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hello how are you i am interested in your task feed. kindly tell me how i change the project progress…. thanks

Hello Mr. Haseeb, thanks a lot for your interest in TaskFeed.

The project progress is automatic (based on time remaining). You don’t have to change it.



I am planning to buy this. May I know how to modify this with project start button and finish button, time tracking etc…?


All the UI elements are defined in the CSS. You can freely edit the CSS the way you like.


Hi,i want to ask you something,i tried to make a new page and dosent show me the template,why?Here is the link


It’s a complete application. Not a template. Hope you’re enjoying it :) Thanks

I am the website owner, role “A”,. I like the fact that I can create a team of contractors that can work on my project, role “B”.

But in addition, I need to have client users, role “C”. These are the people that can submit a request of what they need. I can then quote for them (using prices I get from role “B”). If “C” accepts a price quote, then I have a project. I can then give to which ever person/company in role “B” whose price was the one liked by role A.

Are these three role levels possible with the app as it is now? If not, can it be customized a little to include role “B”, the client who can submit a request that can become the project.

Hi Mr. Tmbond,

That is not possible as of now. But yes, it can be done :) Please email me and we can discuss.


If one small error is made when entering registration details, you have to fill in every detail again. That is rather annoying. Maybe it should be priority to fix this issue?

I can’t add members to the team. The invitee gets an email with a link to register, but when clicking the link, it takes them back to my login and the user does not exist. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Mr. Tallguy, sorry for your inconvenience. Is this happening in the test server [ ]?



Is there updates coming ?

Regards Umair

Hi Mr. Umair, there will be an update, but I’m sorry I can’t give you the exact date…


I am thinking about buying this script, however I don’t always want to have a team for a project. I need to have personal projects as well. Is this possible? Also, when I create a project I don’t see how I can assign myself to-do’s or tasks for that project. When I create a to-do on a project it just puts it there and doesn’t seem to have an option to assign it to myself or anyone else. Please advise me on this.



Hello Vertex!

Thanks for your interest in TaskFeed!

TaskFeed is meant for team projects.. So by design it does not have a functionality to assign a project to yourself only. You can of course create two accounts for yourself.

Same way, tasks can be assigned to your team members, not to yourself. This is something I might change in the future. Assigning a task to self.

Thanks for your input! Let me know if I can do something!

Happy TeamWork :)

Can I set this up so its a SAAS type of service where other people/companies will be using the software rather then myself

Hi Nickdefina! Thanks for your interest in Taskfeed! :)

The single license is for single/non-commercial use. If you want to use it commercially as SAAS, you can do so by buying an extended license!

Hope you enjoy it :) Thanks!


Do you know when a fully mobile responsive version will be release?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Please share when a fully responsive version will be available… BootSrap and or Angular or HTML5/CSS3? Thanks in advance.

Hi gluegl, sorry I’ve been through too many things last 6 months or so. Was not in a condition to work much to say the least…

Expect an exciting version coming soon. No ETA though. Myself expecting it within 2 months :)

Hope this helps!


Hello, I love the look of this. Can you answer the following please… 1) When discussions are added, are email notices send to parties involved? Or do you have to log back in to check for discussion updates? 2) Can you reply to discussions via email and have them post to project? 3) Is there a way to add a custom form to a new project? In other words, I create a new project but rather than fill out an open editor box, I am taken through a custom form to fill out (that I design for all project managers)? I would pay extra for this.

Thanks Bob

Hi Bob :)

Thank you for the appreciation. 1. Yes, an email notification is sent to all the team members 2, This feature is not implemented as it needs coding on the server as well. Can be done for individuals. 3. That can be done too :)


Dear I tried to ask question in my previous email , maybe i was not clear enough,. Here I am writing you again. I have some pre-Purchase questions:

1: How can create projects and assign the employee to the client’s project?

2: Can manager or administrator create and assign one employee to one client and restrict the employee to see other projects, clients and messages ? ofcourse sometimes you do not want your employees to know all of your clients.

3: Does your product provide the branding like to change the logo on the client dashboard, make a post date invoice, etc?

4: Is that possible to show the client balance in client dashboard , sometimes client can pay upfront so they should see the balance in their dashboard to pay the future invoices. Possible?

5: A client should only see his own project and the employee assigned to him. Is that what your product offer ?

6: Do you offer ticket system in the product? Can I client have multiple logins on one project? For example if a client is a company and their two department wants to monitor the project , they can ask for two different login for one account.

5: Do you provide installation services ? Is it free or you will charge?

Hi Usmankhanniazi, Sorry I think I didn’t get your email .

Here’s an attempt to answer you : 1. You can create projects by clicking on the Button on the right hand side of dashboard that says “New Project” and then go through the wizard

2. No, the administrators/ managers can have 1 team. For different projects, you can create different teams

3. Logo etc can be changed easily. I’ll provide free solution to that.

4. There’s no Credit/Balance/Payment system in this software. Only project management related functionalities. A Plus version will come soon and I’ll keep your ideas in mind :)

5. That’s a yes.

6. There’s no ticketing system.

7. I assist on installation for free :) App comes with a built in installer that should be very easy generally.

Thank you for your interest!

thanks for the quick response dear.

When you say ” you can create the project” Does it mean anybody or only the administrator? And how many employees you can create?

What about the privacy? Like one employee should only see one assigned client. Same for the client. please explain a little.


1) Do you have plans to make this responsive for mobile screens?

2) And can I edit the layout and styling via CSS?

1. I have plans like that. No ETA though. 2. You can surely edit the CSS Thanks!

Hello: Other project owners don’t see other projects correct? Owner only sees its project. Thanks

That’s correct :) Thanks!

1- How easy to use it on smart phones? I suggests you sell it with an app that integrated and read from the same server.

2- Can I record a voice file directly in the task using the mic for the smartphone or even the PC?

3- Can you install it for me with some costmaizations

Hi, unfortunately, I can only do the option 3 for you right now. I’m no longer providing active support for this project, so no new features :)

1 : Built using bootstrap 2. Looks okay on smartphones. Not great. Everything works 2. Currently no.

Thank you for your interest!

Dear Developer, Would you be able to provide a customization to cover the followings;

1. Admin/Project Owner can create to-dos and assign them to specific team member/members 2. Team Member Dashboard would be a calendar view 3. Once recruited, Project Member can allocate team members to any other projects.

Hi Jeewendra! Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I’m not providing active support to this project anymore.

Thanks for understanding!

Hey can you install this on a separate theme? it would be extra work id be willing to pay

Hi Jig4ev04. Thanks for your interest in Taskfeed! At this point, I won’t be able to spend more time on a side project. Sorry.. It’s entirely possible and I can help you with instructions if needed.


Can you help me resolve this issue. I’ve tried to install your script on three servers: Godaddy (Unfortunately I had to give it a try), 1and1, Hostgator. I got different error for Hostgator but this is the latest from the 1and1 server:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference

Filename: core/Common.php

Line Number: 257

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect() in /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/database/drivers/mysql/mysql_driver.php:91 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/database/DB_driver.php(115): CI_DB_mysql_driver->db_pconnect() #1 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/database/DB.php(148): CI_DB_driver->initialize() #2 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/core/Loader.php(346): DB(Array, NULL) #3 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/core/Loader.php(1171): CI_Loader->database() #4 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/core/Loader.php(152): CI_Loader->_ci_autoloader() #5 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/core/Controller.php(51): CI_Loader->initialize() #6 /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Boar in /homepages/27/d624164069/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BoardofDirectorsPortal/system/database/drivers/mysql/mysql_driver.php on line 91

So I switched the PHP version to 5.5 vs 7 and now we’re at an internal server error. Pretty sure the script stated that 5.5 was the proper version so that makes perfect sense but what’s this about now/

if I go to the domain, I get forwarded to this subdirectory?

Hi entrepreneurialfastlane! Sorry I was not around Do you still have the problem ? I can get that sorted