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Hi, One question beofre to buy it

I need to us it with a PNG picture with transparent background, when i will use the shortcode, the picture will stay with the transparent background ?


Yes, the image type will not be changed, the tooltips are overlays over the image.

Hi i asked you a question and just bought your plugin but i have problems. when i try to replace icon for tooltip i chosse one and anither one appear or doesn’t change. Then when i use shortcode i have the pciture on the left with one tooltip well placed but other three are on the right, in the plugin they looks like good.



Please could you reply, i really need to use it today and it s doesn’t work properly I tried with different pictures, and it s the same. thanks

Hello I have a pre-sales question. My client will be using this solution to tag photos of apartments for rent. There are multiple authors on her Wordpress site. She would like to have it so other contributors on her site, do not have access to each others projects. Is it possible, when creating a post, and selecting the tagit image from the drop down, limit the shorcodes to only tagit images created by that specific user?

No, with this version not buy we have plans for the future to made it user/author based.

Hi, is there any working demo for this?

HomePage :

Wordpress Demo : Username : demo Password : demo

How do I add a photo that I added tool tips/hot spots to, onto my website page?

You can use the Shortcodes that are available in the Editor.


i bought this plugin but i dont know how to integrate the finish tagged picture on my site.

Greetings from Germany

Tim Vogt

if i try to integrate it with the texteditor shortcode, it doesnt shows the plugin on the site.

4.4 Use it in Posts / Pages How to insert our created image into a Post or Page

Open your Post/Page In the Editor select your Image from the Dropdown

No way to select it in the Editor. MONEY back!

Can you give me a auth user to the wp-admin so i can check what’s wrong ?

Hello !

I’ve just bought it and it doesn’t work correctly. Impossible to save a project, impossible ti move a tooltip, impossible to do something…

Bonjour, je viens d’installer TAGIT Creator sur mon WP avec un thème DIVI et j’ai un message d’erreur sur chacune de mes pages : Failed to load plugin url:

Je suis aller voir dans mon FTP, le fichier existe bien. Vous pouvez m’maider ? Merci

Can i use this plugin for images in gallery?


thank you for such a good plugin like yours :)

When I move the mouse over the hotspot, I see the content.

But when I leave the hotspot with the mouse and want to read content, the content disappears. Is it possible, if one clicks on the Hotspot, that the contents remain visible?

Cheers, Ben.