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we were originally looking at your Touchy plugin but just noticed this. Touchy will probably do the job as we really just planned to have a logo and three icons underneath, but if we can add a few extra features to our site, that would definitely help.

Bit of a difficult question to answer, but does Tap Tap have the same features as Touchy, but a few more as well?

“It’s in your header” is the best I can do. There’s no way to point you in the right direction. Get in touch with me via the form on my profile and include your site URL.

Cheers, just sent you a message…i’m assuming that your Tap Tap plugin needs the menu id class as well yeah?

It doesn’t need it unless you want to hide your theme menu.

I’ve just installed the Tap Tap plugin to my genesis website and it’s not working when I go to appearance > customise. I just get a white screen and it doesn’t load. Any ideas why this is?

Hi. Make sure something in your installation isn’t blocking the WordPress customizer. Do the default troubleshooting: disable all plugins and then enable them one by one to see which one the issue coming from. You can also Google “wordpress white screen” for more possibilities. And you can email me your website via the contact form on my profile, I can have a quick look at what you have going on there.



I’m trying to figure out how to make the menu icon (hamburger – three lines) change from black to white depending on the background it passes over. This is my only header / menu, with transparency underneath.

I’ve just switched Wordpress themes, so I’m used to having this “background aware” feature built-in. I’m very impressed with Taptap, so I’m hoping this is possible. Thanks for your time!


That still requires specific code added to be added to specific sections of a theme itself though. Can’t really be added into a plugin so it would work in all cases. But thanks for the link, should anyone ever wish to do something similar, I can point them to that.



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No problem, understood.

A further question on this: can I place TapTap’s menu in <header> rather than in its own div further down?

Sure. The customization is loaded by classes not the div tags. You can change the div one with the “taptap-header” class to header, sure. Stuff like that is completely up to you.

Hello there, great plugin.

I have installed it on a site and for some reason it seems to be disabling some custom styles. When I deactivate the plugin the site goes back to normal, I activate it again and css issues all throughout arise again.

Any ideas?


Hi, glad you like it :)

Send me a message via the contact form on my profile, include your site address and I’ll have a look at what you have going on there.


sent, thanks!


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Hello. The plugin looks very promising and very excited to see it in action.

However, I’m seeing problems with jquery and the existing theme…

Owl carousel and couple of other items seem to have lost support for their loaded libraries.

Is there any way to force your plugin to simply use the existing scripts in the theme instead?


Never mind, I see you both posted a comment and sent an email. One will suffice :) I’ve replied to your email.


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disabling retina did the trick! Thank you!!!

Sure thing :) Have a good week.

Hello, Kindly answer my questions below :-

1) Is this compatible with all themes?

2) Does this have any compatibility issues with Hide My WP Plugin or anyother Premium plugins?

3) I’m using Ultimate Members on my website and when a user login, it show the user Profile name and Display pic on the menu. Do your plugin do this? like to show the logged users Profile pic and Profile name in the menu?

4) Is this fast on slower connections?

5) I’m using a wp sub directory installs on my website (all under one domain name) So i can install this plugin on my website’s sub sites with Single license right?

6) It shows on all mobile browsers right? Like UC and some other mobile based browsers?

7) Adding background colour and logo is not a difficult task right? (I’m actually new to wp)

Thanks for your valuable time and support. Good Day my friend! :)

Hi there.

That’s quite a few questions so I’m not going to go over point by point. I will say that TapTap works with any properly coded theme and plugin, and all modern browsers. All of its capabilities and options are displayed on the item page in full detail. And making customizations is done simply via the Live Customizer.



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I am using this plugin with avada and the grid plugin, when activated the plugin seems to be stopping functions of the grid plugin from working and also seems to be stopping the avada theme from loading carousel items?

Any ideas


Hi, send me a link through the contact form on my profile and I’ll have a look.



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Yeah sure thanks


mkr568 Purchased

All sorted now thanks for the quick response and support.

Hi guys,

I’ve a presale question:

I use Shortcodes within the menu to display different menu items for non buyers. With the Standard menu of my WP theme it works fine. Will it also work with your plugin?

Hi. If you can enter said shortcodes into the widget area then it should work as TapTap has a widget area below the menu. That sounds like a specific theme feature though.


No it’s a WP Plugin what allows me to insert Shortcodes to the WP menu

Can’t comment on third-party plugins like that I’m afraid. All I can say is that is that TapTap is built according to WordPress standards.


Hi, i have a few presale questions.

1. Is it possible to create multiple colums? I see an image of a customers implementation, but i don’t see it in your examples.

2. Is it possible to have the menu layed out instead of a hamburger menu?

With kind regards,



1. Looks like they did that via the included widget location.

2. Not sure what you mean by “layed out”.


Hi! I mean in stead of the hamburger menu, you actually see the menu items in the header, then when you hover over a item you get the mega menu..

Thanks for the quick reply!

No, that’s a different design approach altogether.



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I was try the Tap Tap looks grate great but i have some issues.

1st, I’m use the Hero Menu plugin also, when i’m activate the tap tap the menu is disappear.

2nd.The plugin activation change the look of the frontage, everything is back to normal when to dectivate the plugin, probably i have some conflicts on the css files.

can you help ?

Thank you

Hi. Send me a link to your site via the contact form on my profile and I’ll have a look, cheers.

Hi, Where the mobile resolution setting located? I can’t find it in Ta[ Tap Plugin settings in WP customizer.

BonfireThemes Author about 1 year ago  Flag Hi. It has a resolution setting, allowing you to only show it at mobile resolution for example. It’s a freely adjustable setting.


Hi. It’s in the “Misc” section: “Hide at certain width/resolution”


Hello we have problem with plugin when we turn on it, other plugins: magnific popup, slick slider deactivated. Version WordPress 4.7 What we can do ?

Hello. You do not have a buyer’s badge. Please get in touch with me via the contact form on my profile and from the account the purchase was made from, so I could verify your purchase.


Hello we have problem with plugin when we turn on it, other plugins: magnific popup, slick slider deactivated. Version WordPress 4.7 What we can do ? Username: awebprostudio Name: Eugeniy Email:

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile as I requested. The comment section is not suitable for support. And include a link to your site so I could have a look. Cheers.

Before purchasing, Can I create a mobile menu with a collapsing menu. And can I use that menu in a widget?

I need a sidebar menu for my website. This current sidebar only works with widgets. So my question; Is there a way I can use your menu in my sidebar.

TapTap is a full-screen menu, you can not place it into a theme’s sidebar.


All right thank you :)

Hello, Can logged User’s profile Pic comes in the Menu? Example – When a user login into the website, Will his profile/display pic automatically shows in the Menu? I didn’t found this in your plugin description, so asking here.

Hi there. That is not a feature a this time. The heading image is inserted via the WP image uploader.