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for purchase, is this application still working


Hi Support, can this be installed on a server ordinarily like an application?

We already discussing a lot on email. We need your installation location and what kind of error occured there and the ftp/cpanel details to access it… without all the info we can’t do nothing…

BTW Thanks for the Review! ;)

Sent the installation location already to you before now and just sent you the cpanel details as well.

Is this code still being supported? Want to buy and thought I’d ask :)

Yes. Supported.

@James_D, please do not buy. Looks like he has a warped definition of support

Yes, I gave you cpanel details and you didn’t fix the support issue which was installation that I ended up doing myself. It was the second issue that I had that you tried to fix which is still pending. You helped try to fix the issue because I told a prospective client you have a warped definition of support which is still evident. Why is the support I paid for dependent on the review I give?

I am not bound to give you a good review but you are bound to give me support because I paid for it.

Without Control Panel Details No One Can help even by God. Check your Control Panel Given Date and the Review Date.

Hi. For purchase. In the Spreadsheet view can I edit the table in database?? or is only a view mode?

Its just view mode.