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Hi Melvin!

I see many people waiting for the update to support kitkat+. I can buy and wait for the update, but only if this is for sure. What do you think? Will the update come with the new features you mentioned, or only the kitkat support?

Best, Zombroid

Hi, this app will definitely be updated. I have been thinking for a long time to perform a much needed update. The thing is that I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to update it straight away. If I had to give an estimate I’ll say in the next 3 months. Feel free to buy it now or wait for the update. Are there any new features you would like to see in the new update? :)

Thanks for the reply. The immediate need is the support for kitkat and lolipop :) I love the simple design of the app and the fact that it goes straight to the order page with a few clicks. This is a big plus for the user. Regarding new features, just would be very useful if you integrate paypal method in the update. I will buy as soon as I can use it on Kitkat since many potential buyers these days do not have phones lower than kitkat. Best regards, Zombroid

So, will it support kitkat+ soon? Is there anything that I as an amateur can change to make it compatible?

Hello Melvin,

I need some support can u help me please? I try to add push notification. its working but when I send to notification, app says, “Application error unfortunately pizza away has stopped”

How to fix this problem?

Hi, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. I’m guessing the error is coming from the added push notification code.

hmmm. thanks for support. waiting new update!

2 yrs no update??

may i have the tutorials to edit this app

Can you please email me on melvin@neurondigital.com. I’ll send it to you via email.

Quero comprar esse app , mas sem atualização do kikat fica impossível… quando é que vais lançar?

I’m updating this app to support kitkat very soon

once again a disappointing update, the much awaited ability to synchronize online xml file for the new recipe update is not added in this update.

1)Does application support multi-language? 2)Do I need buy a hosting and domain name for keeping configuration file?


1) yes, it does. All text is in strings.xml. Just add additional strings.xml files for any new translation.

2) no, this app doesn’t require hosting. The configuration file is stored in the app itself.

Hi, add on features on order by (whatsapp, bbm, line.)

Hi, I know about website but don’t about know much about app.

1. Do this app have admin panel from where we can see orders ? 2. What is the cost to upload on google play or like just like we have to pay for hosting. Is there any cost like hosting or charge by google or like that ?

Thanks Umair


1. The app doesn’t have any Admin panel. So all prices, menu need to be set up before upload or you can perform an update. The orders are sent via email/sms.

2. Goggle play doesn’t have any hosting charge. You just pay 25eur once to create an account.


how much will it cost to integrate a filter to help us add medium, small and large for a single product.

hope to hear from you

Hi, I’m afraid I’m not currently available for freelance. Thanks for your consideration. Can you perhaps use the side categories for ‘medium, small and large’?

Is the category unlimited ?

in theory its unlimited. As in, you can add how much you want. However the limit is the screen size. Try not to add more than 20 or so because else it might not fit in screen.


How to prevent false requests via sms or email?


What do you mean? If a user sends an order, via sms or email, then it has to be taken as an order. The company can decide to send a verification email/sms back to confirm the order and maybe tell the user the delivery time.

I give you an example: A kid download the app, and make a order, let’s say 10 pizzas. The order comes in to the restaurant, the owner makes a back call to confirm it, the prank kid confirms, also gives a fake adress. And then the owner is stuck with 10 pizzas, that nobody claims…


unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this without making payment in advance. There are a lot of delivery apps like this, where the payment is made upon delivery. It’s like ordering a pizza by phone.

Hi, Do we have to get all the cities manually? With each modification we have to update the application on the Play store? Thanks

Hi, Yes, the cities need to be entered manually in strings.xml. I can understand that it’s a tedious job, especially if you serve many locations. I usually use sublime text to make the editing of multiple lines a bit easier. But it still takes time if you have a lot of cities.

The app contains all the data inside it. So if you need to update something the app needs to be updated again.

how can i add the products ? php panel ?

no , i like that really .

hi , it is crash after the 20th products !!

just got back to you in email. The error is showing because of a long path.

Hello, im very interested to buy your application below https://codecanyon.net/item/take-away-app/4111522/comments?page=4

have some questions please. 1. do you able to do any customization ? 2. do you able to give me guidance to reskin and change text and images ? 3. is it possible to translate it all to Arabic language and let it support RTL (like you guide me)? 4. Do i need to do any special setup to activate the push notification ? 5. have you updated it recently , im not a coder and i wish to get it without errors or bugs im interested to buy the extended version please

Sorry for the late reply. Just sent you an email.

Does your app now support Android version 5.0?

Hi. I would like few customizations to be made on the app. Can you assist me with this?

Hi, send me an email on melvin@neurondigital.com for customisation quotes.

Thanks. I have sent.