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Hi – This is my only real way of contacting you at the moment, so apologies as it should really be support. I took over looking after a website using your Table Rate Shipping plugin and there is a problem with it, but I don’t have the licence number for it as the previous developer purchased it. I have contacted him and am hoping to get the licence from him soon.

The plugin is activated, rates filled in and shipping enabled, but the checkout says there is no shipping method available. There is an update available for the plugin but when I try to update, the update process seems to stall and does not work.

I would really appreciate some assistance on this, thanks. The site is a Wordpress site.

Are you sure it is this plugin? I do not have automatic updates on this plugin at the moment, so there is no way to update it from the dashboard. Unless you are looking for the WooCommerce version, this is the Jigoshop page. The WC version does have automatic updates that are experiencing issues with Envato’s API, and unfortunately I have yet to receive a response from them. You will have to update manually once the user has access to his account again.

Please note there was a critical issue with WordPress 4.2, so if you are running this version of WP and a version of Table Rate Shipping older than 3.6, then an upgrade is required to continue using the plugin.

Thanks for the reply! And yes, I only noticed after I posted that I posted in the wrong section. I am getting the purchase code from the original developer now so will do all the upgrades and see what happens. Thanks again!

Okay, please let me know how it goes. There may be an issue with automatic updates at the moment, but if they are able to download the file from their account, that would be most helpful so you have the option to manually upgrade.

That being said, if you have the option to register and automatically download the update, you must be running at least version 3.6, so the update will help, but likely not resolve the issue as there were no critical bugs found. Could you please link to a screenshot of your table rate settings so I can better help you debug? Likely it is an issue with setup.

Hi bolderelements, just tried to login and create a profile on your support area but received the following after clicking on submit:

“The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule.

If you believe the security rule is affecting the normal operation of your website, contact your host support team and provide detailed instructions how to recreate this error. They will be able to assist you with rectifying the problem and adjusting the security configuration if needed.”

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble creating an account. I’m afraid this is not an error I am aware of. You can request support here on CodeCanyon as well, but if this happens again, please provide further details on how I can recreate this error so I can try to correct it and setup an account for you.


Iv’e created an additional tab on the product page in which I’d like to display the shipping zone description and cost for each zone, but as these costs change from time to time I’d like to populate them dynamically.

Could you tell me if there a simple way of pulling in the title and cost of each zone dynamically please?

I’m afraid there is no way to do so through the plugin itself, but it would be possible to customize a solution. It shouldn’t be too difficult if each zone has just one flat rate option. You wouldn’t have to do anything fancy, simply display a table of zones and prices. You just need to start will pulling in the save data which you can do as follows:

$zones = $this->shipping_zones = get_option( 'be_jigoshop_shipping_zones' );
$table_rates = array_filter( (array) Jigoshop_Base::get_options()->get_option( 'jigoshop_table_rate_rates_table' ) );

Hi! i’ve updated jigoshop to 1.18 but this plugin don’t work anymore. There’s a solution? i’ve lost all my table rate shipping settings

I cannot seem to replicate the problem on the demo site, all settings are still there and it is running Jigoshop 1.18.2. Did you also upgrade WordPress? There was an issue a while back that caused settings to disappear. If you are running the latest version of this plugin on your website, please open a support ticket. I can offer you the current dev files, perhaps there were some changes made there that are not released yet.

Yes, is the latest WP release and i don’t see nothing of old settings. I’m opening a ticket

I too have this issue that genuino2 has/had. I just updated WP core to 4.7.5 and now realized that this plugin only works up to 4.6. When will it work with 4.7.x?

My apologies, it looks like the update was not published to CodeCanyon. Please open a ticket as well so I can share the solution with you faster: