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This plugin add widget in sidebar for my links?

No, it’s a or Google Bookmarks clone

how do you “store” a copy of the site and/or page? What kind of database and server load does this create?

The site is stored as .html file. Archiving a bookmark is roughly equal to the load your site will get for one visit.

So, archiving will not add any server load that you need to worry about.

Thanks for this great plugin! It works very well and saves a lot of time to collect bookmarks.

In which folder do the plugin store the html saved bookmarks? Is it possible to show saved version of bookmarked site in wordpress backend? And can I update a saved site with a current one?

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for purchasing my plugin!

1. All sites are saved in pluginfolder/tastymarks/data 2. Yes, you can already access the saved version from the backend. When you hover on a bookmark, click on the box that appears. It is right next to the delete icon. That will take you to the saved HTML page.



Sorry, didn’t understand is it possible to publish collected bookmarks at site?

Thanks, Igor

Thank you for a note.

Click on remove frame, you can see the page.

Do you have a working example I can take a look at?

I only consider purchasing plugins I can see in action.


I see. I will set up a live review soon.

I have a demo up now..

Does it can work in the front end for log in user so they can create their on list of bookmark… since my user does not access the back end, if not can you made this customization…?

Yes, I will be shipping that feature sometime soon.

Right now, it is mainly for your research. You can make bookmarks all over the web and it will directly show up in your WP admin bar. You can make posts from your research very easily!


Hello This is an amazing idea. Great. Almost what I’m looking for years. “Almost” because if one have to add bookmark one by one… Do you think you can add function for import a huge list of bookmarks from FX or Chrome ?? If you do that, for sure I will pay more than 17$ Anyway, like others, I wish a live preview Regards

I have the live demo up now.

I will be adding import Google bookmarks, Delicious Bookmarks and Chrome and FF bookmarks in v1.1.

I will also be adding import/export and host of other features..

Hi, can you made the customization I need for front end user…? and how much it will be…

thank you

What customization do you want? Can you send me a note on

The live demo only works if you remove the frame. You might want to put a message on there to say that :)

When you say the following, how does this work, as the demo doesn’t have any way to see the admin panel when creating a post:

“You can also do your research for your next post, and the bookmarks will directly be available in the admin panel and you can easily create posts from the notes you take”

I had put that in the demo instructions :)

Anyway, I have kind of fixed it.

Did you try creating a bookmark with some notes? It then appears along with the bookmark and also it can be full HTML , so you can easily incorporate that into a post.


Is this available for members on the front end yet?

This is exactly what I need for the front end. Thank you.

I see what you need, I will provide an update soon.

Did you already buy the pluging or are you waiting for this feature?

Nope I just found it yesterday and see how awesome it could be for a research site I am working.

Please let me know when you develop the plug in to include registered users in the front end.

Thanks for your response

Sure, will ping you once it is up.

This plugin, although very useful for me, has turned out to be useless to CC crowd :) So, if there is someone else who will benefit from thsi plugin, I will be happy to put in features.

I too would purchase if there was an easy front-end option for registered users! It would be just what I need. Thanks

I would purchase if this was a front-end feature with full control and categories like the Bookmarks feature here on CodeCanyon.

is there a way to delete or edit the tags? I am getting some errors, do you have any plans to update this plugin? It is really great and one of a kind.

I found an error in the plugin, it seems to add a blank space in the labels table, resulting in duplicate labels, any plans on updating this plugin?

Will look into it

I am looking for someone to help edit this plugin, if anyone is interested.

demo login not working for tasty marks

highly interested, but want to demo first

Let me look into this

I would like to see live demo as am interested in it as well. It currently says password is incorrect. Thanks.

I’m very interested in this as well … can you fix the demo?

will fix

the demo does not work can you fix it