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Hi, I would like to know if i can add a (wordpress) formidable form to Jaegers Tabs, for front end posting.. Thanks Mike

Hi, its support ajax request by tab?

Hi Jaegers! Your script is great. Although I not really good in css/javascript, so could not figured out how to resize the tabs area. I want to resize the tabs area. Is it possible?

How can I make the left side vertical tabs links. I want them to change the image to the right on hover, but if you click it, it takes you to a page???

I searched the API and other documentation and I’m sure I have missed it but can you tell me how to select a tab programmatically? I need to have a JavaScript function reset the tab back to the original tab without rebuilding the entire control


This is one of the finest implementations of tabs I have ever seen, for numerous reasons:
  • The best HTML5 semantics ever in a tabs plugin
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Excellent approach responsive wise
  • Great UX

I hope you will carry on with this project. I think people are starting to become aware of the importance of semantics and advanced mobile friendliness.

Best Regards, Diego

Hi I would like to know if your plugin support KEYBOARD navigation (left – right arrow) ? Base on the test I made with the demo, it seems not… but can you confirm it to me? Thanks

Hi, and thanks for this code! I’m trying to program a nested menu that is always 280px wide (it slides in from the side and looks the same on desktop and mobile). Is there any way to disable the breakpoints completely, so that the menu never degrades to mobile view? I saw your earlier answer about setting horizontal breakpoints, but I don’t find the line of code you referenced [container.width() <= sections.get.width;] in jaegers.tabs.js. Thanks! ~Jenny

(Follow-up…) Actually, what I’d really like to do with my 280-px-wide menu is have two rows of tabs (four in each row). I’ve been trying to do this with flex-wrap, but instead of wrapping, the line of tabs degrades to mobile view, even if I set the breakpoint to something like 100. Can you help me figure this out? Thanks so much!

For responsive behaviour… any chance we can switch the tab style. I have a vertical tab that works well in 400px + but would be better as horizontal in 320px mobiles. At 240 the destroy option suits as intended.

Also would be great to have option to [auto show tabs] at base of content box on mobile widths, as switching between tabs requires user to scroll long way back to top.

Ideas I hope you consider for next release? Unless it can be done now???