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Hi I’m interesting in your plugin to improve the aesthetics on a responsive menu existing. So I would like to know if your plugin will work properly with the theme, in this case Modernize Theme. You can check the web site here:

What do you think about?

I’m looking for a light tool, easy setup and strong, that will display properly in all kind of devices…

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for the interest.

We can’t test with every theme of course but if your theme is coded according to WordPress standards, there won’t be issues.


Hi, Thanks for the nice plugin, but i have one question, I used “taptap-custom-activator” to active the menu from a custom button. Now when i click the button, menu activates, but there is no way to close it.. How can I add a close button or something to my custom activation button?

Thanks, I understood, but how to place a custom close button above the tap tap menu, is it possible?

Of course, you just have to add a certain z-index value to it via css. If you have the close button ready to go, email me via the contact form on our profile and we’ll take it from there.


Ok, Thanks a lot!

Hello! Awesome product! (As the reviews show)!

I need to build a wordpress multisite network using a theme from themeforest (Native). That theme comes with an awful mobile menu (worst I’ve seen) and I would like to use your product to show a better menu when the websites are accessed from mobile / tablet.

I need to know if I can use your product in a multisite install (having 4 sub-websites each installed in it’s own sub-domain) but only show this menu on mobile. On desktop I want to have the standard menu that comes with the theme.

Also, I would like to know if you have an update scheduled in the near future. Maybe adding some new features like a widgetize slide panel to show recent articles or some custom data like login / register or something, and also adding some new design templates for the menu.

Thank you! Waiting for a replay asap! I really need to replace that awful mobile menu of my website (websites)


You can indeed. TapTap’s demo site is actually running on a multisite. And if you’d like, you can show TapTap only at your specified resolutions (at the same site, enter your theme’s mobile menu’s class/ID and it’ll be automatically hidden when TapTap is visible).

TapTap doesn’t have ‘templates’ and never will. What TapTap allows is radically change every element so you can achieve countless results (the demo sites show just a few possibilities).

We do have future updates planned but we don’t say upfront what these changes/additions are (pretty sure that’s not even allowed according to marketplace rules). There’s already a widget location though. Check the item page in detail and you can see every detail that you can change.



Thanks for this plugin, really good developement. I Work with Avada and i wanted to know what was the better way to work with your taptap menu with this theme.

The avada theme have several option menu that i will not use. But i can’t say in the option theme that i don’t use any menu. So i’ve got flyout menu, i have disable the button but in the code i keep the ul role menu bar and i ‘m not sure it’s good for the seo. Do you know a good solution for these parameters…

I hope you will understand with my english langage not so fluent…


Hi there.

Not quite sure what you’re asking here. Of all the purchases of our menu plugins though, now one has ever complained about SEO. TapTap works similarly to responsive themes; they show a mobile menu at some resolutions and another menu at other resolutions.


Good afternoon. I have a problem display the menu and lightbox photos (Smart Grid Gallery) It looks like a screenshot: 2 – I would like to translate the theme. But everything is done only in PHP? 3 – you Can add the phone field in the menu? to be placed in the top, under the logo at the top or bottom of choice

Hi. The lightbox issue is just a simple css z-index matter, though adding a phone button would have to be custom work (our Touchy menu has a built-in phone button though if you want to check that out).

As for translations, the menu uses the built-in WordPress menu builder, so on that part you shouldn’t have any issues. Button labels are entered via the customizer though, so translating them could be tricky. I guess it depends on what tool you’re using. Though that too can be simply overcome.

We do support via email though. So email us through the contact form on our profile and we’ll have a look at what you have going on there.



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Hi. Is something like this possible? (see link to picture). I couldn’t see it in your live demos.

1) to be able to put a small form underneath the menu items. I use gravity forms and insert my forms using a shortcode. 2) To be able to show fewer menu items on this mobile menu, so the form fits completly (incl. Submit button), but this is not critical as I don’t have that many menu items in total 3) If possible, that the menu doesn’t open completely, but this is not crucial either

Point 1) is most important.

(oh btw, on second screen the burger menu should turn into a cross, which I believe your plugin already does)

Missed one: Yes, all menu buttons animate either into a ’-’ or an ‘X’. Or it can also have no animation at all. That’s up to you.



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Cool, thanks! I saw that you have another plugin, Morph. Why would one choose TapTap instead of Morph? (apart from the fact that TapTap seems to have more recent update and Morph is from 2016).

It’s design mostly. TapTap also has more options. Too many to list here so be sure to go through their respective feature lists.



werait Purchased

Suggestion: Add options import export settings. And some sample settings.

Hi. Never say never. There are definitely features we want to launch first though.



I am using this plugin with the 7 theme and the grid plugin, when activated the plugin seems to be stopping functions of the grid plugin from working.

Any ideas


Hi there. Send me a message via the contact form on our profile, include a link and I’ll have a look.