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Help! _ doesn’t work! There’s a bug in _ !

Please make sure you’ve downloaded the newest version – you can do this from your downloads page. Contact me or leave a comment if you still have an issue.

What’s the password to the live demo?

Sorry, the password isn’t public.

How do I prevent users from seeing folders above tastydir’s?

Don’t worry! Users that don’t have the password won’t be able to go to a higher path, eg. if tastydir is in /public_html/stuff they won’t be able to see /public_html.

Help! I can’t install tastydir!

If you have trouble installing or can’t set permissions properly, you can generate a settings.php file and upload it to _tastydir manually using this page:

How do I set the home/default directory to something different than the installation folder?

Edit line 10 of _tastydir/common.php. I didn’t put this in the install script because not a lot of users need it. Available as of revision 1215.

How do I change the password / go through the setup process again?

Just delete _tastydir/settings.php and visit Tastydir’s page again.

I was going to buy Tastydir, but first I need to know – am I awesome?


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