Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

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naomivd Purchased

Up to 20kg is 12,95 Every shipping box after that can contain 20kg is 3,95 How do I do this?

When I use the Base Fee + Incremental Weight, it is only calculating the weight from the 20kg and up…

I have this as the setting:

3,26 (excl vat) for every 20 kg

What do I do wrong?

Each row works independently, it cannot combine the price from other rows. So you will need to make sure you include the base fee as well as the every 20kg. Remember, though, that the incremental weight cost will be multiplied against the entire order’s weight, not just everything past the first 20kg. So you may need to adjust the base fee in the second row. The tutorial you mentioned should help clarify some of this in one of the examples.


I can’t do this:

If 1-4 items on cart, shipping is $9.95 If 4+ items in cart, shipping is $13.95

Why are these shipping plugins so complicated?

Thanks, in advance

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with configuration. The knowledgebase has a tutorial for quantity ranges. It’s lengthier than what you need but it gives you an idea.

In regards to the payment gateway requirement, this is a limitation within the system or else I would have added the condition. Shipping is calculated by WooCommerce before it looks at what payment option is selected. So the only thing we can do is hide the payment gateway based on the shipping option selected.

For cash on delivery, the ID would be WC_Gateway_COD

Got it working – thanks – I actually need to hide shipping fields if COD is selected – you would think Woocommerce would have this working out of the box.


PRODUCT A: Backpack

DESTINATION: USA Shipping Price for First Item = 8.79 Shipping Price for Each Next Item = 2.39

DESTINATION: GERMANY Shipping Price for First Item = 5.99 Shipping Price for Each Next Item = 4.99


DESTINATION: USA Shipping Price for First Item = 5.49 Shipping Price for Each Next Item = 1.49

DESTINATION: GERMANY Shipping Price for First Item = 4.99 Shipping Price for Each Next Item = 0.99

So, if a customer orders 2 backpacks and the destination is USA, the shipping cost total is 11.18 (shipping for first backpack is 8.79; shipping cost for second backpack is 2.39).

If a customer orders 2 backpacks and 1 wallet to USA, shipping cost will be:

Backpack 1 = 8.79 Backpack 2 = 2.39 Wallet 1 = 5.49

Total shipping cost is 16.67.

Definitely! This is a popular configuration model. You can find a tutorial to help with this.

The first section is the closest to what you are trying to do. However, instead of setting the Base Table Rules option to ‘Per Order’, you should choose ‘Per Item’.

Hi there. Presale question. Do you think there’s a way to mix “per line item” and “per item” rule with your plugin ?

Depends how so. This option is mainly how the items are grouped. In both cases, the plugin will calculate a shipping cost for each line item separately. The difference is that the conditions will work differently when there are multiple quantities of the same item. What are you trying to do with your shipping model?


Israel Purchased

Your plugin does not work in PHP8.0, 8.1 and 8.2. When will you fix it, please?

Can you please elaborate on the problem(s) you are experiencing? Besides a couple notices I cannot replicate any issues. Please note that notices from this plugin or any plugin can affect the functionality of the plugin. It is recommended to have error reporting not printed to the screen, and instead logged in your PHP error log files. This will prevent any issues with dynamic calls on the settings page.

when will it be compatible with High-Performance Order Storage

This plugin does not need any enhancements to be HPOS compliant, but the next update will contain the necessary code that indicates to WooCommerce that it’s compatible.

Hi, Team

We purchased the plugin and want to know if the plugin can run normally under the latest PHP version 8.2?

If not, what is the highest accepted php version for the plugin?


So long as you are not printing PHP error messages to the screen it should work fine. Our development server is running PHP 8.2.6 successfully. There are a couple notices generated due to a discontinued syntax in the code. It will still operate correctly, but we will correct this syntax in the next update and before it is removed altogether from the PHP library.

Thanks. So far we are still running on php7.4. Your plugin is fine. When will the new version of the plugin will be released, we want to safely move to php8, at least 8.0.

Your last update is about 7 month ago. This is not ideal for the first buyers. Now most hosting recommends 8.0 above. I have to wait because shipping rate table plugin is very important which directly influence the purchase from the customers. Do not want to make trouble ourself.

Please work hard and get the new version to be fully compatiable with Php8 above.

I have been waiting a month for support. Is there anyone checking your support emails? I cannot create a support account to submit a ticket because your settings my license code is not valid?

I am very sorry for the delay in responding. I have been away for health reasons but trying to catch up today. I’m afraid I am not sure what happened. I see that your license is registered, but it has no account that it is linked to. I am not sure how that happened.

I see you also sent me a direct email so I used that address to create an account that is assigned to this license key. It still shows an expired support package date, however. Try opening a new ticket for me. The system should recheck that date when you did, but if you have any further trouble, let me know.

Been waiting 9 days for a reply from support to my support ticket now. Any update? Support has always been super helpful and quick at previous occasions.

I am very sorry for the delay in responding. I have been away for health reasons but trying to catch up today. You can now find a response to your ticket on the support site.

I’m very interested in using this plugin, but I am unsure if it can conflict with my theme. Out of curiosity, here is my website: Does this plugin align with my theme?

There are no display properties with the plugin so it should work with any theme.

Hello, is it possible to disable shipping costs calculation AND display a message (such as “For orders above 100 kg please contact us directly”) IF weight is above a given weight?. At the moment all is see is the standard Woo message “No shipping options found…”. Thank you.

It is, but we do not offer this feature through the plugin. You can create a custom code snippet like our tutorial here:

Or I do believe there are a few free plugins on that could help with this and other customizations to WooCommerce messages.

Is it possible to change the shopping cart icon after X amount in the cart?

It may be possible, but this is likely something in your theme that needs to be customized. It would be better to direct this question to your theme’s author.

HI I have this constant error on the php log: Undefined variable $betrs_shipping in /home/jplacari/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php on line 295 There is a solution? Thank you


I am trying to get some important purchasing questions answered so I can make up my mind. I would appreciate your reply to my questions, thank you so much.

1. Can I calculate shipping based on the weight of an individual product and not the weight of the entire cart?

2. Can I have multiple shipping methods based on a weight chart like each shipping method with its own name for example “Quick Shipper LLC $29.99 – 2 days delivery”?

3. Can I combine the result from different conditions to provide an answer, for example, Product Subtotal ‘plus’ Freight Fee ‘divided’ by Tax Rate = Tax Fee? Is this possible?

4. Can your plugins or any of its extensions support the use of different shipping methods for each product in the cart? For the customer, it would allow them to select a different shipping method for each product in the cart before checking out.

Can your plugins or extensions support the use of different shipping methods for each product in the cart without relying on third-party options; using only your plugin or extensions?

Is it possible to add free shipping to certain products only using the plugin?

By default WooCommerce only allows one shipping method so all of your shipping rates would have to be defined within this method, not just the free ones. Or you could split the items into two groups and have separate ‘Shipping’ lines in the order summary. This would allow you to use different methods for different products.

Will it be possible to provide a backend demo so that I check it out and your live preview is not working either.

Is it possible to select shipping options when placing a manual order via woocommerce admin page?

No, at this time WooCommerce does not allow for this. Shipping prices must be entered manually in the dashboard.

Can I pay you for custom development to achieve it? obviously you could add it for public release after as well

I’m afraid not. This is really more of a core WooCommerce issue. There’s not enough developer resources on that page to make it work when I last checked. Have you checked to see if there’s a plugin out there that maybe creates their own manual orders page in the dashboard? This would probably be the best option for manual orders with dynamically calculated values like shipping.

hi why dont you release any more updates? it’s been more than half a year now and having your plugin becomes risky

This plugin is still tested through WordPress, WooCommerce, and PHP updates. Bug fixes are released when necessary but it has been operating smoothly thus far. When we do put out updates, it’s generally to add compatibility with more 3rd party plugins or make some developer tweaks to support further compatibility.

Hi there. Is it possible to use custom fields (or lets say meta values) from the famous Extra Product Options plugin to calculate shipping costs? Like for example for products where users have to fill in width, length, height or diameter of a product. I’d have to set up rules for such custom values and use them together with the quantity and the variant to set up shipping rules.

I’m afraid we do not have this feature built in at this time.

Hi, just bought, trying to setup with no success. My problem is not so complicated: simple weight table of rates (solved). Above 40 Kg is 2 EUR / per 10 Kg (solved). The last thing I can not setup: except regular product, there is “oversized” product, so I need 1) to add oversized product weight to total order weight, and 2) to add flat rate of 5 EUR to shipping total for every single oversized product in order. I have problem with adding this flat rate – I can add flat rate just once (wrong), or add flat rate for every product in order (regular and oversized, which is wrong). I was hoping to resolve this simple problem with shipping classes, but Your top>bottom logic resulting with all or nothing, it seems very limited? Thanks for urgent answer.


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