Tap the Dots

Tap the Dots

Tap the Dots is a game that requires focus. Two dots of different color will be shown, you have to remember the colors. There are two modes to select from. After selecting one of the modes the game begins, a grid full of various colored dots will be shown. A timer will start, shown at the bottom. You just have to keep tapping on one of the two colored dots shown before the game begin. Remain focused, you can always make a new highscore and compete with other people via leaderboard.

Features Of Code

  1. Easy to load and customize
  2. Both Admob banners and interstitial ads are present.
  3. Google Play leaderboard.
  4. Two game modes.
  5. Based on LIBGDX game framework.
  6. Smooth user interface and functionality
  7. PSD files also included for quick and effective reskinning.
  8. Run your app on desktop for debugging and reskinning.
  9. Designed for both Tablet and Phone.

About Leaderboard

For leaderboard to work properly you need to replace the given app ID and leaderboard ID with your IDs. You can get these IDs from Google Play store dashboard.


List of files that you’ll receive

  1. Java, xml and apk files.
  2. PSD files for logo and images used in game.
  3. Google play and leaderboard library files

Sample Apk



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