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Sorry if this sounds stupid, but where is the default place to upload the images you wish to view.

And which part do you edit.

Thanks a lot.

That’s what I thought, it just doesn’t seem to be showing any images or directories.. :(

That’s weird, can you please e-mail me the link so I can take a look?

Resolved by email :D

Why am I getting an access denied message?


Note, the link I just posted no longer has the tasty gallery files in it but can you explain why I would be getting an access denied message? The interface comes up but it doesn’t display any images, it just says “Access Denied”

Just for the record, I helped tcoomar via email, and the issue has been solved :D

I too am also running into the problem where the images are not being generated even though I’ve defined the thumbnail path in common.php and I’ve uploaded images to the defined directory. Could I have some assistance?

Sure, just email me a link to the installation path and I’ll see what I can do.

It doesn’t work because you messed with it – check your email.

The preview looks down?

It’s not.

Any idea when an IE compatible version will be out? Looks great but the weird IE bug that keeps users from exiting out from full-sized photos makes a tough sell for client sites. :(

I getting the same issue as above: ” Access Denied” Maybe just post the solution here. I’ll email you where my tastygallery is located.

Maybe someone else that purchased this previously could give some insight? I’m getting the “Access Denied” message that previous people ran into.

This worked for the other person that had that issue (it was because of some weird stuff his host was doing):

_tastygallery/do.php – replace line 5 with


Sorry for the ridiculously delayed response.

Hi I’m trying to insert this into a wordpress post. I have an exec php plugin. Don’t really know if I need it. Please contact me if you have a solution.

hi, i’m looking for an thumbnail gallery where i am able to download print quality files of the thumbnails. ideally something that also lets me downloads pdf’s as well (with an icon as thumbnail).

is Tastygaller able to do all that? thanks

No updates?

No bug fixes?

No improvements?

No revisions?

Is this still an active project?

Can anyone recommend an alternative gallery? (with better features etc?)


Hello, is this script can be used on a webcam website with lots of folders pictures named e.g: 01-01-2011 / 02-01-2011 and detect the last images uploaded by FTP ? i have 800000 pictures insides lots of folders days and month folders ! Regards

Any updates? Is this project still active?

Aren’t there any demo to see? For now only screenshots available!

Amazing gallery, fits my needs exactly. My buddy Vlad makes excellent scripts! :)



I sent a message 12 months ago and not a single response or email!

Can anyone provide a working demo and example? Also, how it works, caches thumbnails, resizes originals, etc?

There is very little information on the product page.


I want to purchase this, but I’m afraid given the recent comments and no response from the developer.

Afraid of what exactly? :)

Can i use this with tastydir?

Hello a presales question..

Can i use it on a SMF forum? To create Gallerys and upload unlimited pictures in any of them? Will i be able to upload or also the users in my forum? Is it a responsive Gallery?

Thanks a lot