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Whats the max. Number of images it can scrape & show?

you can config any NUMBER ITEM perpage for showing images belong to api social support, thanks you.

Any plans to integrate Twitter?

Next version is integrated Twitter, Behance, Dropbox, Pinterest. Thanks you.

Do I have to use Layers to use this?

That right, this plugin very close to Layers, I will note at your question, thanks you.

Currently, with shortcode function you can use Syncbox if you don’t have Layers. Thanks you.

Does this have to be used as a widget? How would I display this on a standard WP page?

Currently It’s only on Layers, It’s will run on standard WP on next version, thanks your question.

Currently, with shortcode function you can use Syncbox on standard WP page. Thanks you.

Is it able to show multiple users’ photos on the same page? (from latest to oldest)

Currently It’s only show single user’s photos one time, I will note, thanks your question.

Currently, with shortcode function you can use Syncbox on standard WP page. Thanks you.

Hey AWS theme,

Paying plugin customer here,

While your plugin seems promising, I have been having issues getting it to work. I have read all your documentation and watched the videos (and am fairly tech saavy).

Here’s the main issue: When I click on the “SyncBox Tab” in the WP sidebar (in the admin), it is completely empty. No instagram (i have set up the developer client; i’m just waiting on the ‘redirect URI’ so i can paste it in.

Why is the SyncBox sidebar totally empty? How do i get the instagram info to show up? Thank you kindly in advance.

Cool, I just emailed you. I’m so confused as to what’s going on, but look forward to finding the solution. Cheers and talk soon :)

Thanks you, your info is very value

This slight hiccup has been totally SOLVED!!!! This plugin works amazingly well. I am very impressed by the speed & ease of the program. Thank you, thank you!!

excellent plugin, integrates well with layerswp. good work!

can you add autoload feature if you reach the end of the grid with a customizable timer? e.g. if you are at the end of your content and rest there for n seconds, it will load the next i items.

another feature for preferences could be wordwrap yes/no if you have longer post text for e.g. instagram.

thank you!

I feel good when you like Syncbox. Those functions are very good. I will analysis and add it to Syncbox. Thank you.

I just wanted to leave a comment for AWS Theme: You have been excellent on the support. I have dealt with many plugin authors in the past who offer little to no follow-up after purchase. This has definitely been one of the most positive experiences i have had.

This plugin is great. It works very well with LayersWP. It does exactly what is says. And it is beautiful overall. I highly highly recommend this plugin to anyone who is on the fence. 5 stars.

Thanks you :)

Can you show images from facebook/instagram etc in ONE feed?

Sorry you, this version only show separate source, not merge all in one feed. It will affect to speed but I will note your question for furture version. Thanks your question.

thank you for such a fast reply :)

just a heads up – i was looking for a social layerswp extension yesterday and didn’t find this one. you should add the right tags and probably enhance your description.

I would also welcome the option to create an aggregated feed.

thanks you I will note at that :)

Will there be an update of this Plugin anytime soon? The facebook feed doesn’t work anymore. Guess FB changed their API

I will check it and update. Currently, you can contact with me via thanks your feedback.

Hello! I have a pre-sale question, can I use this with visual composer plugin? If you want I can send you an email with a screenshot about what I’m looking for. Thanks!

I’m happy to receive your email, Currently, Syncbox work with Visual Composer via shortcode, you can follow this video: Thanks you.

Hi there… great work!

Any clue about date format for Instagram import? I need italian format (d/m/Y) instead of actual (‘M j, Y’).

Thanks in advance

Your question is very good, contact with me via email I will guide you, Sorry about this inconvenient.

Thanks you.

can all the social media feeds show together?

No, each widget show one social media. I will note your question. Thanks you.

Hi!! We’ve bought the plugin thinking that it works without Layers, as you said in comments from months ago but we’re using Avada and Fusion builder and the plugin doesn’t have correct behaviour. We insert the shortcode into a FB container but it appears out of it and at the top of the page, under the slider. Moreover, Instagram shortcode doesn’t works being connected and well configured. Any idea about it??? Thank you in advance. Kind regards

1. We’ve achieved the plugin working with Fusion Builder but in Facebook’s Grid, the link is not shown, although in the shortcode is enabled. 2. Any idea about the date of release of the version of all social networks together? 3. Any way to deactivate the spinner? Thank you in advance.

Thanks your feedback. For more the detail of problems, Could you email me the admin for website ?, If that is errors I will fix for the next version.