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Pre sale question; I want different shipping cost per product; plus, the shipping cost according to address. Can I combine both? For example; I want a bed and a sofa; bed´s cost is 20 dollars, sofa´s cost is 30 dollars, and the place where I need to send the truck is 10 dollars; can I get this on the checkout page?

Yes! Just make sure you choose the right option for the ‘Base Table Rules’ option. By default it is set to Per Order, but you will want to change it to Per Item or Per Class depending on how you want to handle the shipping costs when the customer purchases multiple of the same item.

If you want to give it a try, we do have a full demo site with dashboard access you can try here as well:

Thanks! I got everything configured! It works great! Now… Is it possible to make a discount when some combinations are bought? For example, product A $10 + product B $5 Total = $10 and just half of $5… so the total is $12,5. I mean not a fix discount but one calculated based on the products. This way, each combination is different.

It would depend on how many products and combinations you have. We have an advanced tutorial that introduces the idea of setting specific scenarios using multiple tables in the same method. I think it’s probably the closest example I have, but I have seen some users come up with some complicated systems like you described using this methodology.

Hi is it possible to set free shipping for minimum purchases within a specific product category or shipping class, regardless of what else is in basket?

E.g. Customer has to spend £100 in Category X to get free delivery for those items.

Many thanks

It should be possible to do this with shipping classes and a little extra configuration. The table still has to account for all products in the cart, but using the method conditions and calculating Per Class I was able to get it to work.

Hi I would like to know if i buy this if I could do the following: I am selling mugs and shirts with shipping zones set at the U.K. , Europe, Rest of the World.

I need to combine shipping so I have it set with flat rates so a mug cost $6 to ship to Eu and $10 to rest of the world.

If someone adds a mug and a shirt to the cart it doesn’t add the shipping for both to the price, you can only choose one out of the box.

Can I combine shipping with this and have it calculate based either on product category, then combine the shipping, or by individual classes for each product type rate, then add multiple classes on each product category? I hope i’m making sense I just need a plugin that can do this.


Oh okay, sure! As I linked to previously, you can setup different flat rate prices for the items based on shipping class. By default WooCommerce only has one shipping line in the order summary, but they do offer the ability to have more. We offer a free plugin that can help add additional ‘Shipping’ lines based on shipping class here:

Hi , I appreciate your help. I went ahead and bought the plugin as I’m sure I can use it even if it doesn’t work for the application I need it for on this site. I will go ahead and try my best to implement what I need and hopefully my site will be up and running soon. Thanks again.

No problem, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


I’m searching for a shipping plugin which calculates shipping costs based on a custom attribute, in this case ‘Full Box Percentage [%]’.

For example: item A has a Full Box Percentage of 40, Item B 32.5 and item C 38.5. If a customer order each item twice, the total is 222% which means 3 full boxes.

Is this possible with this plugin? The problem is that I can’t only rely on weight as our products have different sizes. The alternative is to use the weight attribute for this, but that will be a last resort.

Hope this will work out. Thanks for answering already!

Unfortunately we no do not support custom attributes at this time. It caused a bit too much trouble in the past since you can put anything in this field, not just a number value.

That being said, I have seen some people repurpose dimensional or weight fields that they are not ordinarily using. For example, instead of entering the actual width of an item, you would enter your custom attribute value into this field. Since it’s a field the plugin already knows and works with, it can be a good substitute.

Greetings, Does this product support a weight packaging option i can add ? Actually, woocommerce only counts item weight, and shipping cost is not accurate because package weight is not included. This would save my day. Thank you

Thank you very much for your reply. Does that mean that such code insertion can add extra weight upon condition ? like i.e. if product weight total is above 400g ? or only by order, whatever qty or weight ?

It will insert the weight after it is calculated based on items in the cart, but before the conditions and costs are processed. So if you have a weight range setup, it could potentially affect which range the order falls into. Or if you are multiplying the cost by the weight of the order, it would increase this value, too.

Thanks again. I may give it a try then… that helped me thank you))

Please I need help. I do not know that it fails in the configuration of shipments that I am losing money. I have open ticket # 3436, thanks

All new tickets have been answered as of this morning so you should have a response to your ticket waiting now.

Thanks a lot

Will it work with any multivendor plugin ?

It will work in that in can charge shipping, but it won’t have any special settings for the vendor plugin. These things have to be custom coded specific to the vendor plugin you are using.

i have variable products set as Framed and Unframed. Each one has its own shipping fees. How can i get the correct class to show at checkout. Eg. Unframed / Framed / Collection.

Are you using shipping classes to define which option is which? This would be our recommendation because classes can be set individually at the variation level. From there how you charge for them will depend on your shipping model, but here is an example of a common use:

Hello, when updating from 4.1.3 to 4.2.0 the following alert appears:

“Attention: You have not defined any shipping zones for the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin. You must setup your zones before creating any rates in the shipping method’s settings page.

Uh oh! It looks like you are still using the Table Rate Legacy method, which has not been updated since April 14th, 2017. The legacy method was deprecated in favor of a newer, more optimized version when WooCommerce added shipping zones to the core plugin. It does not properly function on WooCommerce 3.0 installs and newer so it is highly recommended that you switch to the new Table Rate settings page as soon as possible to avoid future shipping complications. The new settings page can be found inside your WooCommerce Shipping Zones by adding a new shipping method to them, and selecting the option ‘Table Rate’ as the new method to be added.

When finished, please disable the legacy method so that it cannot cause any further trouble.”

Do you have an online guide to explain what to do in detail?

Meanwhile I have reverted to 4.1.3.

Thank you.

Oh, sorry… I did not see the link in the alert to the online guide. I’ll look into it.

No problem, you can continue running version 4.2 and be fine as well. The notification was added to help ensure users are upgrading because we found some were still using the unsupported method and experiencing issues. WooCommerce has come quite a ways in three years so it’s best to be using the latest method and settings page. If you have any questions about the new method, which is quite different in order to better propel it into the future, feel free to open a support ticket and let me know.

- Hi if i install your plugin and put in my woocomerce and then the option not see on the cart. You help me to fix this?

If you have an active support package, yes, we would be happy to take a look at your configuration and try to help. However I do not see where you have a license for this plugin.

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I try to make rate by weight to set at for exemple to 10$ for less then 1kg and 1.50$ for each extra 500g and it dosent work? can you help me

Yes i found it and it works great but i have a problem, because i want to have 2 ’’less than’’ condition and it take only one… example : less than 0.5kg 8.19$, less than 0.999kg = 11.69$, egual to 1 kg = 23.38$ and finali greater than 1.001kg = 8.19 for each 0.5kg. Everything work except the price for the first 0.5kg…. it take the 11.69 of the less than 0.999kg tell me then you have a way to make it works ;)

ok i found the way thanks, it work perfectly

Okay, great! I’m guessing the order of the rows was probably backwards. The order of the rows can make a difference as the table will return the last qualifying row it finds :)


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Hi! i sent you a ticket for help on your support ticket system.

All new tickets have been answered today so there should be an update waiting on your ticket now.

I have table_rate_shipping_woocommerce plugin on my website. But I cannot get support because the developer down as the owner. I paid my developer, but he stupidly put it in his name. When he finished the job, he sent me the purchase code, date, etc. that came from Envato. I cannot log into your system to get support. Your system won;t let me create an account because your system doesn’t see me as the owner. The plugin is throwing an error and I can’t update the plugin either. I need support but can’t get it. Please help. The error has something to do with [09-Jul-2020 14:30:06 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in plugin regarding cart_weight_total on line 503.

I am sorry to hear you have had difficulty with your developer. Unfortunately a purchase code is not enough to update a plugin as Envato’s API requires you to login and create a special token in order to access your purchase record. To the best of my knowledge, Envato is not willing to transfer licenses between accounts.

What version are you running? This is not an error I have seen, but it’s possible it is coming from the legacy method if you have been using this plugin for more than 3 years. The error usually includes a filename in addition to the line number so I can verify its location. Nonetheless, it is only a warning, so it wouldn’t affect too much. An error like this usually happens when the plugin is trying to do a match equation with a non-numeric number. So the problem is usually that a non-numeric character was entered in the settings.