Discussion on Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

Discussion on Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

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Ofiicial support page is down, Support is not answering to this thread, no documentation/manual (except from some basic info iside the plugin). I dont know why the plugin is still active on envato

Hi there. Is it possible to use custom fields (or lets say meta values) from the famous Extra Product Options plugin to calculate shipping costs? Like for example for products where users have to fill in width, length, height or diameter of a product. I’d have to set up rules for such custom values and use them together with the quantity and the variant to set up shipping rules.

hello, i have installed the plugin to 3 websites. its paid. do i need 1 license for every website?

now i see that i have 2 purchased sorry. i download the 1st and istalled it in 3 websites. i thought i could do that. so i need to download every one seperately and istall in websites?

Hello, i am trying to update the plugin but i get this message: An error occurred while updating WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping +: Your license expired on July 30, 2022 10:30:12 UTC. Renew: Feel free to contact us at my license isnt expired. can you help?

Also, in Support tab, the “Go to item support” button takes me in a website with adds. there is no support page.

I have an issue with your plugin since a few months, I have this error message that display when I want to configure shipping table : “DataTables warning: table id=trs-table – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see" Do you have a solution ?


Question, I have trouble setting up the shipping costs.

The shipping costs are based on our transport company and they have 2 rates: Box size 1: max: 100×50x50 cm and 10 kg : €6,95. Box size 2: max: 176×78x58 cm and 23 kg : €13,20.

So let’s say the size of a product of mine is: 47×47x17 cm and 1 kg. The shipping costs for 1 of this product will be €6,95, because is it will fit in the 100×50x50 cm box.

But when you want 2 of these products, Woocommerce will calculate 2x: 47×47x17 = 94×94x34 cm, this will not fix any box and so no shipping option will be displayed…

Woocommerce will not see/calculate that a couple of these products will fit in 1 box.

Can your plugin make Woocommerce see/calculate this with your plugin?

I was thinking of buying this but your website seems hacked / doesn’t open .

Hi, Do you have the upgraded version where we can set the pricing for the category ?


How can I get in touch with support as the website and support link doesn’t work?

I’m having an issue with importing new updated rates and getting an invalid shipping class error that I’m not sure how to fix?

Hey Amit, is there a documentation? Can’t reach your Website,

Hello, Complete documentation is available in the plugin settings page. Also let me know if you need any help to setup the plugin. Thanks Amit.

Kidding? Using your “documentation”: By clicking on “Please submit ticket here to get further help.” at the page footer i was leaded to a malware/adware installing process. Thanks for that.

Sorry about that, I haven’t got time to update my website. I was saying about documentation that is provided inside the plugin you installed. Thanks Amit.

Hi, is this compatible with latest WP and WC versions? Also, does it work with multisite environment? Thanks

Hello, Yes it is compatible with latest WP and WC. Please let me know if you have any issue. Thanks Amit.

Hello, the documentation and support link do not work

does not work.

hello, i have provided my login and issue details, could you already check?

hey man, I have configured the plugin for entering prices including tax but in the checkout the tax / vat is added onto the shipping costs. what’s wrong there?

Please send me admin URL and login details to “”. I will check and update you. Thanks Amit!

I have messaged you last week. did you receive it? is the site


Hi, I’m trying to setup formula to multiply by cost by qty of a line item as at present it only charges per line item whereby if somebody buys two armchairs I would need it to calculate shipping per unit. I tried following formula in the plugin notes but it didn’t work. Could you please let me know what I need to put in the cost field to enable this. I did submit a ticket a couple of weeks ago but no response. Also your links in support page and from the authors page link on the plugin page in woocommerce is redirecting to dodgy sites one of which was infested with viruses.

Hello Sir,

Sorry for inconvenience. You need to multiple the price with quantity “tq”. If you want me to check. Please mail me admin URL and login details to “”. I will check for issue and update you. Thanks Amit.

Hello, I just bought a license to use this module, but I have errors in the implementation. Please inform me where I can get support, the support link is down.

Hello, on volume calculation, the plugin has a divisor component. However, it is not working. The volume is calculated based on the lengthWidthheight only. The value is affected by the divisor. Please, any help with this? Also, The value or shipping cost is not changed when using a multicurrency plugin. The exchange rate does not affect the cost of shipping

my website will have three shipping options to choose from.

1. Pick up (Self Shipping) 2. Shipping by Air (shipping by Weight) 3. Shipping by sea (volumetric or dimensional shipping)

2. The shipping by weight is sorted. We enter the cost per kg, and based on the weight of an item, the shipping cost is calculated. 3. Shipping by sea, which is based on the volume of the item is my headache here. I want a plugin that will add volumetric shipping. I enter the price per a CBM (volume) and based on the dimensions of the item (length, width, and height), the CBM will be calculated, and then the cost, too.

Question 1: Now, I want to know if this is okay with your plugin.

Question2: does your plugin support WCFM ? Question 3: Do you offer refund if it does not work in my case? Thank you

Preorder Question: Is this compatible with WCFM (multivendor plugin)?Thank you

Hi, it is a great plugin. But I need help in one point. Your support page gives an error, so I write here. I have 2 shipping class, and I try to apply the shipping class of higher cost. But when I select “per order” for calculation type and put into the cart products from both shipping class, it says “there is no shipping method” in front end. When I select “per class” for calculation type, it works, but it adds both shipping class price. A would like to apply only the highest shipping class price, not both of them. How can I achieve it? Thanks in advance. Jozsef


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