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Please I purchased your app about a day ago but I have challenges installing/getting it to run. Could you please help . I have tried to follow the instructions but to no avail. Thanks

without control panel details its not possible to solve your issue.

Weird….....In this age and time??? I have explained my constraints. Pls let me know how else we can get this going.. or else, I will assume that the system is not working.

Why you getting angry? If you using our script in your own site what is the problem to share the cpanel details??

I sent a message to you.

I sent the message in the inbox Thank you for your help

I await your contact :)

Sorry for the update Gilson.. Its already installed :)

Does this create pure php files to use, or does this create MVC or framework code?

its not creating any PHP files. Its just create Database Application as per your needs. You can create tables, reports.

Can I create “VIEW” , “ADD” and “OPTIONS” tabs to Reports Page like at http://demo.swot.co.in/swotdb/db/APPLES page when I created a Report page. Or just Can I view Report as datatables (no add, no options tabs)?

Report is that mean Filtered data from Table.

i need is easy way to filter 8 fields at the same time. please will it be possible or can u help my achieve that

Yeah Its possible to filter 8 fields at the same time. Please check it in demo.

Hello mate. Nice work I would like to purchase this script but would like to knw if I can run it on a shared hosting and also if if can upload images

Shared Hosting is compatible only. You can run on it. Upload images is not in current feature list. check the features before you buy.

Hello mate. Nice work I would like to purchase this script but would like to knw if I can run it on a shared hosting and also if if can upload images

Shared Hosting is compatible only. You can run on it. Upload images is not in current feature list. check the features before you buy.

The installer is not found in the downloaded package. Can you please assist

Its not a file or folder. Its just a route. Just you follow installation instructions. It will open installer. :)

It can be used to create a control panel?

its full flexible app creator.You can do whatever you want. for more customization you need little bit php knowledge.

Hi, SWOT DB Support MyISAM db?

After purchase only you can access the installer.

If I purchase the module is sure that you install correctly? I read that here in sicussioni Problem with .htaccess ( “No input file specified.”)

Problem and when you go to read data from the database also created the example already present:

DataTables warning: table id = example2 – Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/1

I Viewed Demo, and it is well done

Yeah We can help you for installation. :)

it is possible to join 2 or more tables together?

do u have sample reports here?

yes join table to make a report is possible.

do u have sample reports

you can create by your own on demo.. try once.

The demo password does not work. Careful this is a big flag… If they cannot make their own demo work then what other issues can we expect… User: admin Password: admin

Its working fine :)

Is there a special link for the demo? If I click on Live demo next to the thumbnails button then there is an error page.

Its working now…

I am interested, but demo is not working, can you check please:)

We had some important updates on that earlier. Its working now :)


Dev-DCH Purchased

Hi there.

I just purchased your script even that I could not have a look on the demo because is not working, nevermind I fully trusted the script is working properly, but, I cannot install it…

I need to install it on a localhost server. According with your instructions I have modified the httaccess file and went to “domainname/applicationfoldername/installer” – assuming that properly to me:


But once I fill the Database Configuration form and submit, is taking me to http://localhost/projects/installer – why does the url changes? Is missing the /dbase/ part, like if the PATH is not getting the complete url. I tried changing the script location to: http://localhost/projects/ and ran the installer again: http://localhost/projects/installer But after filling the Database Configuration form I get the error message: Please provide correct database Configuration Information.

I don’t know what is wrong or what I’m doing wrong; I’ll try to install the script on my personal host, but I really need the script in a local host.

PD. Do I have to open a ticket on http://swotsolutions.in?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards,


Still now you didn’t connect us on skype. Then how we can support you?! :(


Dev-DCH Purchased

Hi, sorry I didn’t have time to add you on skype. But I did it already. Now just waiting for you. Regards.

ok connect you there. Thanks

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Of Course You do. But some simple customization work needs for that.

Hello, the installer simply won’t work… I have edited htaccess and changed rewrite to / since I’m using the script on the domain root – the installer howerver (after entering database credentials) always takes me to localhost/envato/swot – a directoy I haven’t set anywhere… Any quick fix?

Ok here is the fix, in case anybody else is having this issue. I can only assume you accidentally updated the wrong files to envato after an update… 1) Open your phpmyadmin and import “swotdb.sql” (source folder) 2) Open application/config/config.php and change “http://yourdomain.tld/installer” to “http://yourdomain.tld” (the installer somehow adds your domain but sufixes “installer” to it. If you didnt run the installer, it would probably say “localhost” or similar. 3) Open application/config/database.php and set your database settings. 4) Now if you go to your installation, it will say “Database error”. 5) Open phpmyadmin, open table “role”, click on “Structure” to see the structure, edit the structure and change “roleid” to “id”. It works.

Hi, Can this app be use to manage data of members of over 3k?

Since there are over 3k members, is there a possibility in the app to create a form and perhaps embed in a website for members to visit and submit their data?

the demo does not provide these answers..pls respond..

you can manage more than 100k datas too. its depends on your hosting and database space. embed forms are custom thing. you need to code additionally to work.

Installation finished, however, unable to login, a Database Error shown “Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.Filename: core/Loader.php, Line Number: 346”, any idea?

replace all your files once and then try to reinstall as per instructions. let me know after.