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Android Studio?

Hello kaled-h . It’s made with GameMaker:Studio :D and it can be easily exported to other platforms such as iOS,Android,HTML5, EXE and Windows mobile.

this game looks absolutely amazing . good luck buddy

Thanks mate. I’ve seen now you’re games aswell and they also look amazing. Good luck to you too :D

thanks bro . i appreciate that

Nice work GLWS :)

Many thanks Aleksey. :D Really glad that peoples enjoy it. Have a great day!

whether it be through the eclipse or android studio ?

Hello, i want to ask again. :) if I buy for regular license, if I can get the source TAP CAT ( source + ADS Enabled + Achievments + FB score post + Leaderboards + help document ) and be directly uploaded to play store ? heheh thanks

Hello ocufikri:) The answer it’s yes as long as you publish it as a free app it’s all good. You may see here https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard the difference between the regular licence and the extended one. You also get full support and guidance for lifetime(including free updates).

Hello, the game would be great if more platform android studio or eclipse because the GameMaker not used much for ANDROID. You can not upload the code to work on those platforms?

Help with this error, and how to add advertising.


Hello Aeiko2015. First of all i would like to thank you for your purchase.Also i would like to mention that it’s quite hard for me to port it over eclipse cuz of the time and skills. I’m a PRO with GameMaker but quite a noobie with eclipse xD. Secondly there might be a couple of issues for those errors but nothing to fear. Pretty sure there appear cuz of the gamemaker installation process. Please send me a email at paulmuntean@rocketmail.com with the answers to next questions and will get back to you with a more detailed instructions. 1.What’s your GameMaker version? 2.Did you tried to run it in windows or compiled to a apk? 3.Under the extentions tree view do you have GoogleMobileAdsExt? 4.Have you installed android NDK+SDK?

Also to by-pass those errors and check the game asap you could click on the errors(it will open the object described) and under the line with the errors just add // in front to comment them out. Usually in older GM versions windows compiles/tests doesn’t recognize facebook and mobile commands and most probably that’s the case here aswell.. Anyway waiting your mail and will get back to you with a detailed quide if there is any of those issues expressed above. Wish you all the best and no worry mate :)

message sent

Android Studio or Eclipse yet???

Hello Mcrayton, sadly i didn’t got some spare time to look on converting it..but still hope i will someday get some time to work on it!

Cost for reskinned apk?

Hello Mcrayton,

Well i’m quite busy this days :-/ but I could make you 2 offers: 1) 100$ for full reskin – this will include your graphics replacement, your custom achievments , analytics setup and full integration with Google Play servicies (including admob) and in the end you will get a apk and the modified sourcecode.

2)50$ for replacing the graphics with yours and will send a signed apk and the modified sourcecode.

For further discussion please contact me on paulmuntean@rocketmail.com

Thanks in advance and wish you great and happy day!

I have the same errors as Aeiko2015. How do I fix them im in gamemaker studio not eclipse. Thanks

Hello cronicman, what version of GameMaker you use?! For Aeiko it was the gamemaker version that didn’t supported the ads extension.

Gamemaker:studio 1.4

Cronicman, please send me an e-mail over paulmuntean@rocketmail.com so i can send you the correct extensions and instructions on how you can fix it.

Wish all of you a happy x-mass!

Cool and awesome

Thanks st1s for your support! wish you all the best

Hello! It ‘a very nice game! I would like to ask you some questions before purchasing the game…
  1. I have Game Maker Studio Professional 1.4.1763 with already installed the latest extension for Google Play Services and Facebook, I will encounter the problem of Aeiko2015?
  2. I have tried the game on my android device, it’s all ok excepted the facebook score post…the game says ” your score as been posted” but i can’t find it on my facebook page. It is resolvable?
  3. In the “game over” screen the “start again?” button don’t work. It is easily resolvable?
  4. I will reskin all the game but can i keep the three cat? they are very cute :grin:
Thanks in advance!

Hello Lakko8 and thanks for your purchase and support. Glad to hear you like it. Do you experience those issues with the source? or it’s just a response to the message above xD

Hi lepaul, that issue is with the version i have downloaded from google play store. I can’t use the source because i have an issue with the android export module (i can’t create the apk file). Just one question…in the souce project i can’t see the FB’s or twitter’s sprite…they aren’t included?

Hy Lakko8, well it should export just fine.Pretty sure there is something wrong with the Android SDK .

Regarding the sprites they are located under “spr_share_button” for FB. Twitter share isn’t included but trust me it is really easy to implement it aswell (if you need help on that e-mail me at paulmuntean@rocketmail.com ) Optional, for the sharing object code it’s located under the “obj_controller” in STEP event, somewhere along the lines 290 or so!

Hope I’ve answered to your doubts.If you still have questions e-mail me at paulmuntean@rocketmail.com ! Wish you all the best.