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Take Away App

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Easy to modify template to allow your clients to order food delivery from your take away restaurant using their Android Tablet/Phone.

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The template features a very easy to navigate Menu and Cart system. Each item has its own profile page which can include a more detailed description. The order will then be sent to you via SMS or Email. Click here for a demo app.


  • Unlimited Menu Items – You can add as much items as you like to the menu.
  • Order by SMS or Email – You can choose to let the client send you the order via SMS or Email or by Both.
  • Scrollable Footer in Start Page – The Start Page contains a scrollable footer that can be used to showcase some of your special items or any offers you have.
  • Very Easy to Customise – All of the code you most likely need to edit is in Strings.xml for easy access. Check out the screenshots for a code preview.
  • Very easy to Navigate – The interface is very easy to understand and move through.


Version 1
  1. Initial Upload
Version 2
  1. Added category system
Version 3
  1. Just fixed a minor bug regarding permissions in manifest file
Version 4
  1. Updated the app to support Android kitkat
  2. Minor ui changes
Version 5
  1. Migrate to AndroidX