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Is code using google_service_lib Or still using Stan alone sdk ??

It isn’t using google_service_lib. It is using AndEngine framework, facebook, heyzap and admob sdk. Sorry!!!

Now, code is using google_service_lib, I have replaced the heyzap leaderboard with a google game service leaderboard.

I purchased the game. I can’t find the page where to register the heyzap leaderboard. Has heyzap stopped new registration for leaderboard? All I see is option for adding ads to my apps or create ads for my apps in heyzap dashboard.

Do you have a heyzap account ??? Create one and go to https://developers.heyzap.com/dashboard/leaderboard -> new leaderboard

Hello There,

I just sent you an email in regards to a few questions that I had about your product.

In regards to HeyZap, I just went to the link you provided


I don’t know what the person before me is talking about. It looks like HeyZap is supporting all of its features and is also willing to help app developers with testing and promoting their apps.

Also, anyone who needs help with creating a FaceBook app should go to this link to find help :


Best Regards, DC

My question is, how do I get the ID which needs to put into the following string: <string name=”heyzap_score_id”>Your heyzap score id</string>

The above line is from strings.xml file. I don’t see any place in the heyzap dashboard from where I can get the heyzap score id.

Pls help.

Hello There,

I just got a response back from HeyZap. They no longer support the leaderboard SDK … Can you provide a new source code with another option for keeping score for our app users?.?.?.

Also, I sent you an email in regards to the size of the hen. I need to replace the hen with a larger graphic. Where in the code do I go to change the width & height?

Regards, DC

I sent you an email Respect Heyzap I’ll think about

Hello There,

Google is currently phasing out the version of Admob that you have in your code. Please either update your code so that it reflects the new AdMob or give us instructions on how we can update AdMob ourselves.

Regards, DC

I just saw that you updated the code 3 days ago. Please provide us with a list of the things you updated in the source code.

Regards, DC

Next update will have last Admob version!!!

Last Admob version is now available !!!

can you do reskin and upload to google play including admob? I want to buy this but I am newbie.

Sorry, my English is limited !! Do you mean I personalize for you with your admob account??? Of course, buy it, send me your own images and your admob info, and I will do the rest!! Don’t you have Google Play account???

I need to make the title text about half the size smaller (my game name has more letters) and can not figure out where to do it. Where is this setting located please?

I have replied. Feel free to ask me anything more!!

support admob interstitial ads ?

Sorry my delay, I did not see this comment… No support admob interstitial ads.

eclips project?