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i have 2 website can i use plugin both of website

Hello ! If you want to use the plugin on both the websites you will have to buy the plugin twice this is the codecanyon police.

Hope we were of assistence and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.Have a good day WDH.

Hello. Will I lose the changes after plugin or theme update?

Hello! You will not loose the changes at updating your plugins / theme. Have a good day, WDH.

Everything will be functional, but we advise you to make a backup before doing it just to be sure and when you decide to make an update we will offer you free support so everything will work perfectly.

Having trouble with demo site “try it free now”. Can’t view existing pages or add new page to try plug-in.

Unmoderated comments showing in the dashboard of your demo site suggest it may have been compromised.

Is it me or is there a problem with trial/demo site?

Also [live preview] link goes nowhere.

Hello . For security reasons we have blocked the acces to create new pages / posts.

You can see and edit the dashboard and website after you login here: http://synoptic-web-designer.wdh.im.

The live preview we will fix as soon as posible.

Thank you for your help and have a good day !


We’ve fixed also the Live Preview link. Enjoy our plugin. Thanks again for your help.

Have a nice day.

Interesting. Will follow this. Just a question. Is this something like visual composer ?


Very good question… Is similar only because is very easy to use but the visual composer used is to build/create/edit content and our plugin helps you to change/edit/modify the design of the content, footer , header , calendars , forms, gallery … entire website.

So they work very good together if you create content with visual composer you can change the design of it with our plugin very easy.

Thank you and have a good day !

Why would I buy this plugin if all it does is change the content design made by Visual Composer. I can use Visual composer to do that so why would anyone who has Visual Composer need to buy your plugin?

What does your plugin do that Visual Composer CANNOT do?


Our plugin is different than Visual Composer. Visual Composer is best plugin to build your page. We’ve tested and really recommend it you.

But our plugin is totally different.Our plugin detect the entire website HTML and make allow you to change design ( change almost all CSS properties, Visual Composer allow you to change only few General Properties ). Visual Composer helps you to change only the content area – our plugin allow you to change design of ANYTHING.

For example if you want to change design of woocommerce cart page, woocommerce checkout page, bbPress pages, buddyPress pages, forms.

For example if you use EventOn plugin to create a calendar with your events.You add the shortcode in your page which will generate in frontend an event calendar.The Visual Composer not allow you to change design of that calendar or of any shortcode which is not created by it (external shortcode) but with our plugin you just need to go in frontend and edit the calendar design as you wish.

Our plugin allow to edit the design of all shortcodes added in you content.

Dashboard design. ( wp-admin page ) You can change the entire dashboard design. For example if you want to hide some features for authors you can do it very easy.

Plugins Design. You can change the design of almost all plugins ( frontend / backend ) – even design of Visual Composer.

Also you can create/edit design for each user role. For example if your website / dashboard background to be green for guests and to be blue for editor and to be yellow for authors you can do it very well. Or if you want to hide some part of your website / dashboard for guests you can do it very easy with our plugin.

Responsive design. For example if your website is not responsive design you can make very fast and easy with our plugin.

Every changes is saved in a history. You can roll back every time at previous/next design version.

Our plugin is translated in 10 languages ( arabic, chinese, english, french, german, hindi, italian, portuguese, russian and spanish ) which will help users when will use it.

Ultaspeed: The design created with our plugin will load very fast because we’ve generate a css minified file.

Compare design: You have possibility to compare original design with new design created with Synoptic Web Designer: best WordPress design tool.

And many others features.

If you want to discover it please buy it. You will not regret.

And we will add a lot of new features. ( we have a long to do list but if you request a new one we will add it for you )

You can see here 3 demo videos : http://synoptic-videos.wdh.im We will create others videos in future.

Also we are working at 6 new extensions for it which will helps everyone.

For Developers: We intend to create a guide to allow everyone to extend our plugin very easy.

So we hope that this is only the beginning of great plugin. Together we can do it better. Please request any feature you want. We will do it for you.

Thanks for your question. Your question help a lot and we hope to increase or sales. For any question/problem feel free to ask us.

Have a nice day.

Hello !

To sum up our preview reply, yes our plugin is compatible with Visual Composer but it can also change the design of any wordpress blogs / website / page / forms / galleries / plugins that you have.

Have a good day !

It would be nice to see a demo, it seems that you have some demo issues at this time. Maybe you can create some demo layouts for us to see?


Could you be more specific on the problems you have met? (Please give us more details because we have tested and the plugin works fine on the demo page we have .)

What do you mean by demo layouts ?

More example pages of wordpress pages, woocommerce pages, bbPress pages or an example of a form / gallery / event callendar ?

If this is right, thank you for the ideea in the next days we will create them.

Have a good day !

Could I copy the changes to my theme css file and deactivate the plugin and have the changes still work?


Yes of course.

Have a nice day.

Hi. Would really like to test this plugin, but the demo outputs after edit design /> Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3800

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3801

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3800

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3801

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 550

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 553

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3800

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3801

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3800

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 3801

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 550

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim/public_html/synoptic-web-designer/wp-content/plugins/wdhsvwe/wdh.svwe.panel.php on line 553

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/wdhim


We have tasted on our link :http://synoptic-web-designer.wdh.im/wp-admin/ that is on the description of the plugin, checked in the error log (no errors or notice) and everything works perfectly. Could you give us a link where you have tested the element and propertie ,so we can fix it ?

Have a nice day !

In your preview. Logged in. Than selected an element. Then clicked the little eye and then selected edit design and in the box bottom right these errors appear in every tab

We have fixed the problem, you can now test the plugin as you please if you find any other problems contact us and we will fix them for you.

Thanks for your help , have a good day !


Your plugin is very impressive… :) I have Headway Themes with Visual composer and Ubermenu…. Your plugin is suitable for edit this contents? I try out the CSS Hero, but it isn’t capable to assign the elements, especially the VC addons elements… CSS Hero is totally useless on my site. What is your opinion about my site enviromenet? Is it ediatble with your plugin?

In addition to the answer above in CHANGE PATH you also have the helper ID ( it is unique on the entire website and you can select to change the design only for that ID ),CLASS ( diferent elements can have the same class and you can modify them all at once) but only if that element has an ID or a CLASS.

And to be more specific where you find the CSS and the path of the element that is generated it is in plugin files in folowing path: wdhsvwe/files/ and here you can see the last style document modified.

In a future update of the plugin we intend to add a button to see the CSS modified on each element and a button to export the css on your PC so you can see it in a editor of your choosing.

Thank you for the idea.

Thank you for your detailed explanation… I will try out your plugin and I wait for your some raw css skill additions :)

Ok, we will leave you a message when we will finish these updates to Synoptic Web Designer: best WordPress design tool so you can enjoy our plugin.

Have a nice day !

Pretty Cool Stuff You Have ….

Noticed the post from Acurantgra (about 1 month ago). What caught my attention was:

“Responsive design. For example if your website is not responsive design you can make very fast and easy with our plugin.”

So – just to get clarification – if my WP site IS responsive there should NOT be any issues. Correct?

Secondly, I’ve been eye-balling your WP layers Website Animator extension.

My second question is: I presume your “Synoptic Web Designer will work with WP Layers? (since you need to have the “designer tool” installed in order for the Website ANIMATOR extension to work. OR, Is it just the “animator extension” that will work in WP Layers)

Last, in my opinion: I can see how visual composer and your product(s) (with Synoptic Web Designer and the animator extension) are a great match. Very VERY cool :) One suggestion (and it’s tiny) when you’re “editing” is there a way that future plug-in updates could have that area NOT bound to the lower corner of the page i.e., allowing it to be “movable”? Just a suggestion :) I’m anxiously looking forward to your response to my question and thanking you in advance for your assistance. :)


We will answer your questions gladly :

1) If your WP website is already responsive there is no problem the Synoptic Web Designer: best WordPress design tool will not make changes to your responsive design unless you want it to.

2) The Synoptic Web Designer: best WordPress design tool will work with WP Layers as well as the Synoptic Web Designer: Website Animator .And yes for the Synoptic Web Designer: Website Animator to work you must have Synoptic Web Designer best WordPress design tool installed.

3)Thank you for your suggestion we will take them into consideration in future updates.Presently we are working also on other extensions for Synoptic Web Designer best WordPress design tool as well as improving the plugin so you will have more benefits if you buy it.

Have a nice day !

Hi there

Nice plugin. I am interested on this plugin and want to purchase it. May I have a few questions before purchase it?

1. The features created by this plugin will be responsive. right?

2. Can I edit the template driven pages using this plugin? For example, wordpress user login, site member login, wordpress admin pages etc?

3. Is there any pre-designed lay outs included with this plugin?

4. Will I loose the changes made by this plugin after the theme or plugin updates?

Please let me know.

Thanks and regards Sanoop


1 Yes of course you can create very easy responsive design with our plugin.

2 Yes you can edit everything. Also you can edit the design for each role if you want.

3 We don’t have pre-designed layouts. ( because the website designs are distinct ) but we intend to add a feature which will auto generate random pre-designed layouts or custom layouts by selecting few colors from a color palette.

4 You can loose it only if a theme or a plugin make major changes in HTML code. ( this thing is happen very rarely because the theme / plugin developers add improvements on same template. only if they want to change the entire template )

If you have any other question please ask us.

Have a nice day.

Hello there.

I am interested in this plugin but there are a few things I want to ask:

1. Is this plugin compatible with the latest wordpress version? 2. Is this plugin compatible with every theme, in my case Avada? 3. Will there be future updatesm? As it has not been updated since September.


1 Yes. 2 Yes. 3 Yes. Will be a future update in next 2-3 months.