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very nice work ! :) i whish you all the best for your sales

Thanks mate!

i can put this slider outsitde <embed> external sites?

No EMBED code or whatsoever. Whenever you create new carousel shortcode is generated automatically. What you do is copy shortcode and paste to content (Post, Page, Custom Post Type, Excerpt) or widget (Text Widget). The shortcode itself looks like [sofa_woo_products_carousel id="1740"]
Hope it makes sense.

tks, baybe use iframe to other external sites… tks

looks good – do you have an auto play feature?

Yes of course. Did you check plugin’s demo page?

yes non seemed to autoplay – thats why i asked… :)

i see them now examples 5 and 6 – looks good

if you have a row with say 4 to 6 items, does it auto step like a full row, or one item at a time – hope that makes sense… cant tell from the autoplay examples since its just 2 items in each…

Auto play feature will slide off entire set of visible items and replace it with those “behind” rather than sliding one by one.

Nice Carousel :) , GLWS

Thanks a lot!

Hi feeleep,

I activate your plugin and put the shortcode on a page but I have the problem that is not showing product images? What should I do?

Will you be able to create a temp Admin account for me and send via PM? I’ll take a look and let you know what’s wrong. Other than that I can only guess but that’s not quite correct. Thanks!

Hello Team, I really liked your plug-in and bought it as per your claim that – “It doesn’t affect your theme or product styling!”. It is affecting my theme settings as the moment i activate the plugin it blows/shows up the product rating stars in homepage. Kindly assist me to get this thing sorted so that i can actually use this plug-in for which i bought it.

Thanks Dameer for going out of your way and testing the plugin on my site, i appreciate you help and time and making me understand the issue, that is due to poor coding of the theme.

Keep up the good work!

Thank YOU for the feedback!

Nice Plugin

Thanks mate, your feedback is appreciated!

Hey, I love the product. Can you assist me on getting the carousel to look like this http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/719683/4806c45007ae7cfe76d4df8e3e8b4a06

Please be aware of the fact that SWPC does not affect your product styling. If you are able to style up products as shown on the reference photo then the carousel itself will display it exactly the same. So, I suppose you will need to “fine tune” your products CSS.
I can’t be precise on how to do that unless I code it out first.

Hello, a pre-sales question: what about WPML and the slider, do you retrieve the posts / products based on the current language? Thanks!

Yes. The only thing you might want to translate is the plugin interface. Instructions on how to do that are included to plugin manuals.


For some reason the carousel is not showing up in responsive mode. If you can please contact me at brandon@brandandmortar.com, I would like to discuss this further in a private setting. Please contact me asap! Thanks, love the plugin btw!!!

How do you mean it’s not working in “responsive mode”? Your website URL (or at least some page using the plugin) would be appreciated. Did you visit plugin’s demo site and try to resize Browser’s viewport (or switch orientation when using tablet/cellphone)?

I have tried to view the website on my cell phone and there is no carousel showing up. I was hoping to continue the conversation over email. I would rather not post the URL on here as it needs to stay private. If you could please respond to brandon@brandandmortar.com that would be greatly appreciated.

You can always share confidential stuff via PM. Simply click on my avatar and use contact form in the sidebar of my profile page.

Is it possible to give the shortcode parameter values to set filtering? This way the shortcode can be added to a template file and filtered dynamically. I hope I’m being clear enough

Here’s an example: [swpc-carousel filter=’<?php get_term_by( ‘slug’, ‘taxonomy’) ?>’]

Oh, I thought it might be possible (for example, see here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-use-echo-do_shortcode-with-dynamic-variable). Thanks for your reply!

But that’s not the same at all! Your goal was to pass the code straight to shortcodes function which is not possible while the reference page shows how to evaluate it before sending to function. Hope it makes sense.

Yes, I see what you mean. Thanks!

Hi. Is it working with latest woocommerce & wordpress 4.4?

Yes it does!

I need a carousel that shows recently REVIEWED products. Can this show that?

No, I’m afraid there’s no such option. More precisely, it doesn’t exist simply because the shortcode itself doesn’t exist in WooCommerce.

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Can you add custom products? Does it line up vertically in a widget?

WooCommerce doesn’t have custom products, all products are of the same post type. If you ask me whether is possible to show up products by ID then the answer is positive. You CAN make the carousel out of product IDs which are entered manually.
However, it’s not possible to line up items vertically. Me too wish it’s possible but Owl carousel doesn’t bring that option yet.

So I can add products I want to appear in each carousel?

Yes, you can add products to carousel at will. The only thing you need to know is target product IDs.

Is it possible to put the carousel BEFORE the product description?

Carousel gets inserted to the content via shortcode. If you can paste it to either text editor, widget or excerpt – it’ll be workin.


I just bought your plugin and I inserted it in my page but nothing changed, the carousel isn’t visible.

I hope you can help me asap.

Please create a temporary Admin account for me so I can take a look. Use PM to send credentials and don’t forget to include brief description of a problem. I double checked everything on my localhost and everything looks just right so I have no other option but to check what’s going on at your end. Thanks!

I sent you the data! Hope you can help me asap.

I’ll take a quick look. It’s 19:45 over here and I should have left the office 2 and a half hours ago. So in case I don’t figure it out, it’s gonna be the very first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow morning.

Can you display products from a category and order them by Best Sellers, Top Rated, Etc?

Options available in regards to products listing can be found under “Product Options” panel (under the preview). So, if you go edit one of your carousels you’ll find the following list under “Products to show” drop down option: http://prnt.sc/boygzy
Anything other than default has to be coded out.

Hi Im having a problem that the carousels are not showing up in page. Can you help

Sure! I’ll either need your website URL or even access credentials of your WP admin. You can use PM to send those.

Hey there mate im trying to get my setup to show like example 3 but its not working with me. I need to have multiple items show on mobile devices like in example 3 you have 3 items showing on mobile please help.

I can give you access to take a look if you can spare some time to look at it ^^

Well, now when you say your theme is also using Owl carousel, that might be a reason! OK, send login credentials via PM and I’ll see what can be done. Thanks!

sent from dev@spruce.jo

Hey, I just bought the product slider plugin and I’m having some trouble with it. I’m not getting any padding or the prev/next buttons aren’t showing up. I have “no dots” selected but I’m getting dots. Here is an example of what it’s doing loveanchors.com/example .

Thank you!

Your page/site is kinda buggy ( http://prnt.sc/e8i5au ). Unless you fix errors, plugin may not operate properly. As you probably know, whenever browser hits an error line in javascript code, any further execution of the code ( after an error line ) is stopped.
SWPC plugin depends on javascript and there’s a great chance that its code doesn’t get processed entirely due to an error found earlier in code.

Okay cool. Thanks brother!