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Is it possible to use the menu in the boostrap framework?

thats fine, but i wait for the next version ;)

Ok no problem.

Hi! I send this message to notify you that the new version it’s ready!

Does this item require class names for sub menus? I am working with BusinessCatalyst and in order to use it’s CSS Only menus, you don’t have the ability to use class names on submenus.

Hi! I this menu works with submenu class but if you want I can customize it for you but there is a price because my item support don’t includes customization, if you are interested contact me from my author profile form or to yshaisb@gmail.com

Thanks for making this nice menu. I’ve purchased this product today. But i can’t make it responsive. Can you please help me in this regards.

what should i do for responsiveness

Hi! it is responsive when you see it from an iphone in portait mode (by now) or you can resize your browser to a 320px width or less, i’m working to make it compatible with all the mobile devices…

Thanks for purchasing my item! And don’t forget to rate it 5 stars!

I need it responsive 480px width or less. How can i do that?

Hi! Now I’m working to make a compatibility to that size and I will upload it on the new version…

But if you want send me an email from my author page (or to yshaisb@gmail.com) and I can help you personally…

Regards! And please don’t forget to rate my item!

Did you get it to be compatible with bootstrap framework? Also what about a horizontal version?

Hi! According to the user: prozenthaus24 he said me that it works well! The horizontal version it’s maked but i already don’t uploaded that, you can buy it and I can send it to you via email while I upload it…

I think that it will be uploaded in two weeks with a fully responsive layout!

Hi. I’ve just bought the vertical Tako Menu… It looks great. Could you email me the fully responsive version which prozenthaus24 tested please. Thanks.

Hi! Thanks for the purchase… The version that I sent to prozentahus only has the landscape mode not the fully responsive because I’m haven’t finished it yet :(

But if you want I can send it to you (only the landscape mode) just tell me your email and I will send it to you!

Please don’t forget to rate my item 5 stars ;)

Hi! Please send me your email address if you still wanting the file…


sir i have question

it can be horizontal nav !

java Script for what ! i need the nav for : home page and registration log in and about us ! so dose we need the java Script !

Hi! Thanks for asking, the nav can’t be horizontal :( but it’s easy to make it horizontal… The JavaScript it’s only for opening animation in the responsive design (for mobile devices) if you don’t want responsive design you don’t need them!

Hope I answered all your questions ;) if not feel free to ask!

Merry Christmas dear, the Menu is amazing an am considering using it. but was asking about if its flexible to be used with Bootstrap 3. and the most important , if its flexible to add any kind of content to the sub men items.

Hi! I didn’t tried to see if this bootstrap version works with TAKO but i saw that the last version functioned properly so I think that it will work, but if you have a problem tell me it and I can support with that ;)

You can add anything there like imges, forms, videos etc. but once again feel free to ask for a special support for free!

:( Menu is not fully responsive.

Hi! The menu it’s not even have a fully responsive code but we are working on it for the next update… If you want I can notify you when the new version releases… Thank you for buying! And don’t forget to rate the item 5 stars! ;)


just purchased the menu and download it and now i am wondering where are the 360 + icons in the files ?

thank you for your answer

Hi! Thank you for purchasing! The icons are from FontAwesome so you have to upload the file to a hosting to see them, sorry it’s the only way ;) If you need to use them offline I will try to find the way to use them, just tell me… Don’t forget to rate the item 5 stars

Hi! I haven’t checked yet if it works with the Shopify platform. Right now we don’t offer the installation service, but if you have some knowledge in HTML and CSS I believe that you can insert it on your template ;)

I hope I’ve helped you, feel free to ask anything… Regards!

this code is crap, I can’t paste it in a regular html field. Please reply before I report this!

Hi Antonnoe! First, sorry if you can’t adaptate the code to your website, the code is not the problem. This isn’t a code to just be placed on a html field, you also have to upload the CSS stylesheet and connect it to your html page.

Right now we don’t offer the Installation Service but it is very easy to do it, just look for a tutorial how to connect a stylesheet to an html page.

I hope I’ve answered all your questions…

Regards! Yshai S.

Hi. I’ve just bought the vertical Tako Menu… It looks great. Could you email me the fully responsive version please. Thanks.

Hi yshaisb

Recently i have purchased this and looking it is neither completely responsive nor included features like mentioned in your screenshot can you send me complete package which included all things like your screenshots on my personal email ( Suryabeniwal@gmail.com)

Hi suryabeniwal! First of all, thank you for your purchase!

The screenshots of the product are just for example of what you can make with this product but they’re not included because the file itself is really easy to edit with a litttle knowledge of HTML and CSS so you can easily make them by yourself, and about the Responsive, in the description we only mention that it is “responsive for iPhone”, but let me check if I can find the Fully Responsive file that we have (it still on beta version but maybe will be useful for you)...

Also we offer a Customization Service for people without the required knowledge to edit the Menu, but since it is an extra service we charge a fee for it. Tell me if you are interested on it.

Hope I helped you! You’ll be hearing news from me soon…

Best Regards! Yshai.

superr, good luck

Thanks m8!