Task Manager Pro - Project Based Task Management Plugin For Wordpress

Task Manager Pro - Project Based Task Management Plugin For Wordpress

Task Manager Pro is a full and functional task management plugin for wordpress.
The plugin included following features:

  • Project Creation
  • Task Creation
  • Manage User/User Group/Access
  • Assign project to specific user/group
  • Assign Task to specific user/group
  • Update task with progress/status/commenting regularly
  • Add user task/project list to your page/post as short-code
  • Show project/task count or project/task list on the sidebar/footer
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Task/Project user update notification

Live Demo

Update Log:
----- Task Manager Pro 1.5.1 ------
* Added file attachment options on comment

----- Task Manager Pro 1.5 ------
* Some improvement as user requirements.
* Fixed all existing bug/errors

----- Task Manager Pro 1.4 ------
* Added multiple user assign option from Setting section.

----- Task Manager Pro 1.3.2 ------
* Added all user adding ability for Manage User Page
----- Task Manager Pro 1.3.1 ------
* Add user to group - multiple adding features added.

----- Task Manager Pro 1.3 ------
* Added Project and Task badge count for admin menu

----- Task Manager Pro 1.2.1 ------
* Added Media Upload Option on taks/project

----- Task Manager Pro 1.2 ------
* Added Global setting for notification option
* Added contributor role image/media upload option
* Added global role - Minimum role(contributor) requirement for TMP

----- Task Manager Pro 1.1 ------
* Added Notification Reminding Option
* Multiple Language Support

Task Manager Pro Features
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