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Do you come amending updated calendar? The first day of the week will be Monday.

Yes, in the next update the Calendar will receive a complete overhaul, with new options that include being able to set what day the week starts on (Sunday or Monday).

An indicative deadline upgrade?

I do not have an ETA at this time.

Hi, Can the admin see and add notes to the user’s tasks? Thanks. Please reply to

Hi, Is it possible to incorporate analytics?


Google analytics? Yes, you can add the tracking code to the footer include. I can help you if you need –

No. some kind of report, that could tell you In the end of the week or month, the amount of tasks or category, the user_x or y do, when. thx


Tasked does not include anything like that. It was designed for single users to manage their tasks.


I need your help please.

Hi, Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


Hi, I’m looking for a task/to do list management app for restaurant tasks. It should be able to allow staff members to sign in and see their duties and check once completed. They should have limited privileges. It seems as your app might be the one suiting our needs. First we want to make sure that we are understanding your product. Will we get all files and we need to upload them to our server, or will we have to do some further coding and designing (besides basic layout settings)?

Is it possible that this can be integrated with google gmail and gcalander ? If yes, I think it might be a very important script on envato!

Good Morning,

Not at this time, though it is a feature I am looking into for a future update.

Hello – could you please add the functionality to have shared tasks and folders…?

Hello – could you please add the functionality to have shared tasks and folders…?

Does this have a white-label options?

Hi, How do I activate the captcha?

Hi, it would be great if admin could set shared tasks so uses login to see tasks. Would it be difficult to add this functionality?

I am interested in buying this, how-ever my company needs drawings and images to be a part of the notes, we would like to be able to write on the images, as well as draw images freehand in the notes.


RoyNash Purchased

Laravel Version ;3? XD

I’m thinking about buying it but the two years ago you said the next update will contain file uploader and till now there is no update!

How to enable task sharing with another members? I need my team of 3 people to have access to task I’ve created or vice-versa.

Support sent. Kindly revert please.

If you cannot support your application(s) you should not sell them here! We purchase application and support is entitled, else, please refund the payment.

Hello! I’m interested in the script. But I have a doubt, I want to use it for my company and that all users can see the tasks, and work together in them. This is possible? Or is it just for one’s own tasks? Thank you!

Login not working

My login is not working and I can’t reset password, also your demo login not working either