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bekeths Purchased

Help me please, as soon as I click on the message button, call, video application stops, prusquely, how to solve this problem. My money is lost with this application!

app does not read phone contacts, thats no# 1 set back

Hi gaboshore .

Because this app is design to use Emails for accounts.

Can this be integrated into an app created in Cordova?

Hi stefanjones.

No, this is Native Android app and can not be integrated to Cordova.

can i integrate this into my app?

Hi Mritunjay1998. No, you can not.

After I send Hi why i can’t send messages anymore?

Any new update? Maybe the signup with phone number?

I m not able to signup . My client has purchased it. Fire base auth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword() is not working.

Hi. Please ask your client to contact me.



arioul Purchased

Hello, When will we get a new version ?

this sdk is free?

Yes, Firebase SDK and Sinch SDK are free. Please don’t forget to read more information on their websites.

it’s work for voip call?

No, it did not work with VoIP.

r u planing to adding this feature ? or how can i use this demo apk ? because this user and pass is not working. thank you

built with android studio ?

Yes, it is Android Studio project.

can i integrate into my own hosting without firebase?