Tanks Battle Field V3.1 - HTML 5 Game (Mobile Optimised)

Tanks Battle Field V3.1 - HTML 5 Game (Mobile Optimised)

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NOTE: Press F1 to open all missions.

Game Overview:

“Tanks Battle Field v3.0” offers two playing modes; “Capture the Flag” and “Death Match”. In “Capture the Flag” mode, your team must capture the enemy flag and returns back to its own flag. In “Death Match” your team has to eliminate all enemy forces. There are Several missions and maps available. Each mission has its own challenges, you have to face certain kinds and numbers of enemies, you have to score the winning score in the given time, you have to manage your given team points wisely and assemble the right team for each mission. Some missions require fast tanks, others require powerful tanks, others require maximum team size, others require duplication of certain roles. Define your strategy in each mission by using your team points to select your team members and assign their roles. You will pass a mission when your team scores the winning score and the next mission will be opened with other challenges. There are 10 tanks to choose from, each has it own criteria and weapons and there are 4 strategic roles you can choose between.


  • Construct 2 source file (.capx file) with code pretty commented and arranged to be easily followed.
  • All graphics, textures & animation sprite-sheets used in the game (.png, .jpeg).
  • All sounds used in the game (.ogg, .m4a).
  • All fonts are standard fonts except for DS-DIGITAL font which is also included.
  • Game HTML5 preview file with “index.html” readily exported.
  • A guide that covers certain changes that you can make inside the game.

Game Features:

  • Classic “Capture the Flag” game style.
  • Clean attracting UI and HUD.
  • Environment enhancements: physics, shadows, day lights, particles (dust, snow, rain, sparks, trails, etc..), fog, water, thunder, sky, ambient sounds.
  • Local save for player progress.
  • 2 modes: “Capture the flag” and “Deathmatch”.
  • 3 types of supplies (Shield, Health, Ammo).
  • 4 types of weapons (Machine Gun, Cannon Barrel, Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower).
  • 4 enhanced field of view options for a challenging and realistic aiming experience.
  • 5 components of challenge: Winning Rounds, Limited Time, Team Points, Enemies kinds, roles and numbers, and Play Mode.
  • 9 missions with re-oriented map structure.
  • 10 war tanks with realistic skins (AMR-35 (France), T-34 (Soviet), T-55 (Soviet), Panther (Germany), Panther IV (Germany), M-84 (Yugoslavia), M-95 Degman (Croatia), Leopard 2 (Germany), Tiger (Germany), GTA2 (Egypt)).
  • 60+ realistic & amazing war sounds.
  • Ability to camp in trees and vanish from enemy sight.
  • Ability to have two weapons at a time (Primary and Secondary) and the ability to fire multiple successive shots at once.
  • Great AI (Artificial intelligence) with awesome and interacting speech feature for brilliant game experience.
  • HTML5 coded using Construct 2 engine and framework.

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