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Is game have rating?

The game has no rating yet

Is game have multiplayer?

I’ll, next version will have a multiplayer inside… with more to come; shopping tanks, weapons, powerups, items that control tank properties… but it will take a while.

when you plan make it?

may be on the new year! Please follow me to get notified when the next version is released.

Welcome to codecanyon! I wish you a great jurney.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Thanxs I am happy to join codecanyon I wish you too all the success. Thanks..


dabontv Purchased

Is it possible to add WASD key support along with touch support so it works on mobile

yes it is highly possible..

Nice game friend! ; -)

Thanks friend :D

Hi nice job, congrats ! Is possible make version to my for mobile devices controls ? if is possible send me priece for mail, thanks

OK! it is possible to do mobile controls.. I’ll develop the game further for mobiles, when I’ve done I’ll update the item.

Finally, a nice tank game to play.


Thanks, I am happy it got your attention :D

are you have another games? Can you present?

Yes I do, but in Flash (.swf) files.. if you are interested in those types of games, I will send you screen shots via mail.

Hi! Looks great ! Is it mobile optimised ?

The next version will be mobile optimised with touch controller and resolution (854×480). follow me to get item updates.

Nice game! please add mobile support!

I will add mobile controllers in the next version by the new year :D

is there an option for admob?

For now! no but the next version on the new year will have this option

have no idea how to play. tanks just move up and down and not working with arrow keys :(

Just see the help section of controllers.. the next version will contain WASD controller and will be also optmised for mobiles

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales

Thanks! I hope so too.