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I think it would be useful to add a price per hour (with currency selection) so we can work out task costs. Thanks.

Thanks for suggestion we make separate app for that

Are we able to submit it to the App Store how it is, or are we required to re skin it?

Yes you can submit app to app store you will need to reskin it. If you need extra support reach us by sending message from profile page.

Sweet! Thanks! How simple is it to resin?

Its simple you will need to replace same size images with correct ui element position

Also, does this just require Xcode?

iOS 9 will be updated in next week

Ok awesome! Real quick could you tell me what the difference is when submitting an app like this to the app store versus submitting just a game?

There is no difference

This app monitors the usage time of the applications installed on the iphone?

Awesome theme :)

Thank you

android application need with same feature.

how much is it to get an android version of this app

Android version not available