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Hi there :-)

I could use something like your nice plugin for a new site ..but I need it to do some custom stuff. Amongst others (like it’s also been suggested before) to give the buyer the ability to release the funds.

I relation to this I would very much like to get in contact with you in order to give you a detailed description of my needs and to hear if this is possible.

How do we easiest get in contact?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards

for customization possibilities you can ask questions here http://customphpscript.com/support

for customization possibilities you can ask questions here http://nobrok.com/support

I want to buy for my site….I saw this comment though you never addressed Do Not Buy This Plugin!

I have been trying to communicate with this seller with no success. I have asked for assistance with applying for an App ID for an extra fee, no answer. I asked if he can make a few adjustments in his script like a spelling adjustment or the “Receiver” drop down menu which in my opinion a disaster waiting to happen. What if a viewer would like to make a payment to a user on your site and you already have 100 users signed up, they would have to scroll through 100 users in the drop down menu to find the person they would like to purchase from. What if 2 users have a similar user name and they make a payment to the wrong user because of this?

Not to mention, I have tried to use this plugin in sandbox mode and it doesn’t work. Last but not least, when I applied for the App Id, someone from Paypal informed me that this app isn’t applicable to Paypal Policy. Escrow system is forbidden.

When I emailed this seller on multiple occasions about this, No reply so what does that tell you? .....................................please give feedback on negative comment and also you support link isn’t working

From where did you purchase this plugin and to whom did you try to communicate.

Sorry for support link not working but we have moved to another domain. For any pre sales query or support post questions here http://nobrok.com/support/


I want to implement escrow with paypal by using this plugin but I found some variation regarding wordpress version so is it compatible with wordpress version 4.3.1 or not.

I have created an account on your live preview site for checking how is it actualy working but i am unable to see where is it showing the transaction details.


transaction details are in back-end admin. yes its compatible with latest wp version. if you have any more questions please post it here http://customphpscript.com/support/


Our Requirement

User will be the payer 1) Escrow will manage(release) the transfer between admin and receiver. 2) Flexible, moderate and Strict will be the cancellation states Strict – 75% Admin 25 % User Moderate – 50 % Admin 50% User

% of cancellation should be manageable from admin

If user pays by the “PAYPAL” account and amount is to be deposited in the Bank Account of receiver.

For the above requirement, we would be able to customize the plugin or not. Please confirm


Please read my previous message completely. if you have any more questions please post it here http://customphpscript.com/support/

Hello, Nobody is replying on support http://nobrok.com/support/. Please share your skypeid on my skypeid censoftg92@gmail.com or contact number. We need to discuss regarding the customization of the plugin. Thanks

Your query has been replied

Thank you

Hello, I have 2 question for you: 1. is it possible to use this plugin with Swiss Francs ? 2. I am interested to buy a template: https://www.enginethemes.com/themes/freelanceengine/ is your plugin compatible with this template ? Regards

yes for both

It is written that your plugin do work with all gateway payment now, not only with paypal. Does it mean I can use some gateway payment compatible with woocommerce ? I do need this gateway payment: https://www.sellxed.com/shop/en/wordpress-woocommerce-payment-plugin-postfinance.html. Thanks for your answer. Regards

post pre sales and support questions here http://customphpscript.com/support/

Question: 1. When payer deposits funds into escrow, where those funds are held? 2. Can user pay with credit card without having paypal account? 3. What are the charges and fees involved on top of the website commission? 4. Is there a theme that can be used for the website, exclusively for escrow services?


Hello, I want to use for a listing site, where people can hire artisans, and after-which they hire and artisans have sent them a quote or invoice, the user can pay into an escrow account, and when the job is successfully carried out by artisan, and user is satisfied, then user can release the money. Can your plugin do this??

Please, i would appreciate a quick responds. Thanks.

replied to your mail. Post any further questions here http://customphpscript.com/support/

plugin still in Dev.?

it’s ready


I want to purchase this plugin, but before purchasing i have some question related to the plugin.

  • Can this plugin compatible with WooCommerce and Job Manager Plugin.

yes it is


Thanks for reply, But i want to ask that, this plugin can directly works with Job manager plugin or we can do some code or use use any woo commerce extension.

Actually i want to use this plugin in my site, and i have already a job manager setup in my site. So what can i do to connect it with job manager plugin.

Hello theawesomecoder,

There is nothing serious happening on the support url you keep mentioning. It is over a month now since we purchased this plugin and the support timeline is already past one month without a single support.

You have done a great job developing this TAC Escrow plugin, but you need to provide proper support. even a simple video, or a paid alternative plugin that is available like stripe should also do the magic.

Please reach out to your customers. I am one of them.

responded on our support forum

I need help, I do not have shortcodes


I want to purchase this plugin, but before purchasing i have some question related to the plugin please see below and let me know ASAP.

1. We have 2 users in my website (Brand manager & Influencer). 2. Influencer bid the project and choose multiple milestones eg (Milestone 1 – 25 USD, Milestone 2 – 30 USD, Milestone 3 – 20 USD, Milestone 4 – 25 USD ) . Total = 100 USD

3. Now Brand Manager will pay all payments of milestones 100 USD to Influencer in escrow system hold the payment. After that when Influencer will complete milestone than Brand manager will click the Pay button off milestone 1 25 USD and it will automatically transfer to Influencer account and this process will go all payment.

Please let me know ASAP. If it is have functionality in this plugin I will purchase immediately.

Thanks & Regards, pkcdeepu

yes its there


I have purchased plugin and installed. As per document I have added paypal information like username, password, signature etc and paste shortcode in my page. but nothing is display in my page. Also I have sent request in your skype id please check my skype id is pradeep.etpl and accept.

Please let me know where is I am missed.

Thanks & Regards, Pradeep

Please send a message from my profile page