Another question is: is it necessary to make page rules in Cloudfare for cashing so prices are displayed correctly on the shop and product pages? If yes can you help later with the correct caching settings or is it somewhere documented? I ask this because I used GeoIP some years before in a security plugin and it was really a job to setup the correct caching. Thanks, Zsuzsanna

It seems your cache handler plugin cannot handle Revolution Slider and Infinate Page scrolling. I installed on my test environment but all pages with the above mentioned 2 features keep on reloading in endless loop as the slide changes or when i scroll down it starts to reload again so the plugin is not useable for an ecommerce website or I make a very amatour mistake

The Tax Display plugin doesn’t perform any redirect or page reload, and it has no conflicts plugins like Revolution Slider, or Infinite Page Scrolling. They shouldn’t interfere with each other, simply because the Tax Display plugin works in the backend, using PHP code, whereas the slider and page scrolling plugins are using mainly JavaScript, on the frontend.

The page being reloaded is most likely caused by something else. I wouldn’t be able to speculate what it could be, as the available information is insufficient.

If you need assistance troubleshooting the issue, please feel free to contact us. As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section, which is also not monitored for support requests (the last comment you posted was filtered as spam by the mail server, we only noticed it today). You can open a support request on our contact page (, it will reach us directly.

Hi criadura, I’m just checking if you read my last message. If you still need assistance with the issue of the page reload, please feel free to get in touch, and we will be happy to have a look. Thanks.


can you please help me to find the latest version of Aelia Foundation Classes plugin for WooCommerce??

I only can find and it looks like it is not compatible any more with latest version of this plugin!


Version of the Aelia Foundation Classes is currently the latest. It’s fully compatible with the Tax Display by Country plugin.

If you are experiencing any issue, please feel free to contact our support team. We will be happy to have a look at it and provide a solution. Thanks.

We received a notification that your access to the support service for this item has expired a couple of months ago. We are required by CodeCanyon policies to invite you to renew it. You can do so directly from the product page. You will then be able to access our portal straight away. Thanks.

Hi, a presale plugin here.

I need to show a fixed price for every country in the world, not only the countries in the EU.

For example. I have a product that costs 39€ inc taxes. I want the client to pay 39€ if he buys it from Spain, Italy or from outside the EU, from America, Asia…

Is it possible with the plugin or just works with the countries with taxes?

Thank you!

The “fixed product prices” feature applies to all countries, whether taxes apply to them or not. As per your example, a product priced 39 EUR will have that price no matter what customer’s country is.

Hi there, I purchased your plugin a while ago, I just experienced an issue which is pretty bad for me and maybe others too. When using Google Merchant / Google Shopping the bots crawling the page but just taking the sales price with Tax into account, our current setup is including tax for EU countries, outside the EU without Tax. For customers working perfectly but for some reason the google bots only indexing the prices with Tax which ends up and the refusal of products in the google merchant/ shopping account. Do you have any experience and some tricks and tweaks? Thank you so much. Best, Andy PS I am also using the latest update of the plugin

Hi Andreas, As indicated on the support page, we can’t provide support on this comment section, which is not monitored for support requests. You can open a support request on our contact page (, it will reach us directly.

Note We received a notification that your access to the support service for this item has expired a couple of months ago. We are required by CodeCanyon policies to invite you to renew it. You can do so directly from the product page. You will then be able to access our portal straight away. Thanks.

Does this handle display of prices ex and inc tax using JavaScript? My concern is that I want to retain page-caching. If your plugin is generating the tax-based prices server-side, the page-cache for a UK user would be useless to a US user.

Can you clarify before I buy please?

HI Dave, Thanks for your enquiry. The Tax Display by Country plugin doesn’t generate prices. It changes the tax display settings on the fly, leaving the price calculation to WooCommerce. This happens in the backend, without using JavaScript, then the page is served to the visitor.

As you mentioned, caching can indeed interfere with the display of prices, as the caching layer would be serving the same content to all visitors. This limitation affects several of the plugins we wrote (Currency Switcher, Prices by Country, Taxes Display by Country), all of which do their work server-side. Due to that, we had to find a solution that could work with all of them.

We wrote an article that covers the topic of dynamic caching (as in “caching of content from highly dynamic websites”, such as multi-currency, multi-price ones). If you wish to read it, you can find it here: Aelia – How to add dynamic caching to your site. The article was originally written for our Currency Switcher, but it applies to the Tax Display plugin too.

About the “fixed prize regardless of Tax”, can you apply this to EU countries only, leaving the checkout for the rest of the world with price excluding Tax?

Thanks for your enquiry. Out of the box, the “fixed product prices” feature is global, it applies to all countries. The Tax Display by Country plugin provides a filter, called wc_aelia_tdbc_keep_prices_fixed, that you could use to disable that feature on the fly.

You can find an example of how such filter here: Aelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce – Keep product prices fixed only for EU customers.

Thanks, that looks promising. I will give it a try.

i am lookinh forward to purchase this plugin, can you please guide me in cart and invoice, i would like to have tax class displayed for each item example

in cart

Product name | Product Quantity | Product Price ( without Tax) | Product Tax | Total with tax

Please guide me

Hi kambz, The Tax Display by Country plugin doesn’t change the data displayed on the cart pages and on the invoices. If you would like to add columns like the product price without tax and the product tax, you will need to write two customisations:
  1. Alter the cart template, to introduce the extra columns you need to show the product price without tax and the tax rate. This has to be done within your theme.
  2. Alter the invoice, to show the same information on it. This has to be implemented specifically for the invoicing plugin you are using.

The above customisations are independent from the Tax Display by Country plugin. Cart, checkout and orders, as well as all the tax data related to them, are handled entirely by WooCommerce. If you wish, you can prepare a detailed list of your requirements, and post a project with such details, and we can prepare an estimate for the implementation of such customisations.