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hi Guy, Can I update the tattoo symbols?

Yes you can add update and delete easily.let me know if you want any support.


App should allow tattoo image manipulation to adapt body angles.

You can rotate tattoo image to any Engle as well as you can apply more than one tattoo image to your pic. Thanks

support for admob ?

What u want to change with AdMob ads ? It is already there.

i cant find admob ads in demo are they integrated???

Yes it. Is there. Please check

Good luck with sales.


Does it have facebook plugin ?

You can share picture with facebook

admob banner and interstital ?

you can open the camera in the app to take pic ?

Hi, I’m having a hard time renaming the application package, do you have any complete guide?

Please read my documentations

I had an issue when dragging to select the tattoo, received an application has stopped. The tattoo is not possible to shrink the size desired. It can only be reduced to a certain level.

It has been resolved ?

Not resolved. I mailed you several times regarding issue, you never replied and not even fixed the issue. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks in advance.

What is your email id ?

You can help me rename package??? I read document but i only see defaultConfig { minSdkVersion 9 targetSdkVersion 22 versionCode 2 versionName “1.0.1” }

is this code using Aviary SDK? if no then i would like to buy it.

do you use any other framework?

Not used aviary SDK. You can Buy. Thanks,

Why I can not import the project to Android Studio “Error:Cause: com.android.sdklib.repository.FullRevision’‘

For android studio version please email me to codeagent0@gmail.com. I will provide you.

is this an android studio project?

Yes. Both versions are available. Thanks

Yes. Both versions are available. Thanks

As i select pics from gallary, it crash

Hi agent. There is problem at choosing tattoo step. Application is stoping while choosing tattoo. I tried at 4 different phone and all same. There is also camera problem with Asus Zenphone 3. When i touch camera, its stopping.

Purchased code but here is only demo code ….please send me updated code

This has to be one of the most nastiest code being sold on Codecanyon. I have bought dozens of items here, but this one is utter bucket of crap. It is badly written, completely unorganized and a plain nightmare. Wasted my money buying this.