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Nice one….......

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Hi Sohn, i will ask you again my questions.

Is it possible for your tabs menu to get the loop off let’s say.

And can we get the function to close the tab content also.



Can you tell me if it’s possible to not show the numbers of the tabs. Can we add more then one in the page. Also i would beleive that is easy to change the directory for ajax and finally can you tell me what the weight min of your script

I’m waiting for your answers to buy or not your script.

So please let me know


You can disable the number tab easily by set display:none for the tab in CSS.

You can add many TabLooper in one page.

If you want to change ajax content directory you can edit the path in javascript file ( change easily ).

The weight of my script ( minified ) is about 7kB.

Kind regards

How install tablooper-responsive-loop-tab-metro-ui in joomla 2.5?


The TabLooper is not a Joomla extension so if you want to use it in your Joomla site you have to integrate it into your Joomla template by following steps in the documentation.

Kind regards.

This isn’t a WordPress plugin but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it in a WordPress site, right?

Yes, if you can edit your theme source you can integrate this plugin into your theme and use it.

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