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Nice design, GLWS :)


Hi, how do you implemented all the ad networks? Is there a mediation platform in the code?

If I get you right, Corona SDK does support all the listed Ads providers. One of the lua files checks which Ads you enabled and then loads the appropriate SDK

when run my iphone test , runtime error ERROR: Could not load provider (gamecenter) due to the following reason: module ‘CoronaProvider.game …... long error text please help !!!

send your contact info skype or e-mail

What changes did you make in build.settings file? Send me a copy to sysads@live.com

If I am not mistaken, you forgot to remove the two lines with -[[ ]]- to enable the gamenetwork plugin in build.settings:

--[[remove this line to implement google game services
  ["CoronaProvider.gameNetwork.google"] =
      publisherId = "com.coronalabs",
      supportedPlatforms = { android = true },
  ]] --remove this line to implement google game services

With what IDE i edit that? with xcode, eclipse ore what? how it works that its multable?

All you need is Corona SDK Starter pack which is FREE – http://coronalabs.com/products/faqs/ and you can use Notepad++ or Sublime Editor

I managed to redesign the game ….but my ads are not working Help Please !!!!

Hello can any one look into the stuff …. Even the code don’t allow to generate APK

Hi, sorry just saw this mail. Is all now OK?

The game code is already updated. When you are provide updated code?

The game code is already updated. When you are provide updated code?

Yes we need the updated code please??

Does this work in Xcode, or just corona? And if it just works with corona, how do I submit it to the app store? Sorry I’m still kind of new to reskinning apps, and I only have some knowledge of Xcode.

Its built with Corona SDK. For submission to App stores, there are tons of documentation on Coronalabs – https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/iOSBuild/index.html

this app is not allowing me to upload it says need help my Skype tekinfowaysolution please guide me i had been facing this issue since long time …... I need this code to work for me and make my app live. appreciate your help in advance.

What issue are you having with upload. Send me screenshots if possible. For some reason, I am not getting comment updates on my mailbox so email me directly on sysads@live.com

how do i add icons

Hi, I tried to build the apk yesterday with chartboost ads activated according to the description and I got the following error from corona sdk build server:

[Build Error #5]

A device build error occurred on the server.

BuildID: 5671fc6228905 Error: You are not currently subscribed to the following plugin. Publisher: com.gremlininteractive Plugin: plugin.chartboost

More information may be available in the Simulator console

Can you please help me?

Best regards, Patrick

It´s not possible to build this game with corona sdk. I tried with old version without result. I cannot understand why people sell codes that are not work. That is not good. I am very very angry. The developer know that this code don´t work but he did not removed it from codecanyon. That is not normal. Fix the bug. Sell only code that work.

If this code don´t work for me properly NO ONE will buy this game again. NO ONE

Everything work fine now. the networksLib causes the problem and I disabled this service from the game Chartboost doesn´t need to be activated in the build.settings file. If you enabled chartboost, you would not be able to build the game. I will give you 5 stars, then the game is GOOD

Are there any documentation that comes with this that explains how to run on Corona?

Hi, I will be updating this product soon with new updates as there have been changes on corona sdk setups.

Hi -when will the update you mentioned be out?

Also, what is the purpose of the red dot with no black around it? In my tests, it only awards 2 points (as opposed to 3 points if you hit the red dot that is surrounded by black). Since the red dot with no black is more difficult to hit without dying, why is it only 2 points?

Oh, the game on here is not the same as the game on the App Store? (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/target-the-dot/id961188281?ls=1&mt=8)

But you will now be uploading the version that is on the App Store? When will that be exactly? I’d love to purchase. Thanks.

What about the app store one? Is that not yours? Could you upload that?

Hello we need the updated code please??

Hey – please let us know when you will be uploading the “levels” version of the game.


I can have your email to send you pictures of the problem I have on the application.

OK go to this folder “shareLib” and edit this file “facebookHelper.lua”

Replace the first line of that file with this:

local facebook = require “plugin.facebook.v4”;


I have this error when I build the application. I need to remove the Facebook plugin? If yes, how ?

Thank for your help

comon :( you should know corona sdk before buying this. If you look at the error, you will see that you need to activate the facebook plugin in your account – https://snag.gy/SgF69Z.jpg