Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

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Pre-sale question.

Is it possible to specify multiple shipping methods for a product on a product by product basis such as 2nd day, overnight, free standard, or freight.

And then have different price calculation rules based on the method?

EX: an over sized item, might be freight only….but smaller items, could be 2nd day air, over night, or standard….and standard would be free if the order is over $300?


You can certainly setup different options and have some items be restricted to certain options, however this is done using shipping classes. There are no product specific settings in a Table Rate method. All rules are configured in the logic table in your shipping settings section.

The most important thing that matters in this case is what you want to happen if some items are restricted. Should those options disappear altogether or should the customer see different selections for the items. The latter is possible but you need to enable the multiple packages feature in WooCommerce. This can be done through code or a third party plugin.

That’s what I want to know too …I can’t find any info for this plugin that says we can offer different shipping options

This shipping method works with the WooCommerce shipping zones which means you can have as many methods as you like in one zone or over multiple zones, allowing you to have different options with different settings.

Hi! Using the plugin for a while but can’t figure oud this: We are using “Per Class”. However, if a customer buys a large item, and later adds a small item, we don’t want to charge shipping for the small item, since we can combine the shipping. On the other way, we don’t want to charge per order, because that can cause abuse. We are paying by volume to the shipping company. And if customer buys 2 large items, we will lose money. What’s your opinion?

Have you tried the ‘Single Class Only’ option? I guess it would depend on how many classes you have and how many you want to charge for. This option would only take the cost of one (the most expensive) shipping class.

Another option, but a little more complex, is to setup exact scenarios like in this tutorial here:

It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but it is an introduction to how you can use multiple tables in the same method to manipulate your calculations based on which combination of classes are in the cart.

Hi, Is it possible to set up free shipping based on the total price? For example, if the total cost is over €100, the shipping price would be free.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yes, but you can do this with the ‘Free Shipping’ method that comes with WooCommerce. Did you have any other requirements for your shipping that the included methods do not cover?

By ‘Total’ do you mean with tax, maybe? This is also an option with this method. You can opt to include tax and coupons, but anything beyond like that additional fees are calculated after shipping so it cannot include those.

Table rate prints on the checkout, is there a way to change the text or hide it?

‘Table Rate’ is the default title given when the title fields in your settings are left blank. WooCommerce requires a title or else it won’t show the option. You can change it by entering text in the title field just above the table of rates, or you can hide it altogether using a code snippet like in this tutorial:

PRESALE Question:

Does your plugin work with WClover Mutlivendor?

What I need is 1) to calculate the shipment fees according to Cities not zones 2) Cities to appear as drop down so when the customer choose the city from the drop down the calculator calculates the fees automatically 3) Each vendor can change the fees of each city according to his store location

Can your plugin do this please?

I’m afraid not. We do not have a settings for vendors of this marketplace.

you mean you are not supporting WCMP?

Yes. The only marketplace plugin we currently support is Dokan. More will come but not in the near future. You can still setup shipping using classes, but vendors could not.


mmejiag Purchased

Hi! Just a question: How to use the “time” condition? I’ve testing but I can’t understand the behavior and how to combine with other conditions at the same row.

It might help more of I can understand what you are trying to do. The time condition will be based on the current time of the day and the time you selected.

It doesn’t exactly have a cumulative effect. Each condition in a row is evaluated on it’s own, and if they all are true, then that row is valid.


mmejiag Purchased

Thank you. We want to set a special prices if you buy something from Monday 00:00 to Wednesday (maximum at 20:00).

Unfortunately it would be difficult to put the 20:00. If you setup a time condition like this, it would apply to every day, not just Wednesday. One thing you could do is separate it into two rows. One row would be for Monday and Tuesday, and the other row would be for Wednesday and time less than 20:00.

It requires a bit of duplication but it should work for now while I look into a combined date and time condition.

Hi, presale question, is there a way the shipping will only accept one shipping fee even though they are using different shipping class?

For example: Product 1 – shipping class = paint, SF is 200 Product 2 – shipping class = pipes, SF is 500 Product 3 – shipping class = small items, SF is 50

When the customer checkouts Product 1, 2 and 3, it will only consider the highest shipping fee which is 500, the shipping fee for Product 1 and Product 3 will not add up.


Defintely! This method has the ‘Single Class Only’ option will check for pricing and validity on all classes, but only take the cost from one class. It works with both the highest costing and a priority system.

Hi there, i’ve created 2 table rates, but the “hide other options” doesn’t works. They’re both always visibile. How to fix? Thanks

Are they in the same method? These settings can only work on settings from within the same page. You can create multiple tables in the same method, and those tables would have a priority. Last qualifying table to return a row would be the option that appears.

Is this item still supported? I see it hasn’t been updated in over a year. Thanks.

Yes, it is still supported and tested with each WooCommerce and WordPress release.

Awesome! I love this plugin. Thanks!

Thank you, I’m happy to hear that! :)

I want to create an online store in the field of dropshipping from Ali Express>>I want to create an international store>>>My request is: I want to create for each country shipping options and shipping prices for that country>>>My request is: I want to automatically identify the country of the visitor to my store via IP and to show the shipping options and shipping prices for the visitor’s country only, and this is automatically with the possibility for the visitor to choose the shipping country from the hompage, so the shipping options for the country chosen by the visitor only appear, and the special shipping options do not appear In other countries… Is this possible? Just like on the aliExpress website, where the visitor’s country is identified and shipping options appear according to his country with the possibility of changing the visitor’s country and then shipping options change as well?Like this picture, the shipping country can be changed, and then shipping options appear according to the selected country

This plugin can help with calculating your shipping costs but it does not handle anything with the customer address. WooCommerce already has the ability to automatically locate the customer’s country from their browser, however a drop down list would need another plugin to help with that.


markpr17 Purchased

Hi, I love this plugin, thank you.

A question, how can one export the table of shipping rates and then import it into a new zone.

For example, we have Australia, NZ, Canada and USA all in one zone using the same rates. Royal Mail in their wonderful wisdom based on the economics from a wizard in a film and a cloud it plucked from the sky, decided to put USA into another shipping price category. So rather than build the table of rates up again I wanted to export to excel, change prices then import into a shipping zone just for USA.

Is this viable? I cannot see anywhere I can export from.



Are you running the most recent version, 4.2.1? The exporter was changed in 4.2 to be more flexible and work on more systems and in more languages. It no longer requires you to check any boxes as it only exports the entire table.

If you are and it’s still not working, could you please open a support ticket so I can take a closer look? I’m afraid is can’t replicate this issue on my own site.


markpr17 Purchased


Thanks for getting back to me. Yes it is version 4.2.1.

I am correct in guessing that the table of rates for a zone is a single table and each option is a row, or is each option within the table of rates a separate table?

Thanks, Mark

No, each table within the method can be it’s own option in the cart if multiple tables return a qualifying row. The purpose of the multiple tables is to setup very specific scenarios for more difficult shipping models.

Generally we encourage you to try and have one table in the method unless there are some special circumstances that require a separate table and the use of the ‘Hide Other Options’ feature. This was made optional because some users liked having all of their options under one method, but I know it can cause some confusion at the same time.

I’m pulling my hair out trying to configure what should be a simple thing. We want to charge $6 for shipping on the first item and $4 for each additional item. However, no matter what combination I try, I can’t accomplish this. Some guidance, please. The documentation only explains the sections of the settings but shows no examples of how to implement the various ways to actually apply them.

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble getting the price right but I would be happy to help! Our online knowledgeable has more instructions and examples. The link below should help better. The key is to remember that the ‘multiplied by’ cost will apply to all items including the first one, so make sure to deduct it from the base rate.

Hello, I wanted to buy this plugin but I have a question before. I need to sell boxes of fruits of different weights and shipping prices, in addition to the total shipping price. Is this possible with the plugin? I don’t know if I explained well, Example: Order 1 box of oranges 5kg = € 6 + 1 box of oranges 10kg = € 7 + 1 box of lemons 15kg = € 8.5 TOTAL SHIPPING = € 21.5 Thanks

Based on your example yes I believe so! There’s a few ways you can handle this depending on what you are looking for. The plugin can go line by line and find a cost for that line item based on it’s weight and prices you setup in the table. If the prices depends on weight and type of fruit you can add an extra condition for that too. It’s a flexible method so you have options :)

Hello, I have everything configured by sections according to weight and shipping costs apply well. Now I need 2 specific products instead of the shipping costs being applied based on the weight, these have a fixed amount of expense regardless of the weight or the units, how would it be configured? Thank you

I would recommend using a shipping class on the special products and then changing the Base Table Rules option to ‘Per Class’ in your Table Rate settings. This allows you to separate these items from everything else so that they can have their own shipping rules/rates, and everything else will still follow the weight ranges.

Hello, I purchased your plugin and built the shipping pricing by categories – not by class. I put all the combinations between the categories, everything is very accurate. I have a problem when adding products from three categories to the cart, for example - See only pricing of two of them.

For example: if you added a mattress, bed and dresser to the cart - See only the shipping price of mattress + bed, or bed + dresser, And not the correct pricing of the three categories.

what could be the problem? And how can this be solved?

You can upload attachments through a ticket on the support site. This page is really just meant for pre-sale questions as we’re limited to just text.

I am not really sure what you mean by ‘types of combinations’ so looking at your settings would be helpful. Do you have multiple tables with different scenarios? If so, that would definitely not work with categories. You would need to use shipping classes and calculate Per Class.

Note: If you calculate ‘Per Class’ but have no shipping classes assign to your products, then it will calculate exactly the same as ‘Per Order’.

Shooker16 Purchased

Is it possible to know at least the correct order of operations for building a delivery system for a furniture site?

How do I do that? The goal is that each product alone will cost 100, And a combination of two specific categories will cost 200. Sales of products from three categories will cost 300.

In the first stage I created a class and assigned it to the products. In the second stage, I created tables at table rates in the plugin, and priced.

I’m doing it right? Because right now it’s not working.

I’m not sure I understand your first question. There’s no one way to configure your shipping, it depends on your shipping model/goals.

Shipping classes are needed if you have different rules for different types of items. It categorizes them so you can use different conditions and costs for each group.

If each item ships at 100 per item, then you would just need one row with no other conditions, and one cost type: 100 “multiplied by” “item quantity” (where each phrase in the quotations is an option in the select box under the ‘Cost’ column).

What is not working? It’s very difficult to tell without seeing your settings and being able to follow what your shipping goal is.

Hello, I have a store and I need 2 products to always have free shipping, but the rest of the products if I calculate and apply shipping costs. Does your plugin allow this? Thank you.

Sure, you could use a shipping class setup to make this possible, but if the item always ships free no matter the zone, you could also mark the item virtual which removes it from the shipping package.

Hello I need support, please check [Ticket #3812], thanks

PRE-SALE Question

PRE-SALE Question

Currently my I calculate my shipping cost per order; letting the customer pay for only the highest shipping rate. Because I bundle most of my self-shipping products.

More and more I have dropship products in one order. These can’t be bundled with the rest; so I need to charge them seperately.

Both my own and the dropship products are created in WooCommerce.

How can I charge seperate products when the calculate per order setting is enabled?

Can this plugin do that?

Best, Chris

It’s possible to calculate ‘Per Class’ so your system would calculate shipping for the shipping class items separately. Then any items that don’t have a shipping class would fall under your general shipping rules. It’s not really possible to add an extra cost for these drop ship items, but still have those items count towards the ‘Per Order’ rules. For this plugin at least, each item can only count towards a shipping rule once.


I am new to Table Rate Shipping and I have no idea how to configure it. I successfully added the shipping zone and now I need to set up the shipping rate.

I want shipping price as follows

(LxWxH) * product weight * 9 = Shipping Price.

Under my product Length, Width & height are set in mm.

For example Product dimension is 420×420x720 and weight is 23.5

The shipping rate should be

(.42 x .42 x .72) x 23.5×9 = 26.86

Please help me to sort it out.

More Specifically, I need to multiply Volumetric Weight by Products Actual Weight