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its working fine for me…thanks

using aviary sdk too ?

aviary SDK not used ....thanks

I try the demo apk, but i can not see interstitial ads ? and Can you set up to show up interstitial after use X times saving activity ?

I think some network problem otherwise its working fine if any other question then contact on mail.

Hi , App crashing when i select the tatoo or when press the Save button.. tested in Galaxy note II. please help me to fix the issue asap.

its working fine.I have tested…thanks

still i am facing same issue.. do you want me share screen shots..

Please contact on mail….thanks

Is there any way that you can customize this so that ca people take their picture with their cell phones and then choose from jewelry and see how they look with the chosen piece of jewelry , like a necklace or bracelet, earnings

Yes I do that contact on mail..thanks

Yes I do that please contact on mail..


Nice app on the screen, however, there appears to be a bug when selecting a tattoo. After I select the tattoo, the app crashes and redirects to the homepage.

If you are wanting to sell the code, you’re going to have to actually fix the issue instead of just commenting “works fine on this end” because clearly potential buyers are having issues and we’re not going to buy code that clearly has issues!

Regards, Digital Chica

OK, i will do it and update code after one days ..thanks

hi give me your email

thanks I’m going to send message now