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Hi I’m looking for a lightweight mobile menu plugin that works on all mobile devices. Does this work across the board? How many different files can I expect added to my site using this plugin?

Yup, you can test drive the demo sites on any device you like. TapTap has 11 files (though only a few are loaded as files in the way that you mean, the stylesheet for example); never had anyone ask me that before :)



KO__ Purchased

Dear Support,

Please add support for rearranging widgets in TAPTAP. I want SEARCH BAR to go BEFORE items in MENU. Screenshot:

How to resolve. THANKS.

Hi there. A secondary widget location above the menu is already on the to-do list. For now though, you can easily move it on your own. In include.php, just move the code between the “BEGIN WIDGETS” markers above the block of code between the “BEGIN MENU” markers.


Is there a setting to select when the menu will show (e.g. only on mobile, or only on tablet & mobile, etc.) And if so, will it automatically hide the desktop menu or does that need to be set with media queries manually?

Hi there. There’s a resolution option that will allow you display TapTap at the exact resolution range you wish. And indeed, if you’ve entered your theme menu’s class/ID, it will be automatically hidden at the same resolution range.


I’m confused by the Hide At Certain Width/Resolution settings. Why do I need to put 500 to 5000 for it to show only on mobile? Mobile width/resolution would be 0 to 640 or something similar. This doesn’t make sense to me. Can you explain?

If you look at the option description, you enter the values at which the menu will be hidden, not shown. As by default it’s shown at all resolutions.



I just installed and configured the plugin.

I made all the settings correctly. I’m using The7 Theme updated. But in the mobile view I can not just leave the plugin running and disable the theme. They keep working together.

It stays thema mobile menu and plugin menu.

Does it do any tutorial or would you explain how to do it that way.

You have some function that does this.

Thank you

Hi there.

No need to both leave a comment and send an email. I’ve responded to your email.


Hi, Pre-sale question: We hava a multilingual site with three languages. If mobile menu is activated on your demo there is label “Menu”. Is there a way to change or translate this label according to the language? Thanks, J.

Hi. TapTap doesn’t have such functionality built in bur I guess that would depend if whatever adds the multilingual functionality to your theme can translate TapTap’s words as well.


We use WPML but you have said in your comments taht you have not tested your plugin with WPML. Since we need this menu label to be shown in different languages i am worried that if it is not possible to translate them we have purchased a plugin which is no use at that site.

True, haven’t tested specifically with WPML. But go ahead and purchase if you’d like to give it a try, I’ll grant you a refund if WMPL can’t translate that for you. If you decide to purchase, send me a message via the contact form on my profile and let me have a look as well.


Hello, I’m using your plugin on a client’s site. Both the client and me love the flexibility. There is one minor problem though – and the problem occurs even in the plugin demo here on code canyon. When you search and then try to click the “x” to close the search nothing happens – the search won’t close. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi, thanks for the purchase.

That’s actually the clear field button. The arrow is what closes the search field. Send me a message via the contact form on my profile though, I can make you a quick edit so both the < and the X will close the field.


Ah that makes sense! Thanks for your help.


Great addition to any website! Nicely done BonfireThemes.

I have conflict with avada theme, portfolio items not showing and conflict with fusion slider. If i disable the taptap menu theme working fine.

I wonder if you can help me with that

Thank you in advance

Hi there, thanks for the kind words :)

We have a ton of customers using TapTap with Avada, so it works for sure. Send me a message via the contact form on my profile include your site address and I’ll have a look at what you have going on there. I’m sure it’s something super simple.


Are there any non-hamburger mobile options? Any example/demo if so?

Is this usable as only menu – responsive from desktop to mobile?

Again, at: ALL demos are hamburgers, or say ‘menu’. I can’t see what uve mentioned

You said you wanted text links, demo #2 has text link as menu button example. In any case, I guess TapTap isn’t right for you then. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

Have a good one, cheers.

I said ‘linkS’, plural. Thanks

Hello, I love the plugin, but I’ve come across a problem with it. There seems to be a conflict with WooCommerce. When I have variable items, when the plugin is activated, it won’t show people that variable items are out of stock and a “no” symbol appears when I try to add anything to the cart. You can view these errors in action on this page: – The king and queen sets are out of stock and the twin is in stock – all yield the same result. When TapTap is deactivated it works as it should (indicating out of stock and allowing me to add the in stock item to the cart).

Any idea why this would be happening?

Thanks in advance

Hi there. The only thing I can think of would be the retina script (it’s been known to have a few conflicts, I’m keeping an eye on its development). You can disable it in TapTap’s “Misc” section.


Yes – you were right – thanks very much!

Sure thing. Cheers.


Pre sale question; my customer wants the same menu as dior ( Can I build this with your plugin?


Hi there.

No, TapTap is a full-screen menu. You won’t achieve the exact result but our Morph menu is closer to that site’s.


Hi, can be use in any theme?

Hi. Any theme that’s coded according to WordPress standards, absolutely.


Hello can i download the previous version for this plugin? Because the newest version cannot open the submenu, thanks


The sub-menus most definitely work in all versions. Depending on how old your previous version was though, you may need to hard refresh your browser. If you still want an older version though, just send me a message via the contact form on my profile and I can send it over (I’ve left my desk for the day but I’ll send it first thing in the morning if you’ve sent me a message).


How can i get this very design =>>

and also add social icon in horizontal view

That’s the default appearance. And you can add social icons via the included widget locations, using any social plugin you’d like or even a custom solution.


thanks i got it….........................

How can i set a different menu entirely for PC view?

Your account does not have a buyer’s badge. If you have a question, get in touch with us via the contact form on our profile and from the account the purchase was made from.



Firstly, I would like to grab the opportunity to thank for building this awesome menu.

Just have one pre-sale question. Is the header bar in this demo link ( is also build with this plugin without any theme support?

Have Good Time Ahead!


Hi there. All of TapTap’s demo sites are built and customized 100% with the plugin’s own features. There is zero trickery going on there :)


Hi there. A quick way would be to just remove the code below the “ENQUEUE Google WebFonts” marker in taptap.php

Adding an option that would do that is on the to-do list as well and will be included in a future update.


hi, is there any shortcode or code snippet to add the menu-button in my theme whereever I want? thx!

Hi. You can use the positioning options to detail the menu button’s placement. If you want to embed it into your header or something like that though, then you’d need to build a custom button and use the custom activator (details in the doc).


perfect, thanks!

that was exactly the thing I was looking for.



on a dummy site, I’m testing different themes and find myself having to continuously bring the settings in Tap Tap back to what I’d like them to be.

Is there not some way to export the settings for reuse? Thanks in advance.


That’s just how WordPress works I’m afraid; settings are remembered per-theme.


Pre-sales question: May I test with my theme and return if it does not work?

I gave you the clearest answer I can possibly give. If your theme and other plugins are coded according to WordPress standards, it’s very unlikely you’ll run into issues.


Another try: Do you have any experiences with “Ebor Mega Menu”?

I have not used it, no.