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just installed on nexus7, it crashes at startup. Any suggestion?

no idea ..is it working now

does it support ads?

Yes, you can add your Admob details

Including admob or other template in this apps?

Im getting a bunch of errors after changing the package name in all the files and the manifest. Its saying it can’t resolve R.java and its not in the gen folder? Its also saying the admob_id string is invalid I only changed it in strings.xml to the correct id? Any ideas? Will you have more documentation on this as I found absolutely zero documentation?

The path to the R.java file also changes. Go into every file and add statement add top import <your package name>.R; then save it. Also change the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml.

Okay I got past those errors…Now it is saying app:adUnitId=”@string/admob_id” > is an invalid resource in tabactivity.xml and my admob_id is set correctly in strings.xml

Open the string.xml file in xml mode.And check what is causing error or send the screenshot of the string.xml file in xml mode

this msg have option to push message if so i will buy it

No sorry

just now i purchase it. but i seen there is documentation

there is documenation

sorry there is no documentation

it doesn’t work on my nexus device, android 4.4

Pl. DM the error log

support google play service ? and support all device?

Will this app is programmed with tabhost or viewpager? Do you have a link to test it?

Pl. download and check apk – http://mobilemerit.com/task-killer/