Tablet Recipe App

Tablet Recipe App

Important Support Notice

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app. Thanks for the understanding.


Recipe App designed for tablets, which is fully compatible with our Android Recipe App and iOS Recipe App. This means that you can use the same XML data source for all of the apps. The app is designed to work in landscape mode.

Tablet Recipe App is integrated with AdMob (Regular Ads and Interstitial Ads).

You can use the app for different purposes. For example, you can use it for a restaurant’s menu or even for something completely different, if the layout fits the requirements.


  • Full control over the content via simple .xml file
  • Left sliding menu with recipe’s categories
  • Every user can build his/her own Favorites category
  • Easy customization
  • Detailed documentation
  • Android Studio Project
  • (New) Develop ability to add pictures/videos to Steps section
  • (New) Push Notifications.

Latest versions

Version 1.1 (09.04.2016)
  • Ability to add pictures and videos to steps
  • Push Notifications
  • Documentation update
Version 1.0 (11.08.2015)
  • Initial version