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Hi. Nice plugin. Is it responsive?


Thanks for the Amazing plugin. :)

Regards Sanoop

Thanks sanoop , plz rate it 5 starts if you like it :) . Regards

Sure. I will.

Looks great :) , good luck with sales.

Thank you :)

Hi there

I noticed an alignment issue with the tattoo designs when I generate the tattoo through Google chrome. There is an alignment issue with the ‘browse button’ as well in all browsers. Can you please check the issue and let me know the fix?

Url: http://classycv.com/MasterMinds/about/

Thanks and regards Sanoop

Hi sanoop , i have checked your site and did not noticed any alignment issue while generating designs .. please take snapshots and send it to me via gordoncodes@gmail.com Regards


I sent the details to your email address.

Regards Sanoop

i want version Php script, easy create sub: cards, quotes, tattoo, and more…

- You can fix upload over 10 shape or photo but shown only 10 item. - i am uploaded shape png file but display with a border around

Demo: send email :D

Hey :), solution sent by email , let me know if you got it ;)

Thanks for so much! If all image and shape is arranged in the frame is good :D

Is it possible to integrate this with woocommerce?

Sorry, only wordpress for now .

Hi, I can inhibit the upload shapes tattoo? I would like to use some watermark without altearar option them. It’s possible? Thank´s

Hi, yes sure, If you buy it, please comment your email and I will send it to you . Regards

Can you move shapes in front of and behind eachother? Can you change colors of shapes?

As you can see on the demo link , the first clicked shape acts as background then second shape on it , third one on them ect .. , and shapes are PNG, or JPG images you cant change images colors ..

Hi, is it possible to add more shapes by default? I mean, now there are only 5 shapes to select. Is possible to offers more shapes? Thanks

Yes you can upload unlimited number of shapes.

Error Message: “Webcam Error: PermissionDeniedError”. Can you help me?

To let visitors use the Camera API in Google Chrome, Your website must have a secure connection (SSL) https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/Home/chromium-security/deprecating-powerful-features-on-insecure-origins
I’ve added a (SSL) to my demo site, And it works on google chrome, You can check it here : https://bootstrapweb.co.uk/Tattoos/design-tattoo/

Hey – just bought and the demo was great. Have a problem though when installed on my site. I am using the avada theme template.

The tattoo plugin is coming up under the main header (as it should) but before all the other components/pluings/text/photos/etc. on the page - no matter where I put the shortcode - and also throwing off the design of the page too. It does it in IE, Firefox and Opera.

Thanks for help. Great program if can get it to work right.


Plugin works in the new wp – 4.7.1? Why does not operate the camera. thanks Martin

Yes it works on wp – 4.7.1 ,

Is this plugin responsive on mobile devices?

Hello Can I have a product have pre-typed text ? or are the products always blank images?

Hi, If you have products with pre-typed text .. you can upload them to the tattoo shapes menu ..


Shahin3 Purchased

Hello, is this support touch device ?

Hi, Yes it supports touching on mobile devices.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Are there still errors? When is the next update to make this current e.g. updated within at least one year?

What’s so funny about not updating your software?

This plugin works properly, You never tried it .. but you asked for an update .. at least you should have purchased it .. and tested it .. Then if you meet issues .. you can email us for an update and correct the issues ..or make it compatible with your theme if it’s not .. that how things work..

You’ve never updated this plugin since it was created almost 3 years ago. Any plans on a first update?