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I just purchased it and try to import shipment charges, but we got problem, it seems more complicated than table rates in Magento! already sent email to Support Service, and hope to get reply earlier

Hello Anson, Greetings!

We want to let you know that the error which you are getting is not due to our extension. This error is due to PHP execution limit. PHP have some limited time for complete the execution of action of any php file and any process stop working when this time period is crossed. In that case PHP throw the Fatal error of maximum execution time. This time is set with the value of ‘max_execution_time’ in php.ini file of any LAMP server.

In your case ‘max_execution_time’ is set to 30 seconds on your server. You can ask your server provider to increase it. You can also search on Google to find more information on such error.

Second thing is that magento only allow 200 entries to delete at once. You are trying to delete the entries more then 200 at once which magento doesn’t allow.

Please let us know is it clear to you? If you want anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks & Regards , Team Vivacity

Hello Anson, Greetings!

We created 2 chunks of your provided CSV file and uploaded through the extension on website. Now all 264060 shipping rates entries have been uploaded successfully.

Please check all these and if you need more help, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Kindly provide a good comment and rating.

Thanks & Regards Team Vivacity

Hello Anson, Greetings!

We reviewed your provided screen-shot and checked the listing on the admin panel. Actually there was a missing country code and some country code was with spaces in CSV so import created some ( * ) values in country column.

We have fixed it and now all the values are displaying fine.

Please review all these and let us know your views.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity

Vivacity Team are very good team. after we bought their shipping module, we faced some problems.

each time we email Vivacity team our problems, they solve problems very fast. I like their

service, and they are excellent team. I recommend this shipping module for everyone using

magento. Now, I am gonna inform vivacity team to develop unit and quantity extension for us.

Really thanks for Vivacity Team. and Sorry for my late comments, as we are in holiday. thanks,

again for your help.

Thanks a lot!

Hi I want to set up my shipping rate as a progressive per cart quantity :


1 item in cart = $X 2 items = $y 3 items = $Z Etc.

Thanks for showing your interest in our extension.

You can set up your shipping rates according to total quantity in cart by using our extension.

For example. If you have total 3 quantity of products in cart (2 iPhone 6S and 1 iPad) the shipping rate will be applied according to 3 quantity. Shipping rate will not apply according to 2 items (iPhone 6S and iPad).

Please let me know, if you have more question. We are happy to help you.

Vivacity not responding to my support query. Waiting for a week now.

Dear user Sorry for the inconvenience. But we always try to respond to any ticket within 6-12 hours, please mention your Support ticket no., I will make sure our support team will respond you ON URGENT BASIS.

Hi. The support ticket is #000195.

Thanks for sharing the details. I will make you sure that team will reply you within next couple of hours. We’re sorry for the delay.

how to check live demo,

it is possible to use like this method for shipping rates

Dear user,

Thanks for showing your interest in our extension.

You can check the live demo here:

We checked your provided screen-shot and we want to let you know that you can not use our extension as per the screen-shot.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity

Hi, I have created a support ticket yesterday. How long does it normally take for you to get back?

Thanks in advance

Hello Andrew, we always try to reply ASAP, please share your ticket #, so that I can track and make you sure that you will get reply ASAP.

Hi! can you install your Extensions for on our website ?

Sure… we will help. But our technical team will back to work on Tuesday morning our time, as its weekend off then on Monday – our National holiday (Independence day)

So please co-operate with us. We will definitely help you.

Regards, Team Vivacity

ok no problem! thank you

Please share your store login details and FTP on our support forum Our Technical team will handle it.


Hi, I am considering buying this extension. I would like to know if below function can be configured or not.

1. multiple table rate – I want to apply two or more table-rate shipping methods for a single delivery and charge the combined price.

2. different shipping method per category – I want to apply different shipping method for each category.

Please answer my questions as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Sir, Greetings!

Thanks for showing interest in our extension!

We have reviewed your queries. Please find below answers of your queries.

1. You can apply two or more table rate shipping method for a single delivery. So customer can select the one of the options from provided options. Like: i) One Day Delivery: 40$ OR ii) Two-Day Delivery: 20$ So customer can choose one of them.

2. Sorry, you can not apply the shipping method per category by using our extension. We will review and update if this possible in future.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity

Hi, will this work with Magento 2.1.3?

Hello Sir, Greetings!

Thanks for showing interest in our extension!

Unfortunately its not ready for Magento 2.x yet, it will only work for Magento 1.x versions.

We are developing this for Magento 2 and will update you soon.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity

Hello. Does it work with dimensions too? Height x width x depth?

Hello Fabmacedo, Greetings!

Our extension functionality works according to Magento’s default shipping condition. It can be ‘Weight Vs Destination’ OR ‘Price Vs Destination’ OR ‘Number of items Vs Destination’.

Can you please share more details of your store, and how you setup Height, Width & Depth, so that we can review if extension can be customized for you.

If you have any more queries then please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity


abjab Purchased

Hi, tried to open a support ticket but your support page seems to be unavailable.

After installing the plugin, we are having a new shipping method called “Vivacity Shipping Rates” however it is not there in your documentation.

I tried to import my csv file into table shipping takes, as I don’t see an option called import in the “Vivacity Shipping Rates”. But it is not taking up the multiple shipping methods within the same weight ranges.

for instance, I have two different shipping methods for the same weight ranges. But after the import, it shows error as “File has not been imported. See the following list of errors: Duplicate Row #3 (Country “GB”, Region/State “”, Zip “” and Value “1”).”

Please advise me on this.


abjab Purchased

I started contacting you guys 18 days ago and I left my query here because your ticketing systems weren’t working at that moment. then on 25th November, we created the ticket and of course, you replied us on 27th asking for the site access details. It has been nearly 10 days now and no reply from you guys. When do you reckon to fix my problem.


abjab Purchased

It is been a month now since I started to contact you guys. Are you guys still alive??


abjab Purchased

Are you guys still alive. It’s nearly two months since I got this plugin and the documentation is completely not up-to-date. the options that we see is completely irrelevant in Magento back-end. we asked for a little support and raised a ticket. they responded once, months before asking for Magento backend details. they there no reply from them so far. its been nearly two months now and I’m keep posting message in the comments section and these guys are like don’t care anymore. I really need the refund for this plugin.