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I’m interested in buying but wondering if for sound I can link to sounds on my server so when it’s clicked or even tapped on a phone the sound plays?

For now it’s only possible to load music from Soundcloud.

Hi, just like to check, in the demo it says to copy and paste this on “your” website. But when I tried, the tags weren’t present. So only the image can be embed but not the tags?

Because you need to buy the Script and to include all Files. Then you can use the code anywhere on your page.

Hello, I’m interested in this plugin but can’t understand if data about persons tagged inside photos are stored in database (i.e JSON format) or not. Could you clarify this, please?

Its stored as normal Text in the DB.

Hello I really would like to use it for my multivendor site as an offer so the vendors can use it to make their product images interactive.

We basically want our vendors to be able to use TagPix as a feature from their admin page (dashboard).

The vendors will have there own store page and we want them to be able to manage this process of them using TagPix to provide interactive images for customers to engage with while they shop through the multivendor storefronts on our website.

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When is your next upgrade?