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I am OK with PHP and javascript so just direct me. Thx

I’m using two sets on the demo page, are you 100% sure each is wrapped in it’s own cudazi_tab_group shortcode and you entered them in HTML mode?

5 Stars!

by the way. Here the Code to put the plugin into a PHP file (for example the index.php from your wordpress theme)

<?php echo do_shortcode(“[YOUR SHORTCODE]”); ?>

regards from germany.

Hey there – yea, it runs on shortcodes so entering that PHP into a template should be fine although I haven’t tested it that route as it usually runs inside the content area of the sites. Thanks!


I am using the Mappress plugin to embed google maps.

I am currently having trouble with it viewing in my template’s tab shortcode.

Here is the reason why:

............................................. This is a bug in the Google Maps API. It occurs when displaying a map in a control where the content is hidden, like a tab or slider. MapPress includes code to fix this issue, but it only works if you are using the jQuery UI Tabs library. For other controls or libraries there are two solutions:

- You can sometimes use CSS to position the hidden content off-screen instead of hiding it. For example use “visibility:hidden” or “left:-99999? instead of “display:none”.

- You can add some javascript to your blog to tell the map to re-draw when the hidden tab/slider is displayed. There is no general answer for how to detect that event – you’ll need to contact the author of the tab/slider. Once you determine the correct even, the code to re-draw the map is simple. To re-draw a map named “mapp0? use: mapp0.resize(); ..............................

Please can I ask if you’re tab system is likely to have the same trouble or would it work, baring in mind the suggestion bug above?

Thanks (sorry for the long comment!)

Hey there – I honestly can’t guarantee anything, I haven’t had many complaints on this item formatting-wise.

Your plugin is not working correctly.. it’s forcing wpautop and the_content filter so I get new lines on other shortcodes and when I disable your plugin the new lines (
) disappear. ..

Pleas fix this bug.

If you’re finding a conflict with another item, you can remove the last function in the main php file to remove this filter.

Can I customize the colors of tabs and fonts?


You’re free to modify/customize the script as needed for your project. Thanks!

Hi, I just purchaced your plugin and just had one little conflict with my particular site. I was getting this notice on debug.

Notice: wp_register_script was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or init hooks.

It was slowing my site down a bit but this seemed to fix it.

on line 72 I added the add_action

// Regisger and load JavaScript on non-admin pages add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘cudazi_tabbed_content’); function cudazi_tabbed_content() { if ( ! is_admin() ) { wp_register_script( ‘cudazi_tabbed_content’, plugins_url( ‘js/cudazi-tabbed-content.js’, FILE ), array( ‘jquery’ ), CUDAZI_TABBED_CONTENT_VER ); wp_enqueue_script( ‘cudazi_tabbed_content’ ); } }

It may be helpful to someone else who is using alot of plugins on thier site. Great plugin nice and simple. Thanks!


Hey Todd, I’ve made a note and will investigate – thank you!

EDIT: All good. Found the Plugin Editor page.

Just purchased this and using shortcodes inside the tabs works great. Just need to know how I can change the appearance to fit in with my theme? I can’t find the css in WP Editor, so I’m assuming I just change fonts & colours in the css file, rezip and reupload?



I am having the same problem with Mappress as ichomusic

I was wondering if there was any fix for this. The fist tab loads the first map perfectly, but the other two fail to load.

Mappress advises:

Javascript Javascript can be used to re-draw the map (at the correct size) when the hidden element is displayed. Some controls include an event for this purpose, or you can attach an onclick() handler to an element such as a link or a tab header. This line will re-draw the first map on the screen: mapp0.resize(); CSS In some cases it’s possible to use CSS instead of Javascript. The idea is to position hidden content off-screen instead of hiding it. For example, use “visibility:hidden” or “left:-99999? instead of “display:none” for hidden elements.

But not sure how I can do this with this plugin?

Thanks Your plugin works perfectly!!Just one question is it possible to assign different style sheets to each Tab Group? my problem is that I’m using one with a fixed height and a scroll bar on my landing page, and I’d like to have another one with a 100% height on another page, is that possible? Thank you

You may want to leverage the body_class or post class function of your theme to style a tag group within a specific area ( ) then you would target the body class and the tab_wrap within.

Otherwise, you could modify the tab group shortcode to accept a parameter for providing a unique ID.

Thank you so much, problem solved.

Hi, I am interested with your plugin.

May I ask: - Can I have my custom loop inside each tab and do my own CSS styling in the tab content to match my website.


This script is a shortcode, it wouldn’t accept PHP code as content without some modifications. You’re welcome to customize and style it as needed.

I’m very interested in buying. Just a couple points for clarification-

- is it possible change any of the colors in the tab function? - is it possible to set a height or width

I’m not big on CSS, but if I can get a “yes” to the points above and the support if anything goes wrong I’m a buyer.

Thx Mary C.

Could you give one small bit of help? I’m not strong working in CSS, but with a little help, I can usually get to where I need to go.

I’d like to remove the grey padding that runs around the 4 edges of the plugin. Is there any place in the CSS I can focus to do this? – ideally I’m trying to get it to look like this example, as close as possible – There’s a code conflict with this plugin… I’d even be happy to donate a few dollars for your time to get to a solution.

A big thank you in advance, Mary C.

I’ve managed to make 80% of the changes since my last post … hopefully the last part I need help with is something pretty easy.

Here’s a look at a sample of where I could use just a little help from you to make the last change -

I’m eagerly awaiting your response.

A very big thank you – Mary C.

Hi cudazi,

Is your tab has the ability to get specific links to your tabs? If you dont know what I mean go to this link:

Click one of those tabs and it gives specific links to each of those tabs.

So is your plugin capable to do this?

Please reply asap so that I can tell to my boss that this is the plugin that we are looking for. Thanks!

Hello! You’re welcome to customize it as needed for your project but at this time you can’t link to a specific pre-opened tab.


plugin looks nice ..

I’m trying to add tabs in the homepage to create something like

does this plugin offer php code for inegration anywhere in a page ?


The plugin does require use within WordPress.

WordPress offers the do_shortcode function if you wish to use it that way as well.

Hi, I am considering to buy your plugin. I have a question:

When I use tabs on a page, can I place a button in the first tab that will link the user to the content of the second tab (without the need to refresh the page)? In other words, in stead of clicking on the tab to display its content, I want the user to be able to click a button that is displayed in the content area of the first tab, which will direct the user to the content of the second tab.


Is possible to setup which TAB will be open? I mean put the shortcode on any page when are open the display TAB is the second one.

The plugin does not have that feature at this time, it’s designed to be super simple and flexible for ease of setup/use. Thanks!

Hello, I am trying to create paragraphs with this plugin, but for some reason the paragraphs aren’t being picked up and all the text is bunched together. Any ideas?

What happens if you enter the paragraphs manually via text/html mode?


Hello, that doesn’t do anything. Or it does and then I go back into that page in admin and update something then save and go back to the page the paragraphs are gone.


I’ve used this in a couple of my sites (bought twice!) I’d now like to hardcode it into my single.php theme file as I’ll be populating it using custom fields. Could you give me the php example rather than the shortcode? I know it sounds odd, considering what the plugin does, but it conflicts least out of all tab plugins I’ve used!

Hello, anyone there?

Hello! You may also want to have a look at the services provided over at Envato Studio site: (I can’t get into customizations at this time, sorry!)

I am currently looking for a shortcode plugin to embed an ad into posts. I am using the free plugin to do this, but since I’ve changed my theme, it is now breaking my sidebar.

You can see on the bottom right: that the sidebar has been pushed down because of the shortcode for the ad above author box.

What I am asking is can I create different shortcodes with your plugin to embed into content, that possibly will not break my sidebar or theme?

Hi, I’ve been using Cudazi tabbed content for a while and I’m extremely happy, so thanks for an amazing product! At last – a tab plugin which WORKS!

I do have a quick question. I’d like to use an external link to refer to a specific tab on a page. In other words, something like Is there a way to do that?

Glad you hear you’re loving it! At this time it can’t be linked to a specific page.

Bought this a while back and then discovered my theme already supported tabbed content natively so never installed it. My question now is I have a blogger that I’d like to implement tabbed content on, will this work on a blogger somehow?

Hello! You would be able to see the generated HTML / JS / CSS code and copy/paste it into your Blogger theme perhaps, but it won’t work out of the box from WordPress to Blogger. Thank you!

Thanks so much for such a quick reply, appreciated.