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cool ! useful plugin !


Thank you!

This seems like it will be a very useful plugin. GLWS.

Good luck with sales.

Clearly, now I know)

Please write your e-mail to me

Can you provide a demo with different URL params to test?

Does this work with even cache software?

Unfortunately the demo site I have. But I will try to do in the near future. The parameters in the url it is possible to use any and as many

For example: or or

About cache unfortunately I can’t say anything

Added to Favorites!!! Soon to purchase!

Thank you, I hope the plugin will be useful for you

just gotta say – this is my secret weapon… i just used it on a 7 figure product launch and it worked flawlessly

Hi !

Your plugin looks interesting :-) I have to solve a case, where a URL parameter (ZIP code) is handled by three websites:

Website A (not Wordpress) has a form, where the ZIP code can be entered by the user. After entering the ZIP code, Website 2 (a page in my wordpress installation is opened in a new tab with the ZIP code as a parameter in the URL). On my page you can press “order” and open Website 3 (not wordpress). In my link of website 3 the ZIP code parameter has to be part of the URL so it can be parsed by website 3.

So my Wordpress has to “grab” this URL parameter of website 1 and after pressing a button opens website 3 with the parameter still added to the URL.

Do you have any idea if this can be done by your plugin ? Kind regards Tom


The plugin will only work on the 2nd website(Wordpress) In the transition from 1st site 2nd

As a potential client, I wonder just why you chose to put a video in the popup description of your plugin as opposed to something we could actually SEE – something that may actually encourage us to click through, and maybe make a purchase.

Putting videos in those little popups is irritating. They are less than useless – they take the place of something that could tell me more about your product. Even one little sentence would be more info that that tiny video can give.

Normally I simply pass over any plugin or theme that uses videos in the popups because I don’t trust the logic of someone that would use something that is such a horrible UI choice, but I was curious as to why vendors on envato do something so counter intuitive to the user experience so I thought I’d drop in and ask.


Is the URL parameter saved in the browser cookie?

Классный плагин, спасибо!