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Is there a way to center a table?

Thanks for the quick reply! Can I email you offline with the site and show you?


please open an actual ticket in the support forum and use the “Private Content” section for any confidential information. The forum is the only feasible way for me to keep track of support requests, as emails are too easily missed or can even end up as spam. :)


This has truly been the best support. Thank you, and I recommend this author to anyone.


I do not have the export tables feature icon showing in my installation of the plugin. Please advise – somewhat of an emergency.

Thanks, Ryan.

Do NOT uninstall the plugin, as that will in fact delete the tables.

Simply upload the new/updated plugin folder via FTP to your server and replace all existing plugin files.


Update worked but migration of tables not working using copy and paste text method. Is that a bug?

The table migration is different from a table export/import, so I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to here.

Please open a ticket in the support forum and provide me with admin access to your site, so I can take a closer look.


Important Notice:
If you are using plugin version 1.1.0 or higher, or are planning to update to said version(s), your server must be using PHP 5.6.x, as the plugin will otherwise not be able to create its custom database table. A new update, allowing the usage of older deprecated/retired PHP releases is currently in the works. The plugin v1.0.2 is safe to use with all PHP versions.


Since your comment only includes the word “width”, I’m assuming some content got lost when submitting to Envato, so please provide me with the intended message. Otherwise, I won’t know if and how I might be able to help you. :)


Hey Tekanewa,

how can i show 4 or 5 columns on mobile with DataTables script WITHOUT collapsing? The content is just 2 digit numbers, so it fits easily even on mobile.

I tried to remove padding of the td but the tds are still a lot to wide..

Any idea? Thanks a lot

Just pushed an auto-update for v1.1.3 to the server, which will (among some other fixes), add the option to specify columns to be always visible when using the DataTable script.


You’re the best .. :-)

Hope this plugin gets some more sales soon, because i am sure you have so much (good) ideas to make it the best table plugin EVER :-)) but should be worth it!

Thank you

Thanks! Hope so too! :)


If my sorting column has a mix of alpha and numeric data sources, will this plugin sort them together? For example, if I have a group 1-10 and a group A-J, can I set it to default to sort the numbers first and then sort the letters second?

As I stated above, I was asking if that sort of customization was something that you could accommodate. I was willing to pay you for the feature as I am able to read and can see that it is not advertised on this plugin and that you had mentioned that in my pre-purchase question.

There is a table generator released by Supsystic that does exactly what I need it to do out of the box but I have run into other problems with their service and was looking to move to a more stable table generator.

Thanks for your prompt reply but I guess you can’t really help me at all with this.

As I mentioned in my last reply, I’m perfectly willing to look into your request and to see if it can be incorporated into the plugin via normal update, without you having to pay for it.

Because I currently can’t promise that it is even possible, nor do I know the extent of work required, I can’t do this as customization request, as you offered, since there is no fair way of setting a price point for that. Offering to eventually incorporate it into the plugin via public update (if possible), albeit without an ETA, is the only thing I can “offer” you.


Tekanewa Scripts


I started incorporating the “natural sort” routine for the “DataTable” script option into the plugin. If would help, if you could provide me with an exported table from your end (the .txt file export), so I can test the new column type options in more detail.

If you are willing to, you can email me the exported table to “contact@krautcoding.com”, which will then also provide me with your email address, so I can provide you with a pre-release of the updated version, so you can check if the changes are what you actually need.



table is not responsive…. why ?


most likely, you did not select any of the responsive table layouts, or when using the FooTable/DataTable option, did not assign columns to respective breakpoints in order to be collapsed.

By default, the table will simply render without any custom styling and/or specific responsive behavior, as it will leave all that to your theme (provided your theme is defining table styling).

You need to select a specific responsive behavior in the element settings (Visual Composer) or the shortcode generator, which both provide a dedicated setting option “Table: Responsiveness”.

However, if you are using the “TableSaw/FooTable/DataTable” script with the table, responsiveness is controlled by those scripts directly and other setting apply. Please refer to the official plugin documentation for more information regarding those scripts.


Hey Tekanewa!

I want to sort a column from 1 to 10

However the 10 comes after the 1.. I tried to change the cell format but didnt work. I have nothing else in the cells, no html etc.

Any idea?


most likely, you still need to assign the individual columns to specific content/column types within the Visual Composer Element itself. The cell type doesn’t affect sorting at all, and is only used to show/hide additional format options, such as currency symbols, decimals, etc., when using the table editor.