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my carousel doesent show product pics

URL of your website would be highly appreciated. If you want to keep it confidential use PM to send it. How to use PM? Click on my avatar and use contact form in the sidebar of my profile page.
Product images won’t show up only in case there is no images. Other than that I have no idea so I’d like to take a look into the page source code in order to check out image paths.

http://mallstorms.com the website is not activated

Sorry but you have no content on your website. When I said I need your website URL I was thinking to be able to reach the page with the plugin in action. That’s how I can check source code and figure out why images are missing.

and if they are not how do you fix them

I just have sent reply-email to your inquiry. It’s not necessary to use both Themeforest comments/item discussion board and PM. Please use either of these to continue. Thanks a lot!

My carousel does not show product titles, how do i fix that https://azoogi.com/demo-home/

As far as I can see, there’s no title element at all ( https://imgur.com/a/w7Fau ). Not sure whether another plugin is having an impact or your theme uses different single product template but it’s not there. If you want me to take a closer look please allow Admin access to your website by creating temporary admin account. Send credentials via PM so I can login and check all out. How to use PM? Click on my avatar and use contact form in the sidebar of my profile page.

https://azoogi.com/ How can I style the product name text.. it currently is set to H2
Something like this should do the trick…
.owl-carousel .owl-item .woocommerce-loop-product__title {
    font-size: 1em; /* or whatever suits your needs */
Of course, styles can be either added to your theme’s or child theme’s “style.css” but I’d suggest to use
Appearance > Customize >> Additional CSS
Use Additional CSS panel to add any additional styles with regards to your theme.

thank you

Can you assist us to style the view a little more - Change the read more to ‘View Product’ - Centre text and button

many thanks

If you want to center text do this:
.owl-carousel .owl-item { text-align: center; }
As for how to change “Read More” to “View Product”, I’m not sure because it’s either a part of localization (translation) file of your theme or belongs to WooCommerce template.
Changing that one with JavaScript might be possible, however, that’s not a proper way of doing things, it’s rather a hack.
So you actually need to find out where the string “Read More” is coming from in order to be able to change it. WooCommerce has a lot of hooks/filters and here’s the one that MIGHT help: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/woocommerce-read-more-button-2/
I repeat: it MIGHT help.

Hello, I recently purchased this plugin and almost none of the options are working. I can’t get the navigation arrows, infinite loop, or margins/padding to work. The only option that works is the number of items to display.

I’ve got your email and have replied. If you prefer using comments board please don’t replay to email any more so we can use only one place to discuss about your issue. Thanks!