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Looks great!
(you misspelled TELL by TALL in your inline preview)

Kind regards, Sam

Thank you for letting me know! I have edited it and sent again to a moderation.

This is the authors. And the button are free to use. But in TAFTA I had to made two more buttons, fixed some bugs and made them cross-browser. I have left the info about these authors in the main CSS file. Thanks to them for nice work!

Hmm, I find that the system isn’t really foolproof. People can just enter “” or whatever as email adresses and provide fake names to get access.

Any plans on making it more resistant against people like these to get access to the protected content?

I was thinking to make some check whether entered e-mails are exists. But anyway user will be able to enter some non-friend’s e-mail addresses that may exist. So it makes no sense.

A colleague of mine told me that he was booked such a script on freelance (for $200) for his email marketing project. And he said that there was a lot of people that were entered not only just about 3 e-mail, but up to 20 e-mails of their friends. And a lot of people realy enters truthfully email addreses.

Hi! Can i add more fields like “Last Name” or “City” in form.

Hi! Unfortunately not. But maybe it will be possible with further updates. You can edit label of the “Your name:” field to “Full name:”, so your visitors will also give their last name.

Is it easy to translate to other languages?

Hi, Pablo!

Any text that you can see on the main page you can edit in admin panel but you will also need to fix some files in order to translate the messages that may appears during sending of a recomendation.

Hi! When i set captcha “disable” TAFTA stop working. See and test here:

Thanks in advance. Pablo

Hi! Thank you for contacting me.

I apologize for any inconveniences that may cause you.

I realized that there was a bug with that option. I have allready fix it, but there is a few more thinks I going to add/fix. For example the additional “Translate” submenu in the SETTINGS tab which is just what you need. So, if you don’t mind, I will do it and then I will immediately send the updates to your email, if you will afford it to me.

Yes, i’ll wait! Thanks.

Hi, Pablo! Please, write me here so that I will send you back the link for download. I will also attach the new version to the codecanyon but it may take a few days until it will be verified by a moderator.

Hi, Pablo! Please, write me here so that I will send you back the link for download. I will also attach the new version to the codecanyon but it may take a few days until it will be verified by a moderator.

Thanks bit-labs! Excelente and quick response to problems.

Hi, install the document came Tafta as installation, I did the first step of uploading it to a folder, I gave 755 permissions but when I run I leave this error and complete the fields when I go and nothing happens Error

Hi, Thank you for contacting me. That error started appearing in the latest update but it should not prevent the installation process anyway. I have fixed this issue and the updated version will be available on CodeCanyone after reviewing by a moderator. Thank you for letting me know.

Hi, is there a way to export the data from the admin panel into a csv or excel spreadsheet for reporting purposes?

Hi, codio!

Unfortunately not, but maybe a simple making of a screenshot would be enought for your purposes? By default, there are displayed 20 entries per page, but you can easly change this value to, for example, 9999, so that you will see all the entries. And then use some software (like Snagit) to make a screenshot of a whole page. In order to change this value open file /tafta/admin/index.php in some code editor like notepad++, find $shares_display_limit = 20; at 15 line and change the number 20 to any value you need.

Best regards

Would be better if it included a social share locker, so users have option to share by email or social networks to see locked page.

That’s a good point! I will keep in mind it and maybe I’ll add this feature, when I will be less busy.

Best regards

How can i use this as just a tell a friend No need the access part.

i cant type the “at” sign inside te tenplate, when the user want r´to send an amail to friends


I want visitor of certain coupon page to complete 3 steps:

- Like Facebook Page - Subscribe to Youtube Channel and maybe like video - Leave email

(I already have this integrated on lading page, what I want is to include refer-a-friend Link and to be able to add more value to visitors when they reffer 2 friends)

My page:

Can this plugin help me?

I will use Wordpress and Mailchimp

Could I get the config.php and mysql file. Install.php is not working at all.

Hi there. I just bought the Tell a friend script. I did upload the script and all done the requirements. But when I run the scrpt:, nothing happens, to get it installed. Can you help you with this?

After sending, the recipient receives a similar message like this one: This message may not send / Learn Report “fishing”. This is a serious problem because my server can get a black list of spam and then block it. What should I do?

cant see demo kindly update