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Hi ive installed the tab but all the other tab contents show up on the first tab.

Hi there,

i’ve replied to your email few moments ago. Cheers :)

Thanks for the assistance brilliant work


Is there a way to implement dropdowns on the tabs? That’s the only thing this particular setup is missing for me and I have it working very nicely so I am hoping that there’s a way to implement this not to difficult so I can continue on and use your script instead of having to find another one. Thanks :)

I’ve added a new tab. It all looks great except that the new tab shows at the bottom of every tab and it’s not lined up correctly either. I’ve looked over all the code and I cannot find anything that is done incorrectly, what did I miss or do extra that I shouldn’t have?

I’m a fan of copy/paste so I basically copied the item above it and pasted it and edited it to have the correct tab 4 settings (tab-4 and t-4 in both the html and the css). Added the css line exactly as it shows in the instructions. I’m at a loss here. :/

No worries, can you send me url where you have it installed so i can take a look? You can do that via pm or email :)

Hi, I like Your script, but it is not working on an important smartphone: S3 mini (Android 4.1). I tried with Dolphin and Internet. Could You fix it please? Tank You, Matthias

Hello, I have a pre-sale. Does this plugin allow for vertical tabs as well? Thanks in advance.

Sori, currently only horizontal tabs avaliable. Cheers

Hi Capelle

Clean and awesome codes. Fast response and great support. Your codes really save me a lot of time. Thank you :)

Hi. I’m glad you like it, thanks :)

Hello, I need to introduce a “iframe” in each tab. Each has a different height iframe.

If TAB allows me to do this ?.

Yep, you can.

I finally have clean, truly responsive and nice looking tabs on my website, thanks for the great work.

Thank you for choosing Tabbed and glad you like it :)


I am very interested by your plugin.

Question: 1 Need a tabbed component (another plugin) for use with the accordion.

Question: 2 Can be integrated this plugin “BWL Searchable Accordion jQuery Plugin”. your plugin?

a tabbed component with an accordion for each tab. use a tabbed element associated with the accordion. plugin can be done as in the example here

Thank you

Sure, you can insert any plugin within it – it may need some adjustments (css likely) but it should work fine.

Hello, you could create a plugin, Accordion, plus, tabs, like on the demo please thank you

I am trying to embed an iframe video of youtube and it fails to show at all. Any help. I also am unable to control the wrapping width. I need to control that without scrollbars. Thanks.

Are you testing localy? Local iframe doesn’t work in some browsers. You can control the iframe width via CSS.

How do I control the overall height. I have it within a column and it pushes down way too far. I can’t find a height absolute, max, or percentage adjustment. Is this always 100% and only controlled by other code encompassing it?

You need to remove unnecessary elements within the tabs as the “push” it’s height downwards. Or you can decrease the fonts so they all fit in the frame.

Thanks but that won’t work. It is being fed by a database with thousands of products so each product description and features will be different lengths. I won’t be able to use it at all.

You can also set for example max-height: 300px; and overflow: auto; within the Tabbed css. This will limit the height of the Tabbed content and add scrollbar.

Hi, I’m wondering if the plugin will allow for multiple rows of tabs? In order to so, I guess it would have to be able to have some sort of accordion effect too.

By default tabs are ordered from left to right so incase of many tabs they stack into a new row. Currently the “real” accordion isn’t supported.

How’s it going? I was wondering what the easiest way would be to create a URL to a specific tab (something like I’m unable to figure it out on my own. I do know how to make a tab appear to be default:

<input type="radio" name="tab" id="tab2" class="tab-head" checked="checked"/> <label for="tab2">Training</label>

But can’t figure out how to “anchor” to a specific tab in the URL.

Thanks in advance

Hi – good, thank you. And you? :)

Currently the anchors are not supported and customisations are not avaliable, but if you wish you can modify any elements to fit your needs.

Thanks for the response! Is there any way that it will be available in a future version? Also is there a way that I can hire you guys to customize the anchored tabs feature if not available in a future version? Thank you!

Hi, I’m interested in your pluggin, and wanna buy it, but wanted to ask for a question, it is possible to view all the submited forms or data from the Wordpress backend?

Hi, sorry thats not possible without extended modification.

Does this support nested tabs menus?

Nope, currently it doesn’t.

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