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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

I don’t know much of this game but it does look interesting. If I am to buy it,

- is it universal i.e all iphone sizes and android without any changes - do i need license for the engine used?

For Admob just supply the banner value and for chartboost you need to add 2 apps and make 2 copies of the game one for google and one for ios

Hi I have sent you email for some help

Hi please check your mail


The currentScore code is returning wrong value. If my highscore is 9sec and my next attempt is 12sec, currentScore should return 12sec and not 9sec

Hi, This is the default output for the timer you can round the value to the desired output and you can change it game.lue in updateTime method

Strange but in the config, this is what’s there and not different from when I run it on my Windows machine which is showing fine:

“Time: ” .. —totalTime * 0.001

On all platforms it is the same no diffrence

What a good app ! Congrat and good luck with sale ! :)

Thank you so much :)

Game now out on Google Play. Did a lot of work to reskin it and cleaned up the code, iOS version to follow soon :)

Wish me luck


Great job good luck with the game :)


What would be cost for you to integrate my admob ID & tweak theme

Android studio or eclipse