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Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you.

hi nice works it is possible to translate in french

Translation not built in. but can do that as customisation. pm me

Hi, This item was 22$.. ??? Now Price is 69$. Please Help me This is too much for me. I am a student and i have only 35$ to buy this item… kindly help me to buy it for 35$... Thanks..

Hi its now $38

This script was 22$ and now 69$ with 0 sales… I will suggest you consider bringing it to about 30$ so that you can have many sales from people like me. I want to buy but 69$ is way off.

Hi its now $38

where is the frontend demo?

This version is only for the tailor software

is there any documentation with it.

yes. its uploaded there. if you cant find it send me a mail to

hey hi! your demo link not working , is there any way that we can check demo version?

hi, demo working. sorry from the break in service.

Dear Srs, I have been checking the program but I don undertand how I can add the measurements to a Client, and also I wanted to ask if is posible to add products?

you can add the measurement to a client after you added the client detail or on the list of a customers theres a button by the side to add measurement for that client

Appart from tailoring we do have product, is it possible to make that addition to the program?

Nice, I like it.

Buy it!

Is it possible to add products..?

You mean inventory or ecommerce?

Your demo is not working???? Please upload it

Hi, sorry if it gave a problem. its working now.