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I would like to make it so that the logged in user cannot see directories above the folder tasty dir is in. Can I do that/how?

Also interested in the ability of multi file upload. Would be great if you could add?

Also can you think of a simple why that I could use the script for different users? IE. if a particular user logs in they can only see there files? Or would i need to run multiple instances of the script?

Any thought would be great as I’m interested in this. Many thanks!

Your best bet is to run multiple instances of the script – a user system like the one you described would require a database of users and per-file permissions.

vladh, you should continue development this script. its one yummu script :D

Thanks! :)

Heyy…i have more People how log in my account. When i install dis script an log in i see the the complett server but i will my friends dosn`t see this. Who can i chance this. i have set in the common.php to my folder but then i see not.

my stuctur: server/www/nameofthesite/tastydir i will have: /nameofthesite/tastydir

Thanks for you helping

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

1) Is this HTML 5 compatible? Can it be seen on mobile devices?

2) Can more file extensions be added?

3) Will a Search Function be created? *

4) Ability to congregate similar files when a special button is pushed

5) Will Share file functionality ever be created? *

6) Will Time stamp (so visitors know how old the file is) be created?

See Sample links:

http://rssgraffiti.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewAllObjects http://www.esabna.com/us/en/support/downloads/index.cfm

1) Yes!

2) Yes!

3) Probably not.

4) Probably not.

5) Probably not.

6) It’s there, it just isn’t displayed by default. It’s a one line modification.

Thanks for the reply.

So what is the one line of code that we need to modify so a Time stamp for the files can be displayed (so visitors know how old the file is) ?

OR can you please modify the file and reupload it to CodeCanyon?

Please let us know.

Actually, my bad, it’s more than a line. I don’t currently have time to do any extra code. What you need to do is make do.php return another field containing filemtime($filename).

It would appear the author of this script has abandoned it. It’s been 5 months since his last response. :( A shame since he had the beginnings of an excellent script!

Seems codecanyon would have some sort of policy regarding this?

In any event, as a last ditch effort to contact the author you could always try his website contact page, or catching him on twitter where he seems to post regularly:

http://vladh.net/contact http://twitter.com/#!/vladh

Just installed this on a Plesk setup and cannot upload files to folders made with tasty dir.

When you make a folder, it set’s it as apache:apache 755 which prevents file uploads.

The only folder I can upload files to is the ‘doc’ folder (setup by default as ftpsuser:pscaln) when set to 777. Obviously this is pretty useless for my client who wishes to make folders and upload files as they please.

Any idea how I can get this working?

The folder needs to be 777 and owned by the same user as the script is running as. There’s nothing anyone can do about this except your host.

Ok, solved the issue I was having by turning off php safe mode :)

Glad you solved it then! :)

Excellent work, thank you!!! I would recommend purchasing. :-)

**5 Stars**

Thank you! :)

Hi everyone! Please remember to read the README when you download the script and check with your hosting provider if you’re having any permission problems. Doing this would have solved 90% of the problems people seem to be having.

Before purchasing, is there a way to RESTRICT certain file types from being uploaded.

Seems PHP and zip files can be uploaded which would allow someone to upload a malicious shell script to HACK a site that this script resides on.

Has this script been tested for hack vulnerabilities?

You can’t upload things without logging in. Additionally, your user system should be configured so that the user who owns a website’s files can’t access other websites’ files.

A hacker does not usually go about “logging in” when they attack. That would be like a robber that knocks on a front door and asks the owner if it is ok to come in to rob them.

Additionally, IF your script allows for uploading of ALL file types, a hacker can upload a “shell script”, a PHP file, a text or a Zip with their own executable file when they attempt to hack.

And they can do this with OR without a log-in.

I once was interested in this script, but not if it allows all file types.

Hope this helps. ,

One other thought is that if the TastyDir were to get hacked, the hacker could use the “Create File” function to write their own Shell Script (.sh)

Has this script been tested for hack vulnerabilities?



Its Have a BIG problem with large file size !! the files with large size can not downloadable ?!! is anyone have a fix for this problem?!


I’m sorry you’re having this problem, but it’s most likely an issue with your hosting provider. I’ll look into it nonetheless.

Have a good day!

looks verry nice…. isit possible to setup my ftp details? because i wantto uplöoadfiles in a specific ftp folder with this script. the script will be on another server than the ftp…

I like this script. I am wondering if it allows maybe only mp4 uploads. And lets the user upload it. Once uploaded they can use an embed link and embed it onto other places. So a video player would need to be used. So basically they can’t download it, they only upload it and are given an embed code once uploaded. Would this be possible?

Sure, you’d need to modify the “do.php” file though.

Is this multi-user and can we limit so that a user can download only (not upload)

Vlad, any chance that you could implement Drag&Drop ? Thanks

Is it possible to hide files from view ?

Sure! Go to _tastydir/common.php and add the full path of the files you want hidden to the array on line 29.

Hi, Will this work with 1and1 Linux hosting?


If not, can you recommend a host that is compatible?