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I would like to use the plugin so if I have 2 articles :

- the first named Mickey with tags A, B and C - the second named Daisy, with tags A and B

Then, somebody who wants to see :

- articles with tag A see both of them - articles with tag A or C, both of them - articles with tag A and C, only Mickey

Is that possible with your plugin ?

Thank you !

The conditioning of the plugin is OR not AND. So pretty much everything is possible except the last part (- articles with tag A and C, only Mickey). So if you have any tags when you select them it will give you the articles that contain at least one of the tags.

If you want you can use different taxonomies to create an AND condition. For example if you have a article 1 with TAG 1 and Category 1, and article 2 with Tag 1 and Category 2, if you select Category 1 and Tag 1 it will only give you the first article because the later is filtered by the category.

Hi. I was wondering if it is posible to change the way the plugin look like via CSS without hacking the plugin?

Not sure what you mean, of course you can change the layouts by changing the CSS styles.

Hi there. I just bought your plugin but got the following error when trying to active it: “Fatal error: Class ‘sortable’ not found in /home/susieyt2014/public_html/teamrhinostrong.com/wp-content/plugins/tags-categories-sortable/tags-categories-sortable.php on line 17”

Could you please help me?


This is add-on to the Sortable plugin.


i am having hard time with this add on. I wanted to change the size of the pictures displayed (.sort-image-wrap { background-size:cover !important; height:300px; } )

Instead of 300px height i wanted to use 150px height so i have edited this css but i have a fatal error after saving on line 17 on the following file : tags-categories-sortable.php

Even if i replace with the original css, i keep having this fatal error and the only way to put my website online again is to remove both plugins (sortable and the tag category sortable add on) and reinstall it.

My question is simple, how can i make these pictures smaller using your css file (ideally 150px height instead of 300px) without breaking your code ?

You are probably using the WP admin area editor, not downloading via FTP/deploying via SSH, correct? What type of server do you have – shared, dedicated, cloud? If you want to use that editor, you will probably need to disable the categories addon before you start editing files. If that doesn’t help please send us a link to your website at support@wpicode.com so we can take a look.

ok so I would to add a tag called post codes to my word press post I’am using the avada theme does your plugin do this and will the tag be shown on display

Yes though postcodes wouldn’t be a perfect example. How many post codes do you have? If you have more than 20 than the display would be a bit cluttered.

You will have to ask the theme creators. This plugin is initiated by a simple shortcode so if there is enough space for the theme to insert this shortcode you should be fine.


misgood Purchased

Hello, I bought this plugin and want to know if it’s possible to only show 5 categories in the sort instead of showing every category. I only want to sort posts that have one of these 5 categories (not all). These 5 categories have 1 parent category. The default category could be the parent category and then have the other 5 appear as options? Was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in doing this.

Yes you can see the id of the category (in the example is 7) you want to hide and then do something like:

#category\*7 { display:none; }

Then repeat the same for all categories you want to hide (if not too many) and include it in the CSS.

If you have too many categories you can just hide all categories then show the ones you want to be displayed:

ul.sortable-taxonomy-ul li {display:none;}
ul.sortable-taxonomy-u #category\*7 { display:inherit; }