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Great work mate, can you make it possible to add youtube video’s?

Youtube video embeds do not play when fetching them through the Wordpress content calls. I do not have a workaround at this moment.

When viewed on mobile phones, is there an option make it switch to one / two columns max?

No sorry, not at this time.

I have an update awaiting approval that pairs it down to one-column for small devices less then 700px width.

Do you have an infinite scroll version of this.. so that when people are looking for songs .. they don’t have to interrupt the music by going to the next page?

Not at this time – it was set up as a post gallery that can have embedded media inserted. I do not have it set up to retrieve posts using ajax but will let you know if this changes. Thanks, -Nolan

So if I purchase this plugin, can I position this anyway on the site…For example the drop down from the top of the site. Can that just be activated from the site or do I need to press the + button with in the MP3 player.;

You need to press the button in each gallery item to load its content in the top container.

I can not open the demo page. I am using FF, Opera and Chrome. “Could not locate remote server”
I can open all the demos from other author, except yours.

My hosting server is down and am trying to get host support to fix the problem but it is proving to be a difficult process. I will let you know when the demo pages can be accessed again. Thanks for your patience. -Nolan

Demo page should be up and running now. Thanks for your patience. -Nolan

Is it possible to align the posts at top and bottom and space them a few pixels apart for more of a gallery look (no overlap)? Otherwise, this would be perfect for what we need.

Yes, this is all possible by just changing some CSS styles.

I’m interested, but the live preview isn’t working. Can you check it out and get it back up?

Server needed a reboot – Should be working now. Thanks for the heads up. -Nolan

So, this beautiful thingy can’t be setup Gallery/Portfolio grid style as an option instead of the plus button?

Not sure what you are asking here. Please send me an email at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and let me know what you are after. Thanks, -Nolan

Does this plugin allows front end posting?

There is no front end posting in this plugin, it only displays posts in a gallery. -Nolan